View Full Version : Fixing the 'Last Stand' scenario

03-04-2007, 19:00
I've played this scenario with a friend and we can't conceive of a way the defender could win against an army with lots of: fear, cavalry, war machines, or magic. Has anyone else actually tried this scenario? I have some proposals for fixes as follows:

1) According to RAW, terrain pieces should not be within 12' of the tables' center. That should probably be ignored as that is, you know, the defender's starting area.

2) The "all units must be faced the same way" is a silly rule. I mean, it could lead to first turn flank/rear charges by Bretonnian or Empire knights.

3) The Attacker should be restricted to the Defender's selection restrictions. That is to say that the Attacker can't take a lord unless the Defender can. I'm tempted to put a further restriction on Warmachines due to the Defender's clustered setup...


04-04-2007, 03:00
I hadn't thought of that point total thing. I would consider it as follows: decide the point total first, so, 2000 points. Then fix it for last stand, ie. have the defender remove models or magic items until he is at 1000 points. That way the defender could have a Lord character still, or more rare or special choices.

04-04-2007, 09:42
I think the defender needs bigger advantages than that. The odds are heavily stacked in favour of the attacker as is.

I've played small last stand games which ended badly for the defender, though I once played a large (3K vs 6K) game, which ended on a draw, though that was mainly due to lots of very good luck for the defender's Vampire Count on Zombie Dragon.

I'd be tempted to make the defenders unbreakable, or perhaps to increase the points value for the defenders to 2/3 the attacker's army, or perhaps to say that the attacker can't shoot with any move-or-fire weapons or declare charges in turn 1.