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09-04-2007, 13:09
I'm pretty new to WFB, been playing 40k up to now, but a while back I took the plunge and bought some Tomb Kings models, more because of how they looked than anything else. I've played a few games so far and would like some pointers on my army list. Apart from the models listed I only have 4 swarm bases 3 heavy horsemen and 3 more chariots available.

Liche High Priest: Golden Ankrha, Jar, Plaques, (345)
Liche Priest: Steed, Jar, Scroll (173)
Tomb Prince: Great Weapon, Shield, Light Armour, Chariot of Fire, Golden Eye (203)
Tomb Prince: Great Weapon, Shield, Light Armour, Brooch of the Desert, Undying Banner (158)

Skellies: 14 Archers (112)
Skellies: 14 Archers (112)
Skellies: 17 with Spear/shield including full command (195)
Heavy Horsemen: 5 Heavy horsemen (80)

Chariots: 3 Chariots (120)
Ushabti: 3 Ushabti (195)
Tomb Scorpion: (85)

Bone Giant: (220)

First thing I need to know, is my list legal, I am not sure about taking the undying banner with my tomb prince or if I can take more than 1 jar.

I intend to put the high priest in amongst my archers for 48 shots a turn.
The other priest is with the horsemen to keep them moving down a flank along with the chariots and mounted tomb prince.
The foot tomb prince will go with the spearmen with the undying banner to be a road block, to allow the Ushabti and bone giant to crash into combat when required.

Any advice welcome, I know I could probably do with a catapult or 2 but don't have the funds at the minute, can I be competitive without one.

09-04-2007, 14:00
No you can't take more than 1 jar..

No a prince can't take a banner..

horses are kinda crappy unfortunately. :/ Ushatbi's are amazing, as are scorpions.

Your army lacks models. With fear causing units your primary goal is outnumbering, and unfortunately you can't do that at all.

Try not to spend too much in terms of characters, and beef up your skeleton melee units. Drop the horses and replace them with skeletons or something (maybe drop your archers to 12 each and make another unit of 20 skeles?)

09-04-2007, 14:00

there's my list. it combines the best of all TK without focusing too much on either shooting or combat. Check it out.

11-04-2007, 00:47
hmm... for a first timer you sort of chose a horrorable army to start with, tomb kings are pretty hard to get a handle on, they require alot of brains when playing them...um i wouldn't waste my time putting 2 tomb prince...its not nessecary, put the one with the chariot of fire in with your chariots, when they charge they will get alot of impact hits and alot of follow up attacks from your horses crew etc etc.

the ushubti and scorpian are pretty much a must have for tomb kings, that good

the bone giant, get rid of him, his no stubborn or strong, he may cause fear but if you charge him into a unit and dont pull off any hits, his gone, he'll flee at the drop of a hat, try a dogs of war giant insted

round your skele archers down to 2 units of 10...you sort of need alot of skeleton warriors in this army...main reason is to hold of your enemy whilst the ushubti and scorpians flank them, so sekeletons are a must, and they ca always be regenerated by that spell...cant remember the name of it...

so..you really need to think about this list, go for bigger units more then characters.

Esco Thomson
11-04-2007, 16:20
the bone giant, get rid of him, his no stubborn or strong, he may cause fear but if you charge him into a unit and dont pull off any hits, his gone, he'll flee at the drop of a hat, try a dogs of war giant insted

Well he may not be stubborn, but he is strong, and also undead, so he most assuredly WILL NOT be fleeing anytime soon. Jar and Plaque are both arcane items if I recall, so it is one or the other on your LHP. I would put the Plaques on your LHP, and the jar on your LP.

Spears are pointless, and so is full command. Also I have to agree with Maelx, your army is pretty small, and that could lead you to many problems. You have more flankers than you have blocks to soak up charges. You need to get a good sponge unit or two to hold up charges long enough to counter charge them. Get a good size warrior block 20-25 with hand weapon and shield, and then put your archers into one bigger block, that way if you cast smiting on them, it is more shots, but it can also reform before getting charged into a solid more resilient block of troops.

Crazy Harborc
11-04-2007, 18:11
Good ol TK archery units, hitting on a 5+:evilgrin: I did enjoy that part of the army.

As mentioned, needs (a) larger block(s) of HtH unit(s). I agree about the no need for full commands in units. I did take unit standards.

I strongly suggest......have extra units to vary your army battle to battle. Keep your opponent(s) guessing at what your army will have in it game to game.;)

11-04-2007, 20:38

I will try to be brief, but I tend to prattle on...

As mentioned, "No" to multiple jars and the banner on the prince and no multiple arcane (other than dispel scrolls).

I tend to play defensive TK with a scorpion or two for disruption/charcter hunting, etc...

Characters - you want to have four characters, in order to maximize your magic phase, but you need to keep their points cost down. Only take the magic items you really need.

The high priest should have "the cloak of the dunes", so that he can bail out of dangerous situations, bearing in mind that he can be targeted once out of a unit. If I am spending alot of points on charcters, I like giving him the Staff of Ravening, just to enrich your magic phase, and the Collar of shapesh so that you can play hot potato with any wounds inflicted.

My favorite build for a Tomb Prince is to only give him a Great Weapon and Light Armour for 106 points - he is cheap, durable, and adds both combat punch and a spell to your magic phase.

You should consider spending points defensively on your heirophant and your General - one needs the golden ankhra and the other needs the collar of shapesh.

Question - are all your skeletons fully assembled at this time? - If not I would redistribute your units in the following manner

10 Archers (80)
10 Archers (80)
25 Skeletons, hand weapon, shield, light armour, full command (250)

Tactical use
- place the tomb prince(s) in the archers, who deploy at your 12" line. The archers advance into range first turn, and then fall back 2" every turn thereafter as the enemy advances. Do this for the first 1-3 turns depending on your opponents speed, having them cast righteous smiting on the archers to increase your bow fire output, and have the mummies fall back into a hand-to-hand unit when the enemy closes.

To really take advantage of the ushabti I find it best to have a second infantry unit, placing the ushabti between the two and flank charging in for support.

Heavy Horsemen are mediorce at best, as are light horsemen, IMO. You would be better off with a second unit of chariots.

The scorpion is gold.

I prefer two upgraded catapults to one Bone Giant for the same points cost, but he is still very useful. Provided he gets to charge a flank he can be very useful. If you were running two of them together, they could wreak havoc on an enemy unit - 5 unstoppable assault attacks is OK, 10 would be quite nice indeed.

Carlos the Craven

12-04-2007, 01:48
homie, its time for you to hit the books. then we can help you out.

12-04-2007, 01:55
Don't be intimidated by people saying Tomb Kings are hard. Sure they're a bit trickier to master than most armies, but not by a lot. In any case, you'll eventually get the hang of them just as well as other, "easier" armies, only it will take a handful of games more before you get there.

The most important part is that you're learning the game with an army that appeals to you.

12-04-2007, 20:13
Thanks for the replies.

looks like I should trim down the loadout on the characters, bump up the skeletons, build my other 3 chariots and get a catapult to start with.

had a game against vampire counts that we never got finished. I wasn't overly impresed with the archers, 5's to hit, 4's or 5's to wound, meant about 1 or 2 casualties a shot of firing. Most combats I got turned over on combat resolution due to ranks and outnumbering, hence I realise the need for BIG blocks of infantry.
Magic went allright with what I had even against 4 wizards so looks like I might have got something right.

I knew the TK's were a tough army to use but that just makes it more interesting, and I like the look of the army, so I'll just struggle on with them.