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04-04-2007, 23:59
So, I realized "hey, i don't have any spawn", and being a nonadmirer of the current metal one, I chose a different base to work off of.

These are my 2 Tzeentch Firewyrms. Hope you like. Ogre is just there for size comparison.




05-04-2007, 00:00




Angry Lawyer
05-04-2007, 00:05
I likes :D

Although, the overhang from a 40mm base might make them a little mad to get into close combat.

-Angry Lawyer

05-04-2007, 03:06
They actually fit fairly wel on 40x40s, but i might put them on 50x50s. The main body fit onto the 40x40 with a bit of the feet/tail hanging off the base, but the neck/head are clearly off the base.

This was a real test of GS skills, something I generally think I lack, but with proper teachings, I think this is a huge improvement for me(not saying its great).

I'm still working on the tentacles as you can tell. One problem I have is how to curl the tentacles, as they're very thin so it's hard to put them where i want without paying 100% constant attention to them for 2 hours.

05-04-2007, 04:00
And you can always build the base up (rocky outcroppings, that kind of thing), so that they overtower normal troops and the overhang off the base won't be a problem.

Glad you put the ogre there, otherwise my first reaction was to envision them as being pretty small.

Great work, can't wait to see some paint slopped on em.

Math Mathonwy
05-04-2007, 07:43
Cool start! What sort of things have you planned for them? Tentacles and spikes are always cool. Fins might also fit the Tzeentch theme very well. Extra mouths and eyes are always fun. And atrophied, useless wings would be cool, too. Maybe just one wing, sticking out at an odd angle. Or backward wings!

40mm bases are the way to go, IMHO. You can always put them on a scenic base to elevate them over opposing units.

I'm still working on the tentacles as you can tell. One problem I have is how to curl the tentacles, as they're very thin so it's hard to put them where i want without paying 100% constant attention to them for 2 hours.
You are using some sort of rod as a frame, aren't you?

05-04-2007, 15:59
What are those figures? I'm not a 40k player, but recognize they look vaguely krooty. ("Krooty"?)

I think the atrophied, useless wings is an excellent suggestion! I second that idea, and think it would be something a little less common than the usual mutations, and would really fit the character of those critters.

You will, of course, continue to post more pics, right?

Angry Lawyer
05-04-2007, 16:55
Replace the arms with small wings and you have giant chickens.

With GS, I've found that in order to do tentacles, you've gotta sculpt them pretty-straight, let them half-dry, then bend them to shape, as they'll still be flexible.

-Angry Lawyer

05-04-2007, 17:01
http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/knarrider.htm is what they are.

Perhaps I could use Pegasus wings(see my giant), but it'd be tough to make them look atrophied. I could also try getting some TK carrion and clipping them.

I'll work on a scenic base for them in the near future. I agree that you definitely want them on 40s, as 50s would allow extra models to hit it, which is bad.

I want to model flames coming out of the open mouth to represent the breath weapon.

I actually hadn't been, and i've tried before with limited success. Perhaps the GS gods are granting me spontaneous gifts. Here's something I just created. I'll probably drill it into his side, right behind his right arm.



06-04-2007, 23:05
sweet. have you considered using kroot models for more tzeentch projects? they seem to work very well because of their "fowl" expressions.

07-04-2007, 04:15
Wow! Great idea to use FW knarlocs as firewyrms. I agree that they would look cool with a pair of wings. Why not use wings from a warmaster model? That way they'd look like they could fly at one point but then grew so huge that the wings became useless.

I can see them constantly taking a running jump into the air, flapping their useless little wings franticly for a few feet and then falling back down to just do it again. Which sort of explains the randomness of their movement.

07-04-2007, 05:10
Perhaps some wings from http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=List_Models&code=304111&orignav=300815&ParentID=209565&GameNav=300808 or http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=List_Models&code=304034&orignav=300815&ParentID=210615&GameNav=300808?

I've always seen people do tzeentch beastmen conversions off of kroot, and it would have been an easy kitbash way to go, but i decided to go all out on this one. I might work backwards and when i need a new beast herd, grab a box of both and kit bash them together(if that really works).

Right now I still have to base these guys appropriately and maybe do some more touchup on the GS and model flames out of the mouth(if possible).

21-04-2007, 19:49
They look really nice and i cant wait to see some paint on them. Please post the pics when you are done with them.

16-06-2007, 19:28
Keep up the work on the green stuff fur. It's not to bad. Practice, practice, practice! I would have suggested to you using thin wire for tentacles but I see you use paper clips which are good but can be a pain to bend exactly sometimes where thin wire is so much easier to work with. Trust me I've done both and usually only use the paper clip idea for parts then might be handled more. Over all you've got a great looking pair of models there. I have a friend who plays Tzeentch and he uses Kroot Hounds for Warhaounds. Can't wait to see you post the finished paint job!