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31-07-2005, 23:02
Oldblood 145
Great Weapon 6
Shield 3
Light Armour 3
Spawning of: Itzl 5
Sotek 20
Quetzl 15
Cold One 37
Venom of the Firefly Frog 15
Aura of Quetzl 30

Lv.2 Priest 100
Diadem of Power 35

Lv.2 Priest 100
2 Dispel Scrolls 50

Lv.2 Priest 100

12 Saurus Warriors Full Command 174
12 Saurus Warriors Full Command 174
12 Saurus Warriors Full Command 174

12 Skink Skirmishers Blowpipes Scouts 84
12 Skink Skirmishers Blowpipes 72

3 Jungle Swarms 180

3 Kroxigor 174

3 Terradons 105

3 Salamanders 195

Total Points 2001

Power Dice 8
Dispel Dice 5

The army is intended to be able to hold its own against different armies. I don't like making lists designed to specificically take out certain armies, and prefer, a good all round list to take on everyone.

Although, I mostly play against, chaos, VC, and soon Wood Elves.

Sooo, suggestions, comments?

01-08-2005, 02:48
drop swarms and beef up your saurus 12 in a unit isnt enough

01-08-2005, 15:23
Way, way to many points spent in characxter selection.

12 Saurus ain't going to stand up to much, how are they going to work in combat, how will they take a charge?

02-08-2005, 17:14
If they get charged I'd expect them to die to be honest. I go out of my way to make sure they don't get charged if I don't want them to. By baiting with other units, or just being just out of charge range, which sets up nicely for me to charge.

Or I let them get charged to a stronger unit can charge in, since except against my friend's chosen, they can normally just about hang around until my next turn. I don't know how it would work against other armies, but I figure if they can normally take a charge from Khorne chosen, then they should be alright against other armies. Although, when the do hold it is always really lucky, rolling double ones for leadership, triple 6's for saves, that sort of luck.

I normally only get 1 oldblood. But since this army is trying to be all round good, i needed some magic. And I don't think 2 or 1 skink priest would be enough to do anything.

BTW, I should say that this army hasn't actually been tested yet. But I have been playing the same sorta army, minus the priests, the scouting skinks, and terradons. For some reason, I thought that was a 2000pt list, I probably did the maths wrong, and since I was doing well with that army stuck with the list. Only when I wrote this list did I realise how far off I was >_<

02-08-2005, 17:30
Well unless you really want to throw around 10 power dice, 3 priest is pushing it. The diadem of power already gives you the option of 2 extra power or dispel dice. Thats the same as an extra priest anyway.

Second, why give your oldblood a cold one? Charm of the jaguar warrior makes him much faster, and he'll be -1 to hit from missiles.

With those extra points you could add in more saurus, and or another unit of skinks (you can never have to many skinks).

02-08-2005, 17:56
Charm of the Jaguar warrior does seem a more logical approach.

I guess, I used the cold one for the better armour save. And since I don't normally play against armies with much shooting. Although that will change once my friend gets her WE army going.

Oh yeah, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior is an enchanted item, I've already got Venom of the Firefly which is also enchanted. And I belive you can't have two enchanted items.