View Full Version : TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Brother Smith
30-07-2005, 13:31
Ok, so I complete the game and turn to mapmaking. I create the most awesome map ever. It's all ready.

And then for some reason i'm limited to about 6 bots.

Can someone shed some light on why this is happening and how I can change it?

Any help would be much apprecitated.


30-07-2005, 15:24
Are you playing it in the preview? Try loading the map in the mapmaker option, then playing it from there, rather than the preview in the actual map-maker, if you know what I mean.

Brother Smith
30-07-2005, 21:30
The problem is on the bot setup in the arcade version of the mapmaker, not in the mapmaker itself.

31-07-2005, 11:47
Ah. Well, as far as I can see, you're using the Custom Mapmaker bot set, which only supports 6 bots. Instead, use the normal custom set, that should give you 12 bots.