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04-04-2007, 02:03
After 3ish years into the hobby, and this army, I have finally decided to get it all nice and dandy. I have done 3 different schemes, and finally decided on this one. Does it look too... Christmasy? Now, I will warn you that I am not the greatest painter (hoping o change that), and also that all these ones were painted with a slightly too large brush, considering my small one had died and hadnt purchased one by that time. Ive also kind of reached a dead end. So anyway...


Anyway, so thats what I will be doing for the bugs.

Now for the obligatory photos...
The Workspace

The obligatory pet pic

And a bit out of date pic of the swarm so far, mostly works in progress.

And hiveminion deserves a mention here for shining the light on how to post pics, Thanks!

So, C&C welcome, but especially contructive criticism. So yeah, lets get this log moving! I think it looks better all massed together than just as a single model, so the aim is to get the standard a bit higher than just simple 'good enough for gaming' but obviously not quite as high as people who commision and stuff.
Thanks for looking!

04-04-2007, 02:25
Hi, sorry for the double post, but just wanted to post some more pics and pose a few questions.



these are two horma's that ive done the talons on. I was just wondering which one people prefered more. I realise the bone one is done much better than the black, but was wondering colour scheme wise, as, if the black is prefered, then I would work on that part. I could alternatively do a bluey type one.

Also, note: The blue on the hooves and claws will most likely get changed to a bone or black, but if people think that If I tidied it up, then it would look good, then I could keep it.

Also, I think I have about 26-27 of these 2nd ed gaunts, so some unexpected stuff might be appearing.

finally, another group shot. The talons, adrenal glands, teeth (on some), and other bits and pieces, like the final coat on the carapace of some horma's still have to be done. Also, when the better camera is usable, then I will post ;pics on the unpainted stuff I have.
BTW, how do you think that this scheme will confer to the carni's/Tyrants and other big stuff? the stealers will be painted a slightly glossy black with red between the rib-cages and other sunken areas.
I'll try to maybe get a list up too.

Lastly, not sure how often I'll be able to update it, but i'll try to do it maybe at least once a weekend.

Rogue 7
04-04-2007, 03:22
The first scheme on the horma's looks infinitely better IMHO. Your scheme doesn't look too Christmasey at all, I think, but instead looks very good. I particularly like the shading done on the carapace- the fade from black to red looks very good.

04-04-2007, 03:49
My first reply!
SO you think the bone colour talon is best? My only concern was that it might make them too light coloured, and not dark/brooding/daunting/whatever, how I envision the nids to be.
Thanks for the comments!

04-04-2007, 04:04
I like the color scheme. Maybe I am just crazy but I like the weapon parts being black. For some reason it looks awesome like that. For soem reason half the time I seen Nid painting logs, I found the WIP pics to be much cooler than the end results.

04-04-2007, 04:07
After seeing the first picture I was going to post saying to change the blue to bone, but it looks like you already figured that out. Nice scheme, go with it! Very high quality as well - I'll be following this.

04-04-2007, 04:38
Thanks guys
I'll try to do some more painting today, so we'll see how stuff goes.
So so far we have...
Bone - 2
Black - 1

And no you are not crazy tp think the black is better, becuase it does make it look more dark/daunting.

Anyway, thanks guys. It really helps to hear comments like this.

04-04-2007, 08:52
Sorry again for the double post, but I have a mini update



Sorry, not the best pics, but that is a finsihed hormagaunt, apart from the base.

04-04-2007, 11:05
Looking good. The bone's definately better, and it'll help with running off a whole squad.

04-04-2007, 12:32
Fantastic work ReclecteR! I think the scheme looks awesome, the red and green go really well together and I agree with Rogue 7 the work on the carapace is particularly good.

As for the talons I'm a bit torn between bone and black, the black gives the model an unfinished look (except on the talons because they have more pronounced highlights), but it seems to fit in with the overall scheme more.


Nah, I say go with the bone too.:)

04-04-2007, 14:10
Definitely the bine for me, your models are perfectly dark as it is.

Just my 2 cents

05-04-2007, 10:21
Thanks for the replies guys. So, basically, if no swarm of people come in and say the black, then bone it is. I think for some of the bigger bugs, like warrios and carni', I'll do the guns black.
Update: Finished all of the Adrenal Glands on the hormagaunts



At least I think those are done. I think if I did an extra white dot in the corner of some of those "scale" looking things it'll get too busy.

So, Bone for all them happy dudes? The blue on the terma's would get changed to bone too. Basically, the only reason I havent done bone for all of them yet is cause I think the black might suit the scheme more. Must become less indecisive!

05-04-2007, 11:46
Very nice, I think I've found the colour for my hivefleet...

05-04-2007, 13:39
Great colour scheme there - I personally prefer the claws black though, I think the scheme might work better as dark and broody. On the other hand, a bright shock of colour may be just what the scheme needs to make it 'pop'.

Sorry, I seem to be indecisive too!

08-04-2007, 09:22
Update time!
@ ArtificierArmour: Wow, thanks, and good luck to your army!

@ TheChief: Yeah, I finished off the black clawed hormagaunt; before I had just done the talons, and the hooves etc were still just black. Finishing that off, it does make the gaunt look more broody. my other thought for the black one is that it might make my Carni's/Tyrants/other big stuff look even more scary than a bright bone colour would.

Anyway, as promised, better pics of the bone/black stuff. Also, I have finished off all the AG's on the backs includuing the side bits. Basically, I have to do the talons now, then fix up the blue from the termagaunts (waiting on the desicion for black or bone) and then I'll finish off a warrior, then start the 2nd ed gaunts I think.





there, hopefully that will give a better indication of what it would really look like.

Any more comments?

08-04-2007, 10:12
Boy, you sure are cruel finishing your Tyranids off en masse.;)

For the scheme, I still say bone, it does the paint job more justice because it looks more finished than with the black.

09-04-2007, 04:36
These look really good, I am working on my nid army now since they seem a bit quicker to paint than other things, I've been experimenting with dipping as well and so far results seem good.

09-04-2007, 10:27

very nice work so far. And good pics, too ;)

@ Black or bone: For talons and "feet" I think bone fits better and is easier to paint. If one highlight black too much it looks grey and if one highlight too less it looks unfinished. It is a small path...

Go ahead with the good work!


09-04-2007, 13:36
Alright, cool guys, and thx
Bone it is!
I think maybe for the bigger guyses guns I'll do a different colour than bone, to make it more interesting and not have too mucu boney stuff. For the really special stuff (like bonesword) I might add some purple in there, or alter it slightly somehow else.
Anyway, currently working on a warrior, so hopefull pics soon!
Thanks andkeep the comments coming!

10-04-2007, 18:01
These nids are awsome.... love the colour scheme and yep the bone is definately the way to go. Good to see another Aussie here too :D
Will be keeping a close eye on these so keep up the good work.

12-04-2007, 11:56
Thanks for all the feedback so far. This log will probably be going for a loooong time, as after I finsihed a middle weight swarm (lots more... stuff!), then I will try some different variants, like a flying circus etc, so all feedback is much appreciated.

So, I just finished working on one of my gunwarriors, just have the bone bits, base and gun bits left to do. So far we have...

Side shot



Purple fleshy bits

I think I like the tongue being purple, but i'm not sold on the gun tubing. Maybe wet looking red/pink or something. This is kind of the blueprint for the bigger bugs, so all feedback i'll be grateful for. Unfortunatley, the lighting killed some if the highlights, but the last photo, lower leg shows what it looks like mostly. Anyway, what do people think?


12-04-2007, 17:16
Hey ReclecteR,

Looking cool but I gotta agree with you about the purple gun tube thing. It just seems a bit bright compared to the rest of the model. The tongue is fine but you gotta do something bout that tube. Maybe Scab Red with some highlights or something....not sure, or even a brighter green than the rest of him. I don't know.....I'm just rambling here :D Sure you'll come up with something. Looking good though.

15-04-2007, 13:05
Loving those nids mate!
The red and green work so well together its not funny(dont worry they dont look christmasy at all!). The carapace painting is superb, the black to red is very very nice, may convince me to start nids at some point down the road, but have to finish the eldar and DA's first.

Also i know you have already chosen the bone scheme but i i want to vote for it anyway. You do it damn well and it goes together with the glands on the horms, while the black looks slightly unfinished and is one more colour on the mini which could start to lead you down the path to cluttering minis as they are only small, on a carno of tyrant it may work ok but i think the swarms that have the most impact are the ones with 2 or three really distinct colours, also less number of colours is more organic or something.....same goes for the purple, use it for all the wet slimy bits and it should work ok, just my 2 cents.
look forward to seeing the big bugs soon, keep up the good work!

16-04-2007, 08:52
Rr, right. Big Bugs. theres a story to that. Ya see, when I started this army, I just wanted to game and didnt really worry about painting/converting, but now im more into it, so a lot of stuff I currently own is in need of a strip. including the Tyrant, which I want to convert to be flying, or make it walking and then get another tyrant to fly. he. My Carni is the Old one Eye, so looks a bit comical next to eberything else, but that will get rectified when I invest in the battleforce, after the BF Macragge. Then onto the raveners etc.
My plan for now is to finish this warrior, then do some of the 2nd ed gaunts, then OOE, then strippy time! um, maybe I should rephrase that...
Yeah, currently to be stripped is:
2 warriors
1 horma
2 termagauns
some 2nd ed gaunts

If the tyrant doesnt fall apart when I strip it, then it will become walking.
So, will try and have an update done by at least Wednesday (thanks to ss_cherubael) and then well see hoe stuff goes.

thanks and please keep the posts coming!
BTW, always a nice thing to hear you might 'ave convinced someone to spend more dough :D

16-04-2007, 15:25
Simple green is your friend, if your not using it to strip minis you should. I havent had anythign fall apart on me so far and it strips better and quicker than brake fluid and costs a bit less i think.

Also i saw somewhere here or on the net somewhere (could have been WIP.com) the old one eye mini and the new carnifex sort of melded together (kit bashed if you will) and it looked rather nice, ill have a hunt around and see if i can find it for you if you like. Just its a shame to stop using minis that are cool like old one eye.

BTW i just updated sorry........now i guess you look like a slacker even if you get something up by wednesday :D lol.

looking forward to the update.

17-04-2007, 07:53
Simple green is your friend, if your not using it to strip minis you should. I havent had anythign fall apart on me so far and it strips better and quicker than brake fluid and costs a bit less i think.

Cool, do you know what stores in Melbourne (Preferably brighton area) sell it? And my other question for it would be if it dissolves superglue, because currently that is good for me.:D

Also i saw somewhere here or on the net somewhere (could have been WIP.com) the old one eye mini and the new carnifex sort of melded together (kit bashed if you will) and it looked rather nice, ill have a hunt around and see if i can find it for you if you like. Just its a shame to stop using minis that are cool like old one eye.

If you could, that would be really helpful. If I did a google search, what type of thing should I look up?

BTW i just updated sorry........now i guess you look like a slacker even if you get something up by wednesday :D lol.

Grr, backstabbing miscreant! You do realize you have turned this into a full-blooded race/fued now? ;)

Right, well Wednesday I will have an update hopefully, as today I go and spend all night out for school and then dont get back till ~7 tomo, so yeah.
Thanks guys, and any extra suggestions really help!

17-04-2007, 07:59
Nice nids. Love the older models mixed.

17-04-2007, 13:58
hahahahaha! If its a race im thinking you will win hands down (im slow as, and essay season is about to hit me at uni), feud i can do pretty well though....;)

As for the simple green, it should be available at most large hardware stores like bunnings warehouse (not sure if you guys have them south of the border?) but pretty much any large store that sell stuff for DIY and what not, its actually a concentrated cleaning solution that you are supposed to mix 10ml's of with about 5L of water for a really strong cleaner and you use it straight from the bottle to clean minis. Dont worry though it wont harm them or you (dont drink it tho, it smells a bit weird and so i reckon the taste wont be anything fantastic!) as for breaking super glue bonds: it has on some minis but not on others so its a bit hit and miss there. It doesnt break plastic glue so no luck there.

Had a quick look on the net but couldnt find it, im sure i will remember where i saw it in the next few days, i guess try searching for nid conversions or something. There are some pretty well done and awesome nid dedicated sites out there so i think it could be one of those.

looking forward to wednesdays update mate.

17-04-2007, 17:03
I love that forward positioning on the Warrior, nice job! Don't forget to touch up the left shoulder carapace, there's some green on it which I don't think belongs there!;)

18-04-2007, 12:33
im looking at this log and i see no update, hmmm?..........

18-04-2007, 13:40
Yeah yeah yeah, you can give me that nowm but you just wait.
@ hiveminion: Good to see you back, and thanks for the comments. The green shall be removed! Maybe it was a bad idea to do red and green, seeing as im slightly red/green colour blind (mistake one for another if in small dots, lines etc)...
@ ss_cherubael: hehe, I dont think you would lose a race actually, I need to do a lot. And thanks for the simple green tips. And yes, we mexicans still do have Bunnings :rolleyes: Its only my dad's favourite place...


I put a few layers of watered down black onto the bright purple tubing to make it darker,as well as done some of the layering on the bone. Unfortunaetly couldnt do too much (slept 4 hours in last 40 *shock*: Thats what school does to ya *cries*). More soon hopefully. I think I like the purple tubing, as it looks somehow poisenous, but any ideas on how to make it more so? I will gloss it eventually, but other than that?



Soon the bone will be done on the horma's too, hopefully.

Thanks so far guys, and Ha, ss_cherubael, I reign triumphant!!

18-04-2007, 14:06
This is good stuff. I will be watching!

22-04-2007, 08:59
Thanks Angelwing
Mini Update:
Ive put a final highlight of skull white/liche purple on the gun tubing to show light reflections, and the bone is done! I think maybe it might be a tad too dark, so another highlight might be in order. Lets see wat you guys think.





Apologies for some poor photography. Just got new camera though, so things might be better later : )
Not sure if im glad with some of the bits on the talons, might need a bit mer smoothing
The last thing to do really is the gun. Im thinking maybe a black/grey gun, as im thinking a bone gun would make too much of that colour, and green may be a bit plain, but well see/ I dont know how black would confer too some of the other guns, like devourers though.
I also did the first 3 layers on the hormagaunts' bone, but not enought o post pics of yet
BTW, this log will probably become very interactive, and I'll be asking in opinions for colours, techniques and whatnot. Some paint stripper is next thing on my list, so hopefully it wontbe too long till i can post pics of other stuff.
C&C welcome

22-04-2007, 11:22

Not sure if im glad with some of the bits on the talons, might need a bit mer smoothing

Yes, think so, too.

The last thing to do really is the gun. Im thinking maybe a black/grey gun, as im thinking a bone gun would make too much of that colour, and green may be a bit plain, but well see/ I dont know how black would confer too some of the other guns, like devourers though.

IMHO you should paint the "weapons" the same way you painted the creature itself. In my view of Tyranids weapons are part of the body of the wearing creature so they should look the same way.
I would suggest paint it green and red.



P.S.: Very good work so far.

22-04-2007, 12:10
I would definitely add a highlight to the bone, now it looks a bit unfinished.

Other than that the model looks fantastic, this army will rock when it's finished!

26-04-2007, 14:25
hey looking good, just to echo everyone else the bone needs another highlight. I actually agree with 2XS, the reasoning works. Only other thing i can think of to do is the same purple as the tongue something like that. Anyway i need to get back to painting eldar so i can update sometime this century, keep up the good work mate!

26-04-2007, 16:31
I think they look great. Gives me inspiration to take my 300-400 points of nids and promote them past primer black!


27-04-2007, 07:42
:D :D
Thanks guys. Glad I could influence another horde to eat all those little peoples. :p

The will be highlighted, but I think I should point out that in real life it isnt as yellow.
The reason I thought I would do the gun black was because with some armies they do the guns a different colour (some Behemoth for example in the codex). I just thought that the gun looked cool as it was with the black on green, and thought it made a good focal point for my shooty stuff. Too much green I thought would get overwhelming.
Which purple were you talkiung about ss_cherubael?

Anway, I'll try to get an udate this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled and thanks for the comments so far!

27-04-2007, 13:50
guns can be a different colour, just tie them in with the rest of the model. eg bone colour for your guys.
mine are red, matching biomorphs and details whilst the main nid is green/yellow/bone.

28-04-2007, 08:19
the purple on your nids! where on the nids you say? the tube bits on the guns and the tongue...

27-09-2007, 14:32
Hi everyone
Sorry for not having posted any updates for a veeerry long time. I had exams, then stuff was going on, and things got busy. So, having finally acquired some paint stripper (Simple Green, btw, is excellent, but struggles with spray paint), I have been able to get things started again. So far in the tub is...

1 Hive Tyrant, which will be converted to fly! After bitz are acquired, of course
around 6 genestealers
around 10 gaunts and 1 hormagaunt
2 warriors, which will be converted to have devourers
1 rhino (for a possible daemonhunters log)
2 grey knights
Some other random bits and pieces

So anyway, if anyone has still bothered to continue following this log (sorry, btw), I will start by outlining my plan. The warrior seen on the last page shall receive a bone coloured deathspitter, which may later be swapped for a devourer or 2. The hormagaunts will be finished, a Hive Tyrant converted, the 2nd ed gaunts painted, the 3rd ed stealers converted, and box sets bought. I will also convert some later horma's into gargoyles, and some warriors will get wings.

I am also currently converting a 3rd ed ravener. The body received some green stuff to make it stand straighter, and the base heavily done up. Stil left to do is attach the head and arms, and fit everything to the base. Now, for those patient people, here are some pics

BTW, this is the first green stuff work I have ever done, so please comment on ways to improve and give constructive criticism, but keep that in mind please *ducks head for cover*

The stripped Ravener, with devourer removed

The base, which still need gravel

the green stuff work

On the base

27-09-2007, 14:35
Double post, but I assume people want more pics? hopefully, anyway...

The base and green stuff




Any comments appreciated

27-09-2007, 14:40
Final post for now. Would like some advice for what to do with these stealers. The carapce is blue-tacked on to see what it would look like. The arms on (viewing) left have also been cut and repositioned. The paint scheme for the stealers will be different, with a kind of wet black/brown with redy pink in between the carapace and between the ribs (for the 4th ed ones I'm going to get). Anyway, the main question is, does the carapace look weird? If so, or even if not, does anyones have ny suggestions about how to improve the rather clumsy looking stealer (some of them will be heavikly converted to interact with the base terrain)



BTW, all mold lines wil be removed

27-09-2007, 15:00
The green stuff work looks good, you managed to blend the two parts into each other seamlessly, hats off to you sir!

Not too sure about the carapace on the Stealer, the ones to the front look ok but I think the ones to the back are too big, and too broad. Maybe try some smaller ones and then decide which you think is best.

Nice to see some more progres mate, keep it up!:cool:

03-03-2008, 23:58
hey, i really like the nids... they look great... i did a very similiar colour scheme, but mine was green and brown on the carapace, any chance you'd have some more of these completely since your last post at all? perhaps some more pics of the rest of your army together?

04-03-2008, 03:16
The carapace looks a little odd. How about rearranging it to form a line down the stealers back? You'd need to clip off the knobbly bits though. Can we see a blue tacked picture to decide if I'm onto something or if I'm talking rubbish!

04-03-2008, 11:07
Sure! I'll get some pics up within the first new days. I might also have some pictures of the finished warriar, as well ;)

04-03-2008, 17:46
Hi there, love the scheme. I think it works pretty well. Could you tell me how you painted the black claw on the hormogaunt on page 1? Thanks.


05-03-2008, 12:09
Could you tell me how you painted the black claw on the hormogaunt on page 1? Thanks.


If I remember correctly, it was a chaos black undercoat, then
about 2:1 mix black to codex grey
1:1 mix black to codex grey
then pretty much straight codex grey
some drybushing/highlights with codex grey, and only a tiny bit of drybrush with fortress grey

Hope that help :)

05-03-2008, 13:50
It really did! Thanks!


30-03-2008, 17:02
Looking good so far.

The genestealer needs changing. I would paint the stealer and any extra armour seperately so that when you are done you can place it in the most visually pleasing position.

Bone works.

15-07-2008, 21:17
I Love the colour scheme, it really works well.

16-07-2008, 00:01
I agree the colour scheme is very nice indeed. I look forward to seeing more

Kasrkin 666
16-07-2008, 00:47
I miss my Red Terror:cries:
Lol. Very nice conversion, very nice gs for your first time!


20-07-2008, 10:15
Thanks for the motivational help guys. Sorry about the lack of updates. I'm a pretty busy person so can only paint so often. Plus i'm slow.
I've done a bit though. Basically the warrior is finished bar some touch-ups i need to do and the rest of the base. The gun needs some fixing, but it gives you an idea about the scheme. You can see a few minor adjustments as well. The carapace on the gun is more brown than red, and there are some turquoise highlights on the actual warrior in places like the top of the arms and legs. ANyway, pics.





20-07-2008, 10:36
ok i just fell outta my chair when i saw this log back on the front page mate.

Good to see your still going with the nids, and they look damn good, im loving the warrior uve got painted there, also props for using the old skool genestealers i still think they beat the new ones hands down.

Anyway keep going, this is a great log!

20-07-2008, 10:59
Looks extremely good so far mate, the purple and bone for the weapon work very well with the rest of the scheme I think. Good to see you at it again. ;)