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1000 Yard Stair
31-03-2007, 23:03
Trying to get into Fantasy after playing 40k. Not really sure what works but I like the look of the Lizardmen. I have browsed around the net to try and find ideas of what works for others.

I want a fun (for both players) army list. But I do want to win. I also really enjoy the modelling aspect of the game. So, for instance the scar vets on cold ones will be converted up as Snakemen (probably from Tyranid Ravener/Slaanesh Steed bodies as a base). All the Saurus wil be modeled as spartan hoplites, with a shield change and static grass plumes on their heads.
Anyway the list, some basic concepts, and some questions.

Scar Vet 185pts
ss-itzl, ss-tepok, BSB, cold one, light armor, hornet sword

Scar Vet 141pts
ss-itzl, ss-tepok, cold one, light armor, shield, spear

Scar Vet 141pts
ss-itzl, ss-tepok, cold one, light armor, shield, spear

Scar Vet 113pts
jag charm, great wpn, light armor, shield

13 Saurus Warriors (3 units) 212pts each
spears, full command

10 Skinks (3 units) 70pts each
scouts, blowpipes

10 Skinks (3 units) 60pts each
javelin and shield

3 Salamanders 195pts

3 Terradons 105pts

3 Kroxigor (2 units) 174pts each

The scar vets on cold ones go one to a unit with the saurus. Giving me three 5x3 blocks. The JSOD starts in a unit close to a target of opportunity. The skink scouts try to infitrate against warmachines. The other skinks screen the main body of the saurus host. The terradons either hunt mages or support the JSOD or the skink scouts. The salamanders guard one flank. Kroxigors go up the flanks. Army trundles forward to engagement.

First let me say that I can't stand the idea of a scroll caddy, so i hope that 5 dispel dice will see me through?
Do i have enough troops to fulfil their intended roles?
Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.

List has been edited per advice given. Point total now stands at 2254 meaning I need trim 4pts.

01-04-2007, 10:41
All your characters on cold ones can be targeted by missle fire and magic since they have bigger bases than your saurus warriors. Against some armies this could be a problem (It is at least something to think about). You could always leave them on the ground with the aura of quetzl, to help their armor. Otherwise the list seems good. You've got mobility and a hard center. 5 dice is good against most armies. Its probably as good as 3 dice and 2 dispel rolls. Another option is to go with one skins wizard with the Diadem of power. This would also give you 5 dispel dice.

01-04-2007, 12:09
All your characters on cold ones can be targeted by missle fire and magic since they have bigger bases than your saurus warriors.
This has changed in 7th Ed. You need to be US5+ to be picked out of a unit now, so being mounted in an infantry unit is a lot more viable.

01-04-2007, 13:14
Seems basically strong, though I haven't personally tried the big-saurus-block tactic myself, but I have a couple comments on the Jaguar Saurus especially.

Firstly, the Blessing of Huanchi is wasted on him. He's a single US 1 model on foot, so he ignores terrain anyways!

Secondly, you can't give him both the Charm of the Jaguar Warrior and the Venom of the Firefly Frog, as they're both Enchanted Items.

Personally I would cut one of the Javelin Skink units, the Blessing of Huanchi and the Venom, and spend the extra by giving one Blowpipe unit Scouting, giving the Jaguar Saurus the blessing of Sotek and the Aura of Quetzl. By my reckoning, that gives you about fifty-five points spare, which conveniently allows you to make the remaining three non-scouting units 13 man each.

Finally, there is one thing in the strategy as a whole that bothers me: Saurus are rock hard, but expensive, so maxing out their SCR seems... suboptimal. I'd personally want to trim the back rank of each unit and / or make them 5x4 instead of 6x4. The extra points can be spent on Kroxigor or Cold One Riders to give you a comparatively cheap unit which can mow down the opposing flank if you can get it there, which is something you're somewhat lacking (Salamanders kinda count, but aren't really reliable enough...) but, as I'm inexperienced with that tactic, feel free to take it with a pinch of salt.

1000 Yard Stair
02-04-2007, 11:39
Thanks for the replies.
@ Aelyn thank you in particular, since I am new I like to get more insights into generally what tactics work and why.
I did not realize about the enchanted item restriction and the single model movement.
How do you feel about 5x3 or 6x3 blocks for the saurus? I like the idea of 6 wide cause it seems like I aught to be able to get the 6th man cornered on for the extra 2 attacks. But now that i'm thinking about that i realize i'm paying 52pts (3 ranks) for that, which x3 units is almost enough for a kroxi unit.
Do you think that 3x10 skinks is enough to screen the main host?
Is 3x10 skink scouts enough to deal with enemy warmachines?
Thanks in advance to anyone with advice or wisdom.
I will edit the army list in the first post if I can figure that out.

Ok so editing a post couldn't be easier. I changed the main list which is quite different in feel although I think a lot more tactically interesting. I need to chop 4pts off. I am concerned that I don't have enough skink screeners.

15-05-2007, 13:33
You could drop a salamander for a unit of javelin skinks with 1 point to spare.

I'm eager to see how your list performs.