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04-04-2007, 23:56
Before I go spending all my cash...:

Night Goblin Warboss:
Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Warboss Um's Best Big Boss At, Sneaky Skewerer - 113

Night Goblin BigBoss:
BSB - Big Red Raggedy banner - 107

Night Goblin Shaman:
lvl2, Dispell Scroll - 110

Night Goblin Shaman:
Dispell Scroll - 75

30 Night Goblins:
Full command, Nets, Spears, 2 Fanatics - 225

30 Night Goblins:
Full command, Nets, Spears, 2 Fanatics - 225

30 Night Goblins:
Full command, Nets, Spears, 1 Fanatic - 200

20 Night Goblins:
Full command (bit of a waste, but I have it), Short Bows - 80

10 Goblin Spider Riders:
Full Command - 160

2 Spear Chuckas - 70

Rock Lobba - 70

6 Squig Hoppas - 90

Squig Herd:
3 sets (9 squigs, 6 herders) - 90

Giant - 205

3 Stone Trolls - 180


The only things i have so far are the gobbos from BfSP + 10 spear gobbos so I'm happy(ish) to change most things.

06-04-2007, 18:42
Any advie at all...

I know the standard in the bow gobbos is basically handing VP to my opponent but as thats currently how I have them built thats the way it is, of course when I get a new box I could move the standard to another unit and build another bow gobbo. This could reduce the command section down to just a musician freeing up a few points, not many but I could take an item of the boss to get another dispell scroll.

06-04-2007, 19:41
you should load the 20 bow gobos with 3 fanatics... put them in the center of your army... and march them straight forward... so hopefully by turn 2 you have 3 fanatics screening your enemy... and the bows shooting and really just waiting to die... its really the most you can hope for from them..

Parka boy
07-04-2007, 17:22
What's the point of the level 1 shaman? Looks as if you are better off with one scroll caddie.

Murray the Demonic Skull
09-04-2007, 01:15
I'd take lvl 2 on both shamans, just to maximize chances of getting hand of gork.
Max out the fanatics in each unit of night gobs, as this is where they will probably be doing the most damage, and they are fun.
A rock lobber is just that more reliable, I find, than spear chukkas. But then again there are people who swear by them. Go with what you feel more comfortable with, but don't max out on war machines. Goblins are a tricksy infantry army, and that is what you should be relying on.

A little advice, NEVER TAKE FULL COMMAND ON FAST CAVALRY! They perform an important role on the battlefield as flankers and war machine hunters, but they are also eminently expendable! Giving them standards just gives the enemy easy victory points when they inevitably die. Take a musician definitely, as they are invaluable for those rally tests, and a boss if you want a bit of extra punch.
Remember, Goblins die easy, so you want to minimize how many VPs your opponent gets as possible.

I'd take either a giant OR the trolls, not both. That would give you more points to spend on your main units, which, lets face it, is where you win the game. One or the other would work just fine, and would give you enough points to pad out say your squig hoppers, get more Night Goblins and fanatics, or another unit of fast cavalry for the other flank.

Other than that, you've made some good choices. Your main gobbo units are a healthy size, I try never to field spearmen in less than 30, and your Warboss is tooled up nicely. You don't need big, expensive magic items to be effective, and a ward save is always worthwhile.

It will be good to see how your list shapes up.