View Full Version : Lm versus Bret help needed?

05-04-2007, 12:32
Fighting Bret tonight with my LM in 2K,
Thinking of having 2 stegs on a hill not moving trying to Bolt Knights to death.. But still really want Sallies in a wood to take out his annoying skirmishing archers...

Also thinking of 2 units of pumped COR with baiting units of skinks to draw knights out of position... Krox waiting in reserve...

Not keen on going Slann/magic heavy, so little magic that seems to hurt Bret..
Unless you know different...

Any help or tips welcome..

05-04-2007, 13:23
One trick that works well against cavalry: Give a Saurus character the Gleaming Pendant of Chotec and a great weapon, and stick him in a unit of spear-armed Saurus. Let the Kinights charge a unit of screening skinks, then overrun into the Saurus. In your turn, you activate the pendant, meaning they strike last, and you go first with 15 S4 attacks and 4/5 S7 attacks.

05-04-2007, 13:39
Yep got that one, going to use saurus on CO in a unit of Krox me thinks..

05-04-2007, 14:27
Skinks would work better against his archers then salies. Use them on the knights. You stegadon would be better charging!!!

05-04-2007, 14:43
Oh it will be but only when he has a nice juicy flank to face. This is where my baiting skinks come in. The sallies will def take a few pot shots at the knights as well.

05-04-2007, 15:44
Spears and krox's sound good,

As far as magic goes, the creeping death spell in the death law(??) that by passes armor saves, and the metal lore would have an impact on them.

05-04-2007, 17:47
Well it's gone one step further now, my battle is going to be next friday and it's going to be a massive 4K... Considering using Lord Croack and A tooled up Lord on Carnosaur, any ideas???

05-04-2007, 17:53
Spirit of the Forge from the Lore of Metals would really mess up those shiny knights. 2D6 S6-7 armor negating hits against heavy Cav. That ward save is still plenty annoying, but magic-wise, its one of the best ways to drop cav.

06-04-2007, 01:49
I'm assuming it was 4k each, so you could go magic heavy, two slann, with many priests focusing on magic missile's, simply to destroy whole units with concentrated fire, although depending on what type of player he is he could focus on a strong anti-magic, although the idea of adding an extra rank to some kroxigors and a stegadon battery is attractive (to me at least) :) used to support suarus calvary anchored a some 25 strong suarus blocks (with spears), dunno about the points though, but skink skirmishers as scouts will annoy him through *march blocking and screening, huge units of skinks deployed as army screens simply to give you the counter charge would also be advised, but that's just my opinion :)

*march blocking the units on the receiving end of a good magicing.

06-04-2007, 03:27
A single Slann at 2nd Generation would suffice, even at this level. They can overpower almost anything in the magic phase. I would highly recommend getting the Cube of Darkness on a skink in a 4k LM army, its ability to curtail tonnes of Bret magic in one go is too good to pass up IMO.

As far as knights go - a bsb and Saurus units wouldn't go amiss. Re-rolling break tests means more attacks back, which means more dead knights!

06-04-2007, 05:15
Take lots of sacrificial skinks. That serves me well every time. March the skinks up within smelling distance, forcing the bret to charge or be outmaneuvered. You flee, he moves full 16" and presents flank to Krox/Steg/CoR. It's sad, really, but I just don't use Saurus anymore.

Oh, and the requisite JSoD won't go far wrong either. If it's an Oldblood with the 65pt sword and Sotek he can hold up units on his own. I personally would go 2 Oldbloods and no Slann.

06-04-2007, 10:26
Lord on a Carnosaur would be the business, give him spawning of Sotek as he is likely to be charging & he will make quite a mess of Brets, Stegadon's are also excellent against them. Basically you want as many high strength attacks as you can but the bolt throwers will do well, especially with the amount of ranks they go through (I was very lucky with my Stegadon in my last game against an Empire army, I managed to panic a unit of inner circle knight with a warrior priest and they ran off the board allowing me to just rampage down the flank).

11-04-2007, 10:58
I am so tempted to go magic heavy and even use Croak because I so often do. I simply rely on Skink, Sally and JSOD... Really not sure which way to go this time...

11-04-2007, 11:59
I always find that magic users tend to be too expensive as they very rarely make their points back (even Kroak although I've never actually used him). What's JSOD?

12-04-2007, 10:27
JSOD = Jaguar Saurus of Doom
Typically a Old one or Scar Vet with Charm of Jaguar warrior enabling him to charge out of a unit 18" with a GW or nice magic weapon with the mark of sotec giving him 6-7 S7 attacks.
I think I'm going to avoid magic as against Bret there is really very little that can affect them, the chances of getting the right spells for your slann are slim to say the least. I'm thinking a scroll caddy priest and maybe another one with either the Diadem or the Cube of darkness, just for some Damsel protection.
I'm thinking tooled up Old one on Carnosaur, JSOD in big unit of Saurus, flanked by Vet in COR unit complete with pendant of Chotec and a Scouting FSOD to take out Trebuchet. Topped off with two Stegs on a hill shooting away! Comments?

12-04-2007, 10:47
Go dog's of war cannon's.... :), nah i like what you got planned for him, matching his strengths, you could get kroq-gar and field an all calvary army, except with a decent skirmish screen or teradonsto keep his knights from getting those charge's. Backed by advancing stegadons, it could be very interesting.

12-04-2007, 11:23
I'd take two priests for protection in a game this big or just give lots of things the Spawning of I/We give an extra dispel dice (can't remember what it's called & I'm in uni so don't have army book on me). I wouldn't bother giving your Jaguar Saurus a magic weapon, just take a great weapon & then tell your opponent mr 'ooh i'm mounted so i've got a really good save' to suck some of that! Definately take Spawning of Sotek though (think that's what's it's called). Just be careful with him that he doesn't end up staring a whole lot of other stuff in the face if he does manage to break a unit (though against Bret's chances of him making his points back in one charge are fairly high).

I'd probably go with some Terradons as well as scouts to make sure that you can take out his warmachines early, once they're gone your pretty safe as peasents bow fire isn't going to do much to you. Chameleon skinks are excellent at this too, especially as against Brettonians the chances of them being able to keep their eyes on their whole deployment zone is slim meaning you can set up right next to them (obviously out of sight of war machine crew), my 5 chameleons took two grapeshots from a cannon & were still alive to tell the story last game i played!

Sounds like a fairly solid plan to me all in all though. I would start moving the Stegadon's forward though, the bolt throwers are good & certainly effective for a turn of two but after that you need Stegadon's to be doing what they do best & that's impact hits followed by a hell of a lot of attacks (and casuing terror which'll make the peasents wet themselves & run away screaming like little girls!).