View Full Version : 2000pt Lizzy Army, Suggestions Welcome/Needed

03-04-2007, 16:50
I've played a lot of 40k, but almost no fantasy, and was wondering if this list would be feasible. Would love to hear from people.

Fourth Generation Slann Mage Priest, Plaque of Tepok, Diadem of Power, Battle Standard (440 pts)

Skink Priest, Lvl 2 Wizard, Cloak of Feathers (130)

Saurus Scar-Veteran, Great Won, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, Light Armor, Enchanted Shield, Blessed Spawning of Sotek (131)

20 Temple Guard, Full Command, Shields (395)

15 Skinks, Blowpipes, Scouts (105)

15 Skinks, Blowpipes, Scouts (105)

15 Skinks, Blowpipes, Scouts (105)

3 Kroxigor, Ancient (194)

3 Kroxigor, Ancient (194)

3 Salamander Hunting Packs (195)

Total: 1994 pts

03-04-2007, 21:04
I haven't had the chanse to play with my lizzies yet so take it with a grain of salt. :p

I would personally. Drop the enchanted shield from the scar vet. (Wich u forgot to add up the points for i think.) With a great wpn and the ability to get where u want him pretty fast he won't need it anyway.

2nd Drop the Kroxigor ancient not worth the point for the extra attack.

With those points free'd up u could give the temple gaurds a magic banner.
Or make the skinks smaller to groups of 13 and add a 4th none scouting skink unit of 13, or 12 if u realy want them to scout.

03-04-2007, 21:44
Upon checking you were right, I didnt add the points for the enchanted shield, so ill just drop it. If i take away the ancients I could give them a magic banner worth up to 40 points, but which would be the best bet? The Sun Standard of Chotec (-1 to hit with missile wpns) isnt bad, but the other two are only movement banners. I dunno, anyway thanks for the advice.

03-04-2007, 22:23
Huanci's banner is pretty nice. But i don't think you will be using them offensively will you? Beside war banner is pretty nice to. With the slann mage also in there will make a pretty nice solid CR. Seeing how though these guys are whatever charges them is in for a rough time.

04-04-2007, 17:48
I'm not feeling the Ancients either. But the Slann is rockin the big guns. WHOA. I just realized he's 4th generation... HOW COULD YOU?

Dude. Just quit now.

P.S. We know each other, so it's ok, lol.

04-04-2007, 19:36
15 skinks is too many use 4 units of 10 imho

and you dont need the ancients