View Full Version : Flank charges and Panic

07-04-2007, 21:23
Hey all, just wondering I've read a number of threads that give me the impression there is panic checks for units that are flanked charged or if they are flanked charged while engaged to the front. I can't find any rules that support this, can anyone corroborate or refute this?

Joe Cool
07-04-2007, 21:32
Maybe you're thinking of 6th edition rules? In 6th, a unit already engaged in HtH and charged in flank or rear needed to take a panic test. In 7th units in combat are immune to (most) psychology and don't take panic tests. Unengaged units don't take panic tests when charged in flank or rear.

08-04-2007, 05:18
That is correct, 6th ed had panic checks for being charged in the flank or rear, those were eliminated with the inmunity to almost all psychology of 7th ed combats.