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03-04-2007, 13:23
Ok I'm going aginst gobo and orks, and my friends hacking gusses ranges for his rock loba....

Prince-125= 552
heavy armour-6
Vambrace of Def-55
enchanted shield-10
Sacred incese-30 (+1 str on chrage,-1 to hit,+2 ar save, +4 ward and makes a reroll abel ar save.I was thinking about armour of the gods for the +1 str but then i woudl have to drop the inceance which cancles out my drags big target...)
lv 2-35
anullian crystal, pure of heart( not with my comander due to the fact if he dies thats an extra 100 vp to my counter part... rather have it on a guy in the back in a unit)
lv 2-35
X2 disspell scrolls
2 units of 10 archers-240
( i have foudn these are my God unit due to the fact i allways roll over the averge to hit and wound. the dice gods love me XD)
2 units of silver helms=244(each)488
heavy armour
5 shadow warroirs=75
x2 bolt throwers-100=200
2 great eagels-50=100

Dis SD=4 ( 5 with my crystal)

My plan is to use my archers to thin down his gobos and have them run. If his Biggens get to close i will use my mage and hurt them as much as i can before my SH charge in. While my helms are in combat i could have my drag use his breath to try and get uints to panic away if they don't run from terror. I'm trying to take advatage of my friends gobos low ldr and str. My SW and GE are going to take out the loba before it can do damge, SW long bows 30in of range can shot them hopefully hurting them before my GE come in.

I like how this list is laid out but I want to make it to b used for any army I face. Any and all help / crit is wanted and I will truely think about what your saying I have an open mind.

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03-04-2007, 14:20
Way too many points in Lord/hero's. But hey.. it's your army. choose you targets wiseley because if you Dragon and RBT's get trashed your done for.

03-04-2007, 15:37
what would you sudjest me do with my heros? like what should i cut and such?

03-04-2007, 18:39
Well, basically, if you're fielding a dragon, you're dumping points into the Lord/Hero slot, not much to do about that. I'll assume you're keeping the dragon 'cause you like it/it's themed/whatever really.

Ok, the lord's looking good, but he'll only have a 3+ save, not a 2+. That's 5+ from HA and an additional +2 from the Enchanted shield. Remember, he doesn't get +1 for mounted from a monstrous mount.

For the mage, I don't like the Annulian Crystal, unless your opponet is a magic heavy army. I usually take Seer + Jewel of the Dusk. But the Dispell scrolls are good.

I don't like archers, but if you do, that's good for you. Glad to see someone actually fielding them.

I like the helms, though I usually put a champion with them. That extra attack can make or break a charge at times.

Bolts are good.

I think I'm probably the only HE player who hates Great Eagles, but if you want them, have fun.

Personally, I think it's a little small for an "All-comers" list, but that's to be expected with a dragon in the army. Overall, your deployment will be critical. You HAVE to combine charge enemy units, since not a single unit of yours, except archers, have good static combat res. (No ranks)

03-04-2007, 22:50
archers kill things and my rolls for them are godly so they work nice one time i got a 20 rolls for hit hit 18 wounded 17 they normaly do over avreage spears are just a bit to...weak for my taste only time my archers get hit is when they are chraged but by then that unit is weak from shooting and chrage reaction. Laso i normaly field 480p of archers but the lord took thoses points away but 20 is still good.

the save ya thanks for that i forgot about the drag no ar save.

well the SH i need started for combat but i woudl not have ps for other units.

04-04-2007, 02:55
Maybe it's since my main opponent is Brettonian, I earned a serious dislike for longbows. 4+ to hit at range, 4+ to wound, 2+ to Armor it away, 6+ in case he rolls a 1. -.-

04-04-2007, 12:24
i want to try out the brettonians, gobos are nice targets and squishie