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08-04-2007, 08:45
Just a quick question, really. I realise that the effectiveness of Tau units in combat is (fairly!) limited, but I was wondering how their allied assault units measure up? Any comments are welcome - thank you!

08-04-2007, 09:11
Both Vespids and Kroot are rather more skilled in combat than Tau, but neither are especially designed for it in their base form - both are quite fragile after all.

Vespids are high cost units that do have an I advantage over space marines, and as such should be used against nothing but; ideally a scout unit, so long as they're not set up in cover. Give them a pasting with your AP3 guns first, and you might weaken them enough, but it's still risky with a relatively expensive unit.

Kroot carnivores are best used as cheap distractions from your main battleline - 20 S4 shots from cover for 70 points is a tiny cost if they can divide an enemy's attack. If you tool them up with kroot hounds and krootoxen, they can get a huge number of bodies and attacks in, with decent strength and weapon skill, but will in turn die fairly easily. Best used against guard, 'nids and orks - other low initiative, poorly protected troops.

Colonial Rifle
08-04-2007, 09:23
Kroot are half-decent on the defensive. Don't expect them to hold up anything in power armour, but they can do a number on non-meq's who forget to bring frag (a wiped out a warboss + Cybork retinue once). IG don't want to go anywhere near woods with Kroot lurking about.
On the otherhand Human Aux and Vespid suck. Surprise Tau CC unit - Stealth suits!

08-04-2007, 10:02
Stealth Battlesuits can defend themselves from enemy assaults, due to their Stealth Field Generator, S4 and the not so bad WS2. WS2 has the same chance of hitting a WS4 model as a WS3 model, although their easier hit themselves. However, they only come in few numbers, so they´ll probably will not survive most charges.

08-04-2007, 10:25
Kroot vs Orks;
If Orks charge, or if they survive the Kroot charge the Kroot are doomed.
Even shootaboyz will tear them apart.
However Kroot are good at holding forests as this bumps their initaitive to 10, getting rid of them from that position either involves burnaboyz or stikkbommas.
Vespids will get slaughtered by guardsmen.

A neutral shade of black.
08-04-2007, 13:30
but I was wondering how their allied assault units measure up? Any comments are welcome - thank you!

They don't. Tau don't have assault units - both Kroot and Vespid are designed to shoot and will fold in assault against anything semi-competent (besides, why would you want Vespid in your list as a Tau player?).

08-04-2007, 13:49
The problem with Tau 'assault' units is that they're not. That is to say although they have a higher WS and A than a Fire Warrior, they are still only the equivalent of an Imperial Guardsman or similar. At best, they are a 'tactical' unit - capable of shooting a bit and assaulting a bit. They will fold up like an accordion against any decent (assault) unit because they have no armour to speak of, and therefore have no staying power. The only time they should be assaulting anything is as part of a mop-up operation when you have shot most of the enemy to pieces and you are killing off the stragglers... or if its all gone horribly wrong and you are trying to buy yourself time to think of something. Either way, they should not be involved in an assault except when its on your terms.

08-04-2007, 15:19
I'd agree with the above posts supposed tau "c/c" units wont hold up to a half decent dedicated c/c unit.
Kroot are great IMO for under 100pts i can get 14 kroot to distract the enemy with and with 28 rapid fire shots they can do more than just distract.
I find that using 2 x 14 man krott squads is an effective way of keeping the enemy held up.
As a rule though i dont include vespids at all, too fragile and not just on the c/c spectrum, sure they've got powerful anti-meq guns but the return fire will shred them if you dont use them properly