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The Black Aquila
29-07-2005, 23:22
Hey, I have been a WHFB player for a little while, recently started playing 40k this year. Anyways! After my current IG army, I intend to get back to my long abandoned WHFB. Now, I intend to start a Red Host of Tehenhain army, being a fan of Lizardmen and loving the idea of a pure skink army :D. But, I have two problems with it... Firstly I can imagine that a all Skink army is going to be one hell of a hard army to win with in a straight fight, relying purely on it's speed to get into good positions and assistance from Skink Skirmishers and such for support and flanking. Has anyone experimented with this list and has any ideas on tactics for this army? Second, is the Red Host army a valid army list that would be allowed to be used in Tournaments and standard games etc or was it purely for only Lustria since it is based on events in the past, like the War of the beard? I feel that it does pose a problem in normal large games since it MUST have Tehenhauin if it gets to 2,000pts. Any clues?

30-07-2005, 04:01
My advice is to play Lizxardmen first and The Red Host second.

The reason is that stupid Character rule that kills the list. It will all depend on your gaming group, tournament director etc, etc, if your aloud to use him or not use him or if you can run armylists without him.

Around my area player have agreed that you can play the list without him and CAN"T take him in a club run tournament, because you can't take special characters. But this will change from area to area.

So, I've been playing a campaign using the red host and using different types of hero's or lords as my general.

personally I go for L.d.8, with cold blooded and a BSB, it simlpy means even if a unit loses combat, It'll still to be hanging around for awhile, if my fragile units(they're skinks) break and flee, they have a huge chance of rallying and becoming effective again thanks to their 12" march and charge movement.

Units I like:

2 units of red host skinks, the first with the skavenpelt banner, the second with a BSB skink with the sign of sotek in it, both banners are excellent for their points cost, making both units of skinks hit that little bit harder. Moving through terrain is an excellent tool before counter charging.

Lesser swarms and jungle swarms are actually why I'm playing this list, both are excellent choices, my main tactic is a stagnate and trap key enemy units and use my speed and mobility to target support units and get into position for flank and rear charges. I'm using 2 units of lesser swarms and 1 unit of 2 jungle swarms.

Kroxigors work really well with skink units of course.

Terradons "hit and run" rule works really well with swarms.

Bonus cheep skink hero's work well in the two Red crest units.

B.Sotek on skirmishers is pretty hardy in a pinch, a nice way of taking out crew, a mage not that one is usually hanging around with skirmishers about, you can even get a 2+ rear charge against the right enemy unit.

The Red Host is a nice armylist to put a skink assassin into.

An alround a fun armylist to play, highly mobile, good unit selection, good points cost for alot of the units.

The Black Aquila
30-07-2005, 08:32
I have played lizardmen before when experimenting with the list in battles with my friends so I do have a idea how they work. But they never appealed to my enough to want to really collect them but the Red Host list does, as I just love skinks really and a army of them that actually can stand a chance in combat and get rank bonus is good. I would collect Southlands but Red Crested skinks are just better for their points cost than the Southland's Skink Cohort I feel.

The advice you have given has helped a lot, but I have one problem.. and that is swarms. While swarms are fluffy for the Red Host, I just never see them being worth their points, especially the standard Jungle Swarm, 60pts but they can be killed so easily :( and I can see how they are useful.. but their points cost just turns me away from them....

01-08-2005, 05:41
Cohorts don't even compare to Red Crests, by a long shot.

I'd advice any Lizardmen player to take atleast one unit of jungle swarms, they're an excellent unit offensively or defensively. In combat they'll eat a gaint, troll unit, minotaur unit, anything without an armour save will go down badly against 15 poison attacks, for this reason they're one of my favourite units in the game, I've eaten so many gaints with this unit its not funny.

Target a unit on the flank with jungle swarms and you can trap one of your oponants heavy hitting units for up to 4 turns if they don't send support to help out(trapping another unit for a turn or two). They'll murder captains, wizards, the odd light armoured hero by targeting them with attacks.

Unbreakable is insanely good, especially if that unit can do 15 poison attack ;) .