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Freak Ona Leash
31-07-2005, 17:55
Yes, yes, I know I posted a DoW army list a while ago. But then I realized. I have hundreds of dollars of Dwarfs at my house. I should make a Dwarf army! What a sterling idea, eh? I think this is a reasonably balanced army, the Ironbreakers take the center, each supported bya Great Weapon warrior unit. My HW and Shield unit stays near the Thunderers as "insurance" ;) Aand the Cannon shhots stuff.

The Clans of Kazad Galaz-Total points=1998 points.

Dwarf Characters-
King Hrungnor Drakkisson-Dwarf Lord, Great Weapon, Gromril Armor with Ro Stone and Two Ro Iron. 188 points.
Ulfric Stonebeard-Thane, BSB, Heavy Armor, MRo Gromril. 103 points
Malakai Okrisson-Runesmith, Great Weapon, Gromril Armor, Two Runes of Spellbreaking. 132 points

Dwarf Core-
Clan Stonebeard- 22 Warriors, HW and Shield. Full Command. 223 points.
Clan Bearblood- 22 Warriors, GW. Full Command. 250 points.
Clan Okrisson- 20 Warriors, GW, Standard, Veteran. 225 points.
The Engineer’s Guild- 12 Thunderers. Shields. 190 points.
The Royal Fussiliers- 12 Thunderers. Shields. 190 points
The Goldpicks- 14 Miners. Full Command. 168 points.

Dwarf Special-
The Royal Guard-20 Ironbreakers. Standard and Musician, Rune of Courage. 318 points.
Skull Cracker- Stone Thrower, Ro Accuracy. 110 points

EDIT: Ok, Cannon out. Miners in. Er, yay? I

Dodgy Ed
31-07-2005, 20:21
ok I'll bite.
It has to be said that list looks truely dull to play, march forward while getting shot and magicked to pieces for 5-6 turns and then maybe hit some combat.

You're going to be lucky to see one or two combats over the course of a six turn game. Although you have a bucket load of infantry you lack missile fire (I count 13 ranged weapons, all about 24" range) so there is no impetus for the enemy to come towards you and engage you (unless it's on their terms). As for magic I'm afraid to say you're right royal screwed, although you have a runesmith this will not see you through the dispell phase (Personally I don't like runesmiths but that's another thread) and again you lack the ranged weaponry to go mage hunting.

Now after all that negativity some ideas. There is the standard suggestion of more warmachines, I'd drop the flame cannon and get a runed stone thrower(95ish) and a bolt thrower (45). Also I'd drop the small unit of iron breakers and get some more missile troops, crossbowmen for preference* and a small unint of miners to go flank hunting, remeber miners don't neccesarily have to come on from the enemies deploymen zone, they are often best spent charging a unit in the flank that is already tied down in combat.

Another idea is to drop the standard on the thunderers and give them shields, a 4+save in hth for missile troops? Yes Please :evilgrin:

*The reason I suggest crossbowmen is to complement the thunderers as they give you the range to deal with longbow wielding elves.

Freak Ona Leash
31-07-2005, 21:41
Ok, list fixed, somewhat. And if you dont like Runesmiths, how do you face magic? And no one I play against (except for Tom, but hes...yeah.) uses Longbow weilding troops, at least not until they see the new Welvsies(do they have longbows?) And the move and fire and whatnot for the Thunderers is too good to miss.

31-07-2005, 21:43
On the Lord i know its hard to do but i'd drop the runic weapon for a GW --> your going to be going last almost all of the time so you may as well add 2 STR for a measly 6 points. Also you need to ask whether there is much added benefit in having a Lord as your general as opposed to a Thane. Fair bit of points difference for not a huge in-game difference.

Also the 65 points of runes on your cannon could buy you a complete bolt thrower with 20 points to spare.

As for the warrior blocks a personal preference would be to have two blocks of 25 HW, HA, Sh w full command and then have two bare units of 10 GW warriors. T4, 3+sv in combat is reminiscent of many 40k armies ;) but in Fantasy you don't have as many power weapons! GW are good for hitting but i would prefer to use them as flankers rather than providing combat resolution.

Freak Ona Leash
31-07-2005, 21:56
A runed up cannon is better than a single un-runed BT man ;) And the runed up Lord is for something called fluff :D

EDIT: Though, I could just say "His axe i soooo runey and such, that is actually cheaper than most runic weapons" :D Though I might throw in some runes on his armor to make him more survivable, ie. Rune of Resistance. 30 poitns of Runes, 3+ re-rollable armor save...though a MRo Spite is tempting...this is why I hate making army lists :(

Dodgy Ed
31-07-2005, 23:16
How do I face magic?...

With difficulty :D and by relying on T4 4+save.

The points you save on runesmiths seem better spent on troops since it is actually quite difficult to kill dwarves with magic, as there aren't all that many nasty offensive spells, and those that there one still has 4 dispell dice to be reasonably sure of dealing with with one spell per turn

Why don't I like runesmiths, simple answer cos the best form a dispell is the sort that hurtles through the air at a great velocity before impacting upon the source of said magic and making him terminally flat. that and I prefer runes of sanctuary and their ilk.

The list looks better but I still think you could do with the range of the crossbows, plus they're cheaper than thunderers.

As for the lord question I say stick to your guns dwarf lord rock, although I would suggest the Master rune of swiftness rather than the rune of can opening, then he strikes first, rely on the armour save ignoring bolt throwers & stone throwers and the armour piercing thunderers to deal with heavy cav.

I would also be tempted to stick a rune of sanctuary (+1 dispell dice vs any spell) affecting unit and a rune of battle(+1combat res) on the iron breakers

oh and

MORE war machines, at least 2 bolt throwers on top of what you already have (remeber that's at least)

Freak Ona Leash
31-07-2005, 23:41
Hm, you said I wouldbe magicked to death, and yet a Runesmith, who could at least abet(thats a word, right? :D ) the problem is a bad idea...well, that sucks. At Bugmans, before I got banned(why must I feel the urge to go off-topic? And no, Freak is not LA HONTE before any of you ask ;) ) I was alqays told that there were two essential characters toa Dwarf army, Runesmiths with MRo Balance or Runes of Spellbreaking and a BSB. I got both. Though, I guess BTs.Cannon sniping at mages would be nice...

EDIT: Ed's words got me thinking. This is the original draft for my Army list, which I canned because of lack of magic defence. I think it looks worse than the current version but I just want some other opinions.

Dwarf Characters-
Hrungnor Drakkisson-Dwarf Lord, Great Weapon, Gromril Armor with Ro Stone, MRo Kingship.258 points.

Ulfric Stonebeard-Thane, BSB, Heavy Armor, MRo Gromril. 103 points

Dwarf Core-
Clan Durin- 20 Warriors, HW and Shield. Full Command. 205 points.
Clan Garaz- 20 Warriors, HW and Shield. Full Command. 205 points.
Clan Bearblood- 20 Warriors, GW. Full Command. 230 points.
Clan Stonebeard- 20 Warriors, GW, Standard, Veteran. 225 points.
The Engineer’s Guild- 12 Thunderers. Shields. 190 points.

Dwarf Special-
The Royal Guard-20 Ironbreakers. Standard and Musician. 278 points.
Grimnir's Axe- Cannon, Ro Forging, Ro Reloading. 165 points.
Goblin Skewer and Spear of Morngrim- Two Bolt Thowers, one with Ro Penetrating, one with MRo Seeking. 140 points.

Dodgy Ed
01-08-2005, 00:06
Always remember that if a mage isn't in a unit or a viable target (if it is a viable target get that stone thrower on it) the easiest way to get rid of it is to panic a unit near it and then force the mage to take a panic check at the begining of the following turn due to the fleeing friends rule, as mages tend to have mediocre ld at best and there aren't all that many immune to psych mages.

Leading to my next comment the only army I regularly suffer against due to not having enough magic defense is undead, but meh it happens, once i have a list I tend not to tailor it t suit all comers.

EDIT simultaneous posting

I rather like that list but I would drop one full unit of warriors and the rune of kingship and take a few miners, a stone thrower (runed) and a more offensivly equipped lord MR Swiftness +1A and +1str is always fun. Also I quite like making Iron Breakers cause fear with their banner, in lieu of the +1 combat res/+1 dispell dice suggested earlier

I would also try and include some crossbowmen in there somewhere. (BTW my 2K dwarf list has 20 crossbowdwarves 20 thunderers 20 warriors 20 miners and 20 ironbreakers +artillery)

Freak Ona Leash
01-08-2005, 00:25
So, the second list os beter? Heh, yay for half-assed lists! :D Yeah, I'm probally not going to drop the warriors because I like lots of units of Warriors :D And a unit of Ironbreakers with a Lord with MRo Kingship is the Warhammer equivilant of a moving brick wall. I think that Lord is plenty Offensive, 4A at S6 is nothing to be laughed and he is LD 10 Stubborn and immune to Fear and Terror. Bye-bye Vampire Counts :evilgrin: A Stone Thrower and some miners in exchage for a fully ranked unit of warriors isnt worth it in IMO, but I'll try both lists and see what works best. I'm mostly fighting against VC, O&G, HE, Dwarfs and Empire so I've got a nice selection of playing atyles to practice against. Thanks for the advice, I just hope I can have the patience to put the whole damn army together :rolleyes:

EDIT:And Ironbreakers can only take a 50 point banner. MRo Fear is 75 points I'm afraid. The IB unit isnt big enough anyway to be useful with it.

Dodgy Ed
01-08-2005, 00:39
Damn that's what you get for posting without the book :mad: I meant the immune to psych banner (45 iIrc)

I guess you and I disagree, not a problem as I have an admitedly esoteric take on dwarfs but you only lose one unit of warriors in return for a 2 bolt throwers and 10 miners (give or take)

The only problem with the dwarf lord is his lack of save, if you come up against a killing blow unit (Wights Executioners etc) you're in a whole world of pain, (well I would be anyway, my opponents tend to roll rather well Sods law and all that)

EDIT general ineptitude on my part

Freak Ona Leash
01-08-2005, 00:45
Yeah, Ro Courage is nice. It's fifty points by the way ;) But that also means you cant use Stubborn or Hatred. So I'll stick with MRo Kingship. It sounds fancier too.

01-08-2005, 15:55
Well Ok, I'm going to go the other way.

I prefer taking 2 Rune Smiths, why?

I found that dwarves actually work really well at negating other players options and shutting down your opponants phases within his own turn, negating his magic phase through rune smiths is a good start, not giving him any advantages through ranged attacks(magical ranged attacks) or magical movement or any other army ehancements cuts down his otpions in game play. If he is less likely tp hurt you from far away, then he is more likley to come to you. If you stand there and take damage from his magic phase AND shooting phase then by the time your army gets into combat it will be so depleted you'll have very few options left to you.

If the spend wisely on character selection, you can get a lord, 2 smiths and a BSB for around 500pts.

To be honest I'll tried going with no smiths and found my opponants army enhancement spells killed me every time, Nefek in V.C., a ton of spells in T.K., Orks and Slaanesh were murder offensively and so would HE's be if I played against them, heavens lore thunder bolt and rerolls, Light lore effecting WS etc, etc.

I'd say go X-bows and go for range, you already have anti-armour with the B.T.s and cannon and then with your GW units.

Freak Ona Leash
01-08-2005, 17:59
Well, truth be told, I dont know the magiccal abilties of the local armies. Anyone here that plays at Boldo's, please inform Freak ;) I've seen a few of the tournies and friendly gaming they've had at Boldo's Armory(my local store, its one of the few good indies left in the US, or so I'm lead to believe) I've seen VC, Lizardmen, Nurgle, Empire and Dwarfs. Two of my friends are starting up O&G but they look to be having no magic. And my friend who plays Elvsies...weeeeeeeeel, he might use magic but with one level 1 mage in his army, what do I have to fear? So I dont believe Magical defence is important. The two versions of this list I am truly hung up on though. There is the more shhoty/mobile versionin my first post with the two units of thunderers, Stone Thrower and Runesmith and Miners. Then ther is the more hordish type with one unit of Thunderers, two BTS, a Cannon and 80 warriors. I'm more in favor of the 80 warrior list but I still dont know. Need more opinions. Oh, and I still need to put my army together :D

01-08-2005, 23:20
Well freak. I like your idea for your list there. Here's the list Iv'e run for years for my dwarfs at tournies and stuff. I find it meets 99% of opponets very well and they have a good winning streak as well.

DWARF LORD: MR Gromril, Rune of resistance

Thane:Gromril armor, BSB, Rune of Slowness. Now I love this little bugger. you got crazy foaming anything rushing you and they stop dead right in front of you, Dwarfs charge? YES PLEASE!

RS: 3x dispell runes, Gromril armor, GW, Sheild

18 Iron Breakers: full command, Rune of Courage. Lord and BSB are in this unit. The rune of courage does still allow hatred. Its racial and overrides the rune. This is your nasty anvil unit

20 Iron Breakers: Full command

10 thunderers

10 crossbows

20 Warriors, HA, full command, sheild

20 warriors, HA, GW, full command, sheild

Cannon, rune of re-loading. Fires no matter what, unless it explodes.

TOTAL: 1995

5 Dispel

105 minis including cannon crew.

Hope this might give you more options