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07-04-2007, 20:03

397 points: Chaos Lord (juggernaught, chaos armour, enchanted shield, berserker sword, crown of everlasting conquest, mark of khorne)

240 points: Exalted Champion of Chaos (chaos armour, mark of khorne, juggernaught, rending sword, enchanted shield)

383 points: 16 Chaos Warriors (additional hand weapons, shields, full command, banner of wrath, mark of khorne)
333 points: 16 Chaos Warriors (additional hand weapons, shields, full command, mark of khorne)
175 points: 26 Marauders (great weapons, light armour, shields, full command)
30 points: 5 Warhounds
30 points: 5 Warhounds

112 points: 8 Flayerkin (2 hand weapons, scouts, killing blow, skirmishers, human chains)
290 points: 5 Chosen Knights of Chaos (standard bearer, mark of khorne)

1997 points
83 models, 9 units

08-04-2007, 12:45
who the hell puts a juggernaut on a lord on a champ. for goodness sake the points can be spent elsewhere.

and its 7 units not 9 units unless you want to put the lord and champ on their own. khorne warriors do not need any banner as well. they are powerful enough.

lacking of screens and more importantly you dont have light cavalry.

both of your infantry units cost close to 700 points but they are units which are slow and can be easily diverted.

these are things most people argue about over a khorne mortal army.

. infantry based around units of khorne warriors. few screens and light cav.

. cav based around khorne knights with screens and light cav and 1 or 2 marauders unit.

some have argued that the 1st approach works though i have seen many times how the 1st army can be taken apart by competant opponents of WE, VC.

i myself choose the latter approach after countless defeats with the former. it has served me well.

well its your army so its your choice. just proxy a few battles 1st and see which style you like more before buying the models.

08-04-2007, 21:28
Why the Banner of Wrath? One bound item isn't going to go off.