View Full Version : Here comes chaos! A Word Bearer's project

03-04-2007, 22:06
Hello all. This is my first time doing a project and having it be seen by an online community. As said in the title, I'm doing Word Bearers. What I have for the army so far are:
x3 chaos marine squads

Alas it is not much but it is a start. Hopfully the dark apostle will be joinin them soon.

Pics of the first squad will come after I unlazyify (is that a word?) myself and get building. I will also try painted some of them even though I haven't painted something in well over a year!

The color scheme is a chaos black undercoat, followed by scab red, followed by red gore, finishing off with a red ink. Highlining is going to be in blazing orange.


Dark Apostle197
04-04-2007, 00:02
Finally a Word Bearers log. I would show mine but don't have a camera to do it. Good luck!

04-04-2007, 06:39
I'll be waiting too. ;)

And YOU! Get a camera - disposable if you have to! :p

04-04-2007, 18:34
Well, I've finally started build 1st squad. But, I've gone a lost my camera :cries:. I'll spend some time today to try and find it but I'll be mostly working on the squad. Will post pics soon.

05-04-2007, 17:54
Still have yet to find my camera but I have completed first squad minus the champion I'm going to convert and the heavy weapon marine which I need to pin, along with the standard bearer marine. All of it is coming in the mail, along with the bits for the dark apostle.