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06-04-2007, 00:05
Archmage, lvl4, book of hoeth
Mage, lvl2, seer, channler, silver wand
Commander, Loremasters cloak, HA+Shield, Halberd
Commander, Sacred Incense, Sword of Might, HA+Shield

5 Silverhelms, Full Armor
5 Silverhelms, Full Armor
5 Silverhelms, Full Armor

20 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Blessed Tome

30 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Banner of Arcane Protection, Amulet of Flame
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

2226 points total

C&C welcome as usual

06-04-2007, 00:37
personally my eyes would light up if i faced that on the field... 5 silver helms arent really going to do anything in a unit all alone... maybe if used as flanking support for the infantry... but the infantry is the only big threats besides the mages IF you get good spells... before you got into combat, the only 2 real units you have would probably be below 50% of their start... some archers would help to supprt the bolt throwers... as they alone dont do that much damage... i dunno... also your selection makes me *yawn*... sorry if im to critical...

06-04-2007, 14:42
well the lvl 2 gets to choose his spells instead of roll, lvl4 gets the good spells almost all the time, both the swordmasters and PG will be pretty much immune to magic. I know what you mean about the shooting, but archers have always failed me in the past, bolt throwers do much better for their points.

I'm going to try to get in atleast 5 games with this list before considering altering this list, I mainly want to see how well the PG will perform, I have a good grasp of how spearmen and swordmasters will do, but never in as large a block as I have with these PG, I may bulk out swordmasters and spearmen instead of PG if they perform well enough in a big block.

I'v found smaller blocks lacking in all capasity, even if i were to have 2 units of 15, my opponents roll remarkably well on 2d6 hit magic missles..

07-04-2007, 04:07
I guess either nobody likes high elfs enough to comment on this list, or what has been commented allready is pretty much what anyone will say about this... or people dont care for me to suggest posting anything else about this list?

07-04-2007, 15:40
Your current army is very character heavy and extremely small-it doesn't really stand a chance. Let's see what we can do....

Archmage: Lose the Book of Hoeth. It sounds a lot better than it statistically is, and it eats up your entire magic item allowance-I strongly advise against items like this. A better set up would be to give him the Silver Wand (5 out of 6 spells in a lore almost guarantees that you'll get the good one/s), and a Ward Save (Either Vambraces of Defence [although you waste the re-rollable armour saves unless you put him on a steed] or Guardian Phoenix).

Mage: Seer is a good choice for a level 2 Wizard-the Silver Wand less so because you'll never have enough dice to cast all three spells successfully and there are still no guarantees that it will give you the better spells in a lore (that's why it's better on an Archmage). The Jewel of the Dusk is also invaluable.

Commander(s): I would drop one. Simply because, if you're taking an Archmage then you almost HAVE to go magic heavy. With HE you can't really do it half heartedly since so many points go into it. Thus, I would take another level 2 mage and pop Seer on him too. As for the other Commander, you can still take him but I would equip him as follow: Heavy Armour, Halberd, Barded Steed, Shield, either the Ring of Corin or Ring of Fury (a Bound item is much safer on an armoured character and helps spread your magic out), and the Pue of Heart honour (You're much less likely to lose him than the mages). The steed will add to his survivability and make him a lot more mobile.

Silver Helms: I'm assuming that your three units of five are part of a 'min/max' plan (minimising Core to max out on Special/Rare). This is frowned upon and will also make your army very fragile (moreso than is usual for HE). Keep one or two of these units, make them six man (Elf?) and put a Musician into them. This way they can be used for supporting charges and do the job of fast cavalry (flee-baiting etc) while retaining good armour.

Spearelves: Add some! You seem to be focusing on infantry so it's a wise choice to have some in Core. A unit of 20 with command is a little pricey, but will work. Two units of 15 is recommended.

Swordmasters: 20 is far too many-they are 'elite' infantry and so a unit of 15 should be your maximum. Personally I wouldn't take them as they are fragile and will attract every missile on the battlefield. If you want them though, a unit of 15 is the way to go. Use them to support your Spears. Do NOT take the Banner of Sorcery on them (makes them too pricey).

Tiranoc Chariot(s): Comparatively one of the cheapest units in the HE list, they are almost mandatory. They might not be the most powerful chariots in the game (and they're not. by quite a margin), but they ARE among the fastest. Their best role is to flee-bait (they're cheap enough to use in this task), or support an infantry unit by guarding it's flank and in turn threatening the flank of any enemy unit that engages the infantry. I would take at least two (since you get a 2-for-1 Special slot deal on them).

Dragon Princes: I find they are worth taking a small unit of to use as flank attackers. Their incredible speed allows them to perform this task well, and they are also a good place for the Banner of Sorcery since they have an excellent armour save. Just don't throw them headlong into combat unless you're sure you're going to win. And keep them out of the way of nasty warmachines.

Phoenix Guard: Here's your biggest mistake. Firstly, Phoenix Guard are WORTHLESS. They should never be taken at all. They cost far too many points, and a valuable Rare slot. Their special ability (Fear causing) is wasted because, as an elite infantry unit, they will almost never have the Unit Strength sufficient to make it useful without spending astronomical amounts of points, and this is what you have done-a unit of thirty is utter madness (545 points with the magic items you have taken!). The models are lovely but sadly are just not worth having, so drop them altogether.

RBT's: I'm going to be very controversial here and suggest that you drop them. Although they do present a fearsome ranged threat, to really capitalise on it you need more of them, and taking four is not only eating up all your Rare slots but also costing you a hefty 400 points. I find that Elven Bolt Throwers (both High and Dark varieties) are overrated. 100pts is far too much for a warmachine with only two very fragile crew (consider that you can get two Dwarf Bolt Throwers, each with 3 crew who are T4 and Stubborn, AND an engineer for one of them, all for less than one Elf RBT).

Great Eagles: Get two. They're what HE Rare slots are made for. They can accomplish so much (war machine/skirmisher hunting, march blocking, flee baiting, charge redirection) and at 50pts are the single cheapest unit in the High Elf book. Utterly mandatory.

Those changes should bulk your army out a bit while maintaining a powerful magic phase.
Seriously, though, what were you thinking with THIRTY Phoenix Guard?! :D


07-04-2007, 17:26
While I disagree with MalusCalibur regarding eagles/bolt throwers, I fully agree on one thing. Pheonix Guard are worthless. T3 w/ a 5+ armor is not going to save them against anything really. That, and your army looks tiny.