View Full Version : Tactics for the zombie pirates to the Vampire Coast

Three Headed Monkey
31-07-2005, 13:12
The main thing I want to know is if people think that the list can be competative. Dont get me wrong, im not trying to create a tourny list or anything, but a list that contains the Zombie Pirate's fun bits while having a reasonable chance of success against my mates.

Although I feel this army is worth collecting just for its entertainment value alone, I would also like to know what I am getting into gameplay wise. So if anyone has seen this army in action, or has used it themselves, let me know of your impressions.

We could even make this into a mini tactica, discussing such things as how are the units effective, worthwhile magic weapon combos, list composition, formation, what are the army's strengths and weaknesses. Also, how to overcome not being able raise anything and how to best use (or keep safe) Luthor Harkon, the cheapest Vampire Lord around.