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08-04-2007, 05:16
I don't know if anybody has seen my "Found this in my closet" thread, but if you have, you will know that I found 3k points of lizzies in my closet. What a nice surprize! Anyhoo, I finally got around to playing with them and was quite pleased. Here are the results (It is my first time ever playing fantasy so if there is any rules problems or anything wrong with my list, please feel free to tell me)

My List:

Saurus Scar Veteran w/ Sacred Spawning of Itzl
w/ cold one, shield and burning blade of Chotec

5 Cold one Riders w/ standard

20 Skink Warriors + scouts x2

2- Saurus Warriors w/ standard

Skink Priest level 2 w/ cloak of feathers, dispel scroll.

My first game was against a dark elf.
his list:
15 Warriors w/ crossbows x3

10 corsairs

1 Bolt Thrower

3 Lv 2 Sorcerers

Anyhoo, the terrain was very sparse. there were 2 medium sized forests in the middle of the board and that was about it. He set up his bolt thrower on the far left flank (Written from my PoV) and I set up my whole army on the right flank out of LoS of his bolt thrower. He responded by setting up 1 squad of warriors with a sorceror near the middle forest and the rest on the right flank to deny my main army. My skinks had no where to scout (I thought it was like infiltrating, I was wrong :(. We roll for first turn and I give it to him so he has to move up.

Turn 1 Dark Elves: His entire army moves 5' foward except the bolt thrower. His sorcerors cast fireball at my skinks and me, not knowing what it did, didn't dispel it and it killed 7 of my skinks. Next sorceror casts fireball but I dispelled and the bolt thrower kills 1 skink. Out of all of his shots he fails, to kill a single skink. (4 BS needs a 3+, but because of moving, over half, shooting at skirmishers and light cover = 7+ right?)

Turn 1 Lizardmen: I march my saurus warriors 12 inches foward and my cold ones in to the middle forest to charge the warriors next turn. My skinks only walk foward and my priest flys into the woods. I cast Forked Lightning on his front warrior squad but he manages to dispel. In the shooting phase I get 46 shots with my skinks and manage to kill 6 dark elves.

Turn 2 Dark Elves: He moves his army foward again (I don't know why) and positions his 3rd warrior squad (the ones near the cold ones) so that they can pop some shots off at them. His magic sees 3 fireballs being succesfully cast and killing a toal of 12 skinks. He finishes off the injured squad of skinks with the crossbows. Bolt Thrower does nothing, which it seems to do the whole game.

Turn 2 Lizardmen: The skinks that are alive move closer again and the saurus warriors charge the front warriors. The cold ones move to the very edge of the forest since I didn't think I had charge on the 3rd warrior squad. My saurus warriors kill around 7 warriors whom, proceed to break and run, my saurus warriors charge in to the squad of corsairs behind them. My skinks shoot at the far squad of warriors and manage to kill 1 or 2, I can't remember.

Turn 3 Dark Elves: Seeing all his warrior squads in trouble he runs his wizards away, but one of them he moves foward, don't know why. Then he shoots at my cold ones with his warriors and manage to kill a whole lot of nothing. His mage unfortunately, casts wall of fire with irrestible force on the cold ones and down 2 of the riders. His assault sees my saurus wiping out his corsairs and advancing in to his 3rd warrior squad ( which was directly behind the corsairs)

Turn 3 Lizardmen: My cold ones charge the mid warrior squad and my skinks move towards the wizard on the right. Priest casts portent on the skinks who manage to kill the wizard. My saurus warriors kill the 3rd warrior squad and sit around doing nothing. My cold ones lose another 3 to stand and shoot, but respond by completely obliterating the last warrior unit. At that time he had 2 wizards and a bolt thrower left, and I had 2 cold one riders, 17 skinks and around 20 saurus. We called it a win for me :)

Thoughts on the game: Not too bad for my first game. My MVP was of course the saurus warriors, they wiped out 3 squads which was awesome, what sucked was that my skinks couldn't scout, I think they would've killed quite a few more if they could've. My cold ones were awesome even though I forgot that their mounts attacked as well. Mistakes on his part were always moving foward and putting 3 squads in a line so that I could continue to run them down.

C&C welcome while I post my next.

08-04-2007, 05:39
Game 2 Lizardmen vs Night Goblins

My List: See above

His list: 3 beefy squads of night goblins
night goblin boss w/ some mace that put his str to 6 once per game (can't remember name)
3 trolls
1 giant

Note: This was my second game, and he hadn't played in quite a while. He thought he might be under 1000 points and all in all he was an awesome player to play against. Very friendly and we had no rules dispute.

Terrain was almost non existent once again. There was a small hill in my DZ and on the edges of the board (really to no effect).

Setup: He set all his units up in a line, from left to right (My PoV) he set up trolls, goblin unit w/ boss, giant, goblin unit, goblin unit.

My setup from left to right was, skinks,skink priest, saurus warriors, cold one riders, skinks.

Rolled for a turns and I got a nice 6.

(This game was taken w/o notes so details are fuzzy)

Turn 1 Lizardmen: I advance my whole army maximum distance, nothing else happens.

Turn 1 Gobbos: He advances his army foward max and then something HORRIBLE happens. I get my first taste of fanatics. I had always heard that they were tough, but I was woefully unprepared when 9 fanatics came whirling out of his ranks at high speed. In my words "What can 9 crazy goblins with flails possibly do to my army?" Few seconds, 5 cold ones 13 saurus warriors later I was answered. Alot. Needless to say I was quite scared of the fanatics for the rest of the game.

Turn 2 Lizardmen: I charge with both my cold ones and saurus warriors, both in to night gobbo units. My skinks move foward, the one on the left to take some shots at the trolls and the one on the right to take a shot at the goblins. My priest casts forked lightning and kills maybe 2 goblins. The skinks manage 7 wounds on the trolls which he regenerates 3. So 1 dead and 1 with 2 wounds left. My other skinks manage to put the giant down to 3 wounds. I'm thinking pretty good. Then my CC units totally screw up my plan of total domination. Needing 3's to hit and 2's to wound my saurus scar veteran completely misses and fails to wound a single goblin. My standard bearer manages to kill 1 though ( I was forgetting my cold ones get attacks too.) My saurus warriors also manage to kill around 3 goblins and get a crap load of losses from the goblin bosses mace. My general breaks and flees (What a sissy) and allows the goblins to pursue in to the skinks that shot at the giant. Now is about the time I've stopped hoping for a win and just want a draw.

Turn 2 Night Gobbos: his trolls once again fail stupidity and his giant attacks the remaining saurus warriors. His remaining goblin unit charges the skinks that are already in combat with the other goblins. His giant kills 3 saurus warriors leaving 2 left and the goblins don't manage to kill even 1. I stay (tuff gits those saurus eh?) His goblins chop down my skinks who manage to kill 1 goblin. They are promptly run down. (Oh and as for the fanatics they only manage to hit my skins on the left)

Turn 3 Lizardmen: My general rallied and turned around, but could not do anything. My skinks once stayed still to shoot at the trolls again. The priest manages to miscast and takes 1 wound. The skinks manage to kill 1 more troll, too bad since the last remaining troll would ruin their day.

Turn 3 Gobbos: His troll finally passes stupidity test and charges my skinks, they break from the terro test and run away. His fanatics though manage to kill his own giant. Awesome! they also cause a wound on his goblin unit about to charge my general. The closest gobbo unit to my lord, however fails its animosity test and sits down squabbling. Yay! I get the charge. Someone who was just watching the game pointed out my lord and standard bearer could do nothing, I prove them wrong.

Turn 4 Lizardmen: My skinks continue to flee, my lord charges the biggest goblin unit. Skink priest takes 1 wound off of the troll with forked lightning. In CC my lord kills 4 goblins and my standard bearer 2 yay! They break and I run them down, taking out the biggest goblin unit with 2 guys! woohoo! stupid onlooker, doesn't know how tuff lizardmen really are!

Turn 4 Night Gobbos: His fanatics chase my lord and put 1 wound on him, they also take a casualty or 3 from the 2 remaining goblin units. Other than that he justs wheels his unit to face my oncoming lord.

Turn 5 Lizardmen: My lord moves foward and wheels, just out of charge range of the goblins so that they can't charge. My skink priest casts forked lightning on the bosses unit and kills 3 they break and run to the board edge.

Turn 5 Night Gobbos: Finally things are looking up, but then the worst possible thing happens, that stupid fanatic that has been following my lord around hits him again! and wipes out the squad! Curses all my plans foiled by a single fanatic! At that point we called it quits. All I had left was a skink priest that could've flown around shooting lightning out of his fingertips and the gobbos couldn't have hit him but he probably would've miscast again.

Result: Minor loss.

Thoughts on the game: I still think I did ok for not knowing how devastating fanatics can be. My MVP was probably my priest this time, I still think lore of heavens suck. Fanatics are Horrible.

Please post C&C remember however, these were my first 2 games along with my first 2 battle reps.

09-04-2007, 02:32
Please reply, it would really help.

09-04-2007, 03:49
Alright Lets see...

Whats size game (pts)are we talking about?

I can give you the info on Heavens atm.

Portent of a Far-Use it to give skinks an better hit/wound outcome in the shooting phase.

Sign of Amul-Cast at the start of the magic phase in case of miscast and use on bad Ld checks.

Celestial Shield-this thing is great against War machines like Stone thowers which allow no normal save, also vs Fanatics in the book it stats "distributed as shooting" so youll get a 4+ ward save against them.

Forked lighting/thunderblot-these two spells have no range limit Blast form afar.

Comet-A dooms day spell, although Id personally drop for Portent because a Priest is more likely to cast a 5+ spell than a 12+ spell.

09-04-2007, 05:00
Srry, I forgot to tell you it was 1000 pts. Yeah I played another two games today (Didn't take any notes sorry) and I got comet, it worked well wiping out an entire enemy skink unit. It also took out a kroxigor and some temple guard. I did use portent of far in the game to reroll skinks shooting, but still most of the time only 6's did anything and very few rerolls of 1 to 6 are likely going to happen. I completely underestimated sign of amul, didn't know you could use it on LD tests, handy for my skinks. I do use celestial shield to boost the toughness of my cold one riders, and well forked lightning is nice. I haven't gotten thunderbolt yet.

In my two games today, I played a last stand. I had 2000 pts which consisted of the same list as above, and added in 2 stegadons, a salamander, and a beefy slann. Basically all I lost was the 2 squads of skinks. Highlight of the game was 2 squads of 20 dwarves with great weapons charging my cold one riders, 2 turns later, 40 dwarves dead and cold ones en route to the only surviving dwarf, the one controlling the cannon.

I also really liked that level 1 spell for lore of beast. I didn't completely read the rule so I acidentally thought my lord could use it with his weapon, but he can't. Anyways it made my scar vet into an unstoppable killing machine. He got 7 attacks at str 6 w/ tougness 5 or 6 (can't remember.)

So far however, in all my games except the night gobbo one, my cold one riders (most notably the saurus scar veteran) have been ace. Their kill count so far equates to

15 Dark Elf Warriors
1 Dark Elf level 2 witch
30 Night Goblins
20 Saurus
20 Skinks
40 Dwarves w/ Great weapons

This is all with only being reduced to 2 guys least, except for the night goblin one where they were wiped out. For 4 games thats pretty good. They did much better these last games, as I got more of a feel for WHFB ( I still hate wheeling with a passion!) and I remembered my cold ones got atks too. Pretty much with that unit I would almost always get the charge, I would kill everything that could've made attacks back at me, then they break and I run them down, usually in to another unit or past one.

On a side note, the skinks have done quite well, though mostly as a diversionary tactic, such as:

Game 1: Taking the shots for the saurus and cold ones
Game 2: Taking out trolls and seriously wounding giant
Game 3: Killing entire temple guard unit and tieing up guard unit, allowing my stegadon to charge and wipe them out
Game 4: By far their best game, they baited the slayer squad in to charging them, allowing my 2 YES 2 stegadons to get a rear charge on the slayers, and baiting the 2 dwarf squads to allow my cold one riders to charge and wipe them both out.

Sorry for the long winded post.

09-04-2007, 18:19
I did use portent of far in the game to reroll skinks shooting, but still most of the time only 6's did anything and very few rerolls of 1 to 6 are likely going to happen. An additional key to this spell is the "reroll" term that usually frightens opponents into a dispell attempt or a scroll. Cold One Riders work wonders, just remember to take stupidty checks ( And fix failed ones with Amul ). You seem to be doing well with your amry. which lists di you roll for the slaan. I you have any specific problems post'em.

09-04-2007, 19:17
Ah I decided to be stupid with the slann and kept rolling on the lore of beasts, cause I really wanted the one that makes me move foward d6". In the end I got 1, 2, 3, 4 on the lore of beasts and 1 on the lore of heavens.

10-04-2007, 11:00
let me say that the dark elves player was really insensible...

against LM repeater crossbows aren't such a good idea...

and corssaires? they aren't worth (maybe against HE).

he should have included charriots and cold one knights or maybe witches, or at leas... having stayed close to de table edge until the end!!

10-04-2007, 13:45
Nice reports. Are you sure your skink had to flee from the troll? He only causes fear not terror, so if he's outnumbered and you fail the fear check you still resist the charge, but you hit him only with a 6.

Lore of Heavens sucks, try another.

10-04-2007, 14:55
what's more, you can even shoot with no penalization (at least you could in 6 ed)

PS sorry if my english isn't good. I'm a foreigner XD

10-04-2007, 16:37
Ya the DE player wasn't too sensible I guess. @Tutore wow I didn't know that about fear, ok thanks, I guess my skinks didn't have to run. I was also always forgetting about my charge reactions (Damn 40k!) so I never remembered to stand and shoot.

11-04-2007, 07:02
I see from your last thread that you are putting your lizardmen to good use, good to hear. great battle reports, only question i need to ask is about your first post. your saurus warriors moved 12 inchs o_O? did you mean skinks?

12-04-2007, 00:11
yah sorry

My skinks run foward 12". Man I wish my saurus warriors could march foward 12" :(

13-04-2007, 17:44
Don't all lizardmen players lol

13-04-2007, 23:49
Haha, too true, too true.

the vicar
03-05-2007, 04:38
Ummm...You might want to mention to the Dark Elf player from game 1 that Dark Elves can't take the Lore of Fire. They only get to pick Shadow, Death, or Dark (the Dark Elf-specific lore).


03-05-2007, 15:18
Yeah and a fireball can only inflict a maximum of 6 wounds, not 7 (unless the target is flamable), you cant get 7 hits on a D6 :p , but Im sure it was just a minor writing error fon your part ;) . Those were nice reports, and I enjoyed reading them, and I agree with you that fanatics are horrible, I got massacred the 3 first games I ever played against them (5 years ago), but they often do just as much damage to the Orcs and goblins though. And once youve faced them a few times you quickly find some effective ways of stopping them.

03-05-2007, 16:27
Yup, thanks all, I have so far only lost that 1 game with my lizzies, which is pretty good. I didn't know much about magic so thats why I was making so many mistakes with that.