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Dr Death
31-07-2005, 14:25
For a couple of years now i've been working on what i called when i started it 40k 4th edition but now has moved onto 5th. The concept was basically to write a "alternative" 40k which was closer to the background i so love and adore and yet also functioned as a decent game system for veteran gamers. Ive had my ups and downs as far as writing the rules have been concerned but have now reached a point where the whole project is simply too big for me, too sprawling to contemplate all i want to put into it.

Thus it is that i venture into the world of the web for likeminded people to help inject both fresh ideas in the project and to help manage this quite vast work and give it a home.

This is a rather beif explanation for the work and what i want it to become but im just seeing how much interest i can drum up for development. More will be revealed should anyone become interested.

Dr Death

01-08-2005, 08:30
Post 'em up and let us take a look. I'll certainly have a read through and offer any suggestion or critisms I can make up and I'm sure lots of people will be interested.

Dr Death
01-08-2005, 13:35
Well the rules docs are too vast to post up in one sitting, the core rules stand at 32 pages while the compiled version of the various parts of the projects primary codex- Codex Imperialis stands at over 100.

The rules are in their most basic form a d10 system of warhammer 40,000 with various rules cannibalised from other systems and some compleatly new in fabrication (including an IMHO novel way of determining victors in pitched battles). The system is designed to accomodate all the standard scenarios and potential games for 40k as well as some new ones (a seige system for 40k) and allow players to get into either or both a higher level of detail and greater tactical options in the greater 40k universe. All this in a fairly disorganised heap at the moment.

In addition to this, my aim is to create an even darker and more impenetrable 40k setting drawing heavily on the influences of inquisitor and forgeworld, collecting all possible information on the game world to give a greater 40k experience.

Thats the sales pitch, you can contact me at drdeath153@hotmail.com for even more imformation and to gain a full copy of the ruleset (i trust to the honour of anyone who does so that they do not find anything they can or wish to plagurise)

Dr Death

01-08-2005, 14:44
try the hammer and anvil rules development forum, at the old light alliance websites. they just added a 40k forum for 40k projects

Dr Death
01-08-2005, 15:18
Nurglitch- From what ive been reading of your dark millenium (for some reason all i get is dots instead of text when i attempt to download it) your project has similar aims (quite disconcertingly so actually :p) to what im trying to acheive. Would you care to elaborate on quite what you're doing? It might be that your aims virtually match and i would be more than willing to share my ideas and collaborate on making a single stronger game system (collaborate may sound a little "strong" but i cannot think of any particular better term)

Dr Death

Dr Death
02-08-2005, 10:40
Nurglitch: Your rule system certainly looks very indepth, perhaps even too in depth for the level of conflict you're dealing with. I'm only really commenting from what ive read on the forums of dysartes but you seem to be going into some quite hefty detail (multiple injury levels, multiple defence statistics etc) for what looks to be a game system about the grander manouvre and tactical disposition. This isnt really a critisism because i am as fine a fan of complex rules for big conflicts as the next man but i suppose the real phrase to sum up my thoughts is "and all this in an hour?" :eyebrows::p

I'm interested but its clear you are using a quite different skeleton to my own rule system (ive gone for the easier option of rooting through GW's rulebooks for inspiration), none the less im still perhaps idiotically enthusiastic that i might be some use. If you would be so kind, could you send me a copy of the most recent edition of Dark Millenium, (drdeath153@hotmail.com) just so i can get a good look at it in its "definative" form thus far.

Dr Death

02-08-2005, 11:31
It sounds very interesting, is it basicially "40k, with tactics"? Proper tactics, not army composition.

02-08-2005, 16:23
i could set you up but my fourum currently only has 5 members- PM me if your intrested
i know a busier websit that could give you space, again PM me