View Full Version : Dwarf slayers worth it?

06-04-2007, 23:07
The title is self explanatory but i don't see how slayers can last on TT with thier stubby legs because there always gonna get charged and cut down before they can attack so thats a waste of +50 points :( .

So is their a way to have a slayer hero in a army without him been flattened? :confused: (and him still killing people. Hiding behind trees isn't very slayer like)

06-04-2007, 23:58
Slayers are there to stand in the way and get cut down, actually. Their main point is that they never ever run and last until the last guy dies.

Dead Man Walking
07-04-2007, 00:09
Put a slayer character in there with strikes first +1 str +1 attack (or just +2 str) magic weapon, if you do this there is a good chance your slayer character will kill some if not all of the front rank and allow your slayers to do some damage. Under old rules slayers never won combat so there was no point to buying a banner. Now they can and do win.

Put them on a flank.

Also put the BSB in a unit next to the slayers and give him the banner rune that makes all friendly dwarfs within 6"'s have a 5+ wardsave to shooting and magic. That way your slayers actually have a chance of survival.

I use to use them in my marching army but I changed thier points out to make dwarven miners pop up on the other side of the table while I am marching forward.

The Thnikkaman
07-04-2007, 11:04
Slayers are goddamn awesome!

I run a unit of 12 slayers with 3 unit champions (you can do that) and a dragon slayer with the rune of swiftness, +1A and +1S. I find these to be indispensible in all my games.

Firstly, the lone dragon slayer can be sent off to hide in a wood near the enemy's approach and march block, or even charge a unit in the side and unless it has a character, hold it up for aaages (things like swordsmen, beastherds, even heavy cavalry). Basically i use mine as a hideously disruptive psycho.

Plus they also make good war machine guards if you're playing against enemies who pop out at your rear (e.g. rival dwarf miners, gorgers, tunneling teams, etc.)

As for the rank and file, i use them to guard a flank. 3 champions in the unit mean i can challenge to my heart's content and minimise the amount of damage a killy character does in units like heavy cavalry (which usually dont have a rank for the enemy character to decline a challenge from).

Plus, this 12 man unit actually is really good at cutting up lightly armoured enemies. Basic skeleton warriors are effectively neutralised as the fear counts for nothing, and the two hand weapons used by the dwarves mean a lot of kills.

So yeah, slayers are awesome and definately worth it.

07-04-2007, 11:41
Any army that has a shooting phase will generally shoot them full of holes, i really only take them against chaos or undead to have a unit that will never run away and can tie up fear or terror causing units. Although some one did reccently inform me that if they can get in contact witha steam tank they can strip it faster then most chop shops.

07-04-2007, 14:14
it just seems to me that the basic dwarf movement rate of 3 really hurts slayers in particular. i like the idea of a slayer army though, so i woul love to have someone prove me wrong on this front.

Parka boy
07-04-2007, 14:44
Super unit who are amazing vs some armies and ok vs others but well worth there points.

07-04-2007, 15:56
Slayers form a frequently recurring part of an army I change fairly often. True, they have a weakness in their lack of armour but as well as being unbreakable they have the slayer axes and slayer skill, which make them useful in a fight, espescially combined with the multiple champions. The slayer characters are also significantly cheaper than their non-slayer counterparts, and if anything slightly more dangerous in a fight, as well as being unbreakable and therefore able to hold up large units.