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11-04-2007, 03:39
So for my 100th post :eek: I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and give you a WE list I use frequently to rip to shreds. I call it 'Blacken the Sky' and the basic notion is a train-load of WE shooting with small combat units to protect the archer line and glade riders to harrass warmachines and mages, march block and lead frenzied troops around. I frequently use no forest spirits in the list and get waywatchers and sometimes a 3rd unit of wardancers but this is a typical build.

Let me first say a few things though:
1) I will not use Eternal guard or Wild riders in my armies (yes they're useful, I don't like them)
2) I am opined that skirmishing melee units do better with champions
3) I know that 44 archers takes up 880mm of deployment zone
4) I have found I like the redone lore of life
5) The list has performed very well against mortal chaos, O&G, skaven and slaanesh demon legion

So here you are. Tell me what you hate about it.

Spellweaver lvl 4 General; Lore of Life 330 pts.
Wand of Wych Elm
Dispel Scroll
Noble BSB Light Armour (spare points) 117 pts.
Resplendence of Luminescents
Branchwraith lvl 1 mage 140 pts.
Cluster of Radiants
Alter Noble Great weapon, light armor, shield (spare point usage) 153 pts.
Helm of the Hunt
Character total: four 740 pts (kind of high)

Glade Guard #14 with command and Banner of Springtide 217 pts
Glade Guard #10 120 pts
Glade Guard #10 120 pts
Glade Guard #10 120 pts
Dryads #8 with branchnymph 108 pts
Dryads #9 with branchnymph 120 pts
Glade Riders #5 with musician 129 pts
Glade Riders #5 with musician 129 pts
Glade Riders #5 with musician 129 pts
Core total: 9 units 1192 pts

Wardancers #8 with champion 158 pts
Wardancers #8 with champion 158 pts
Special total: 2 units 316 pts

Rares: NONE :p
Casting Pool: 7 Dispel Pool: 6 Models: 96

Total Points: 2248

11-04-2007, 08:10
tbh glade riders are kinda sucky for shooting
unit champs are a wast of points
so is the banner on the GG
you may want to consider some scouts or waywatchers for march blocking.