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Zhai Morenn
09-04-2007, 19:14
Well my Dark Eldar fleet is nearing completion now. It seemed as if I was in for a long wait but a bud bought a group package of ships off of Ebay for his Nec fleet and offered the DE that came with it (unbuilt I might add!) at like 1/3 cost so how could I say no? Now normally I wouldnt have gotten the torp upgrade for the T-Torture but with 40 extra point floating around it was either fancy torps or a mimic for a single cruiser.
Now without further delay, the fleet of the Dream Reaver Kabal.

LB Torture + Dark Archon + Rerolls:

LB Torture

Phantom Torture

Torp Torture + Special Torpedo upgrade

4x Impaler Corsairs

2x Phantom + 1 Battery corsair

2x Phantom + 1 Battery corsair

3x Torp Corsairs

3x Torp Corsairs

Total: 2k pts

So far I've only been able to deploy a fraction of my overall forces in smaller raids but they have performed quite well. Several victories against my friend's Necrons, including the infamous gravity well trick that is spoken of in Warp Rift 11. Also notably this one torpedo corsair of mine has continued to both survive every fight and do something highly inprobable in most (last ship in it's squadron and on BFI- fired a single torp and crippled a damaged scythe with it).

09-04-2007, 21:07
BFI doesn't reduce torpedo strength.

OT, not a bad fleet though.

10-04-2007, 01:45
I'm guessing you know that a torture isn't the best way to take torpedoes, but others wise seems a scarily strong list.

Zhai Morenn
10-04-2007, 04:26
erm... in the downloadable rule book pg 12 Special Orders Summary- while on Brace for Impact! armament and Ordnance are both listed as being at half effect and torpedos are ordnance.

Yeah, the Torp Torture is kinda a weak link but I was always a fan of the Shadow class for the Corsairs so as my first DE cruiser ever, I decided to make an equivelant to the Shadow.

11-04-2007, 01:49
Yeah, I meant to look that up and check before I hit post, but then got distracted and looked up different things in the armada book, 45 minutes later noticed I still had a text window open, hit post and moved on...

ADD strikes again!:chrome: