View Full Version : 1500 Empire with Tank and more!

Da Black Gobbo
03-04-2007, 19:54
Hi there! here comes my new project, (i just read the new army book of the empire and i'm amazed with a lot of things)

-Warrior priest w/ Heavy armour+magic item that gives you a +2 to Strength and aditional hand weapon.-

-Wizard lvl1: 2 dispell scrolls

-20 Flagelants

-25 Swordsmans full command
Detachmen 11 militia men (2 hand weapons)

-25 Swordsmans full command
Detachmen 11 milita men (2 hand weapons)

-10 Handgunners marksman w/ hochland rifle

-5 Outriders musician, lider

-Steam Tank

What do you think?? the strategy si simple just advance slow waiting for the enemy and then the Flagelants backed by the swordsmans will face the tide of the battle, the Outriders and the tank will harass the flanks, i think steam tank if well used could be devastator. What do you think??

03-04-2007, 20:03
at 1500pts this list could do well!

the only thing I might do different would be change the outriders to pistoleers.. they're faster.

03-04-2007, 23:07
List should do well. I don't think you can use a magical weapon and an additional hand weapon though.

I agree that pistoliers are more flexible, but if you're just using the outriders as a fire base they'll work fine as is.

I think that in such a small game people will really not like the steam tank. It's not unbeatable, but in small games many armies will be hard pressed to handle it.

Da Black Gobbo
04-04-2007, 08:57
well i'm not that sure about it, a simple cannon can destroy it in 2 turns, or do it imposible to moove, it is "only" R 6, and it depends a lot on its wounds to generate Steam points and be useful, for a 5 wound steam tank generate Steam points is very dificult (if i understand the rules right, thing that i really doubt :rolleyes: ) but is true that a charging Tank can raze everything of the map, first time i saw one was in a 2k game against skaven, it destroyed a unit of 3 Ogre rats and 2 units of 25 clan rats, the guy that played it charged by a flank and he use 1 SP to move 8 cm (and charge) and 4 to take 4D3+1 so he killed about 7 skavens per charge , it was glorious! :D another unit i think could be great is the flagelants, They are incredible!

Von Wibble
04-04-2007, 11:38
Problem with a cannon destroying it in 2 turns is that only 2 armies actually have cannons. Unless you think a lot of armies will use dogs of war cannons - unlikely unless they are forewarned. But Skaven do have Warp Lightning and Globadiers.

The list is fine -it has a good balance to it that makes it not too reliant on the steam tank. I personally prefer rod of power and power stone to 2 dispel scrolls - comparable defense and much better attack.

Whats a lider?