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07-04-2005, 18:07
I've got a game coming up this Tuesday taking on a guy who's got a lot of Knights in his force. I've looked through the Chaos book and wow, I'm so going to get murdered! Marauders for 5pts? If he takes three of the meatier units with the mark of Khorne then he gets more dispel dice than me (on top of magic resistance)? I think I might need some advice please!

I've put this list together, although I don't usually customise. Bear in mind that I'm basically using all my models (Except reinforcements from beyond the grace) so, no, I can't add in any bats ;)

Level 2 Vampire Count on Winged Nightmare
Two hand weapons
Aura of Dark Majesty
Walking Death
Talon of Death

Vampire Thrall
Flayed Hauberk
Two hand weapons

Wight Lord Battle Standard
Heavy Armour

Level 2 Necromancer on Barded Nightmare

23 Skeletons with Musician and Captain

16 Zombies

8 Ghouls with a Ghast

10 Dire Wolves

8 Barded Black Knights with full command and the Banner of the Barrows

3 Spirit Hosts

Black Coach

As you can tell I am really heavily reliant on my characters in this force, with my general basically being a death delivery force... he could probably take on a unit of 15 marauders or perhaps a few chaos knights by himself (The Talon of Death causes a S5 hit against enemies in B2B contact at the end of my movement phase- as long as I remember it!) and Walking Death will allow him more leaway in combat.

The rest will just try and survive!

Plus could someone answer a couple of rules queries for this battle while I'm here? They're probably in the books I own but I just wanna be sure...
1) Do Frenzied units start the battle as being immune to psychology or do they only gain that ability once they've charged in?
2) If my general loses combat, do I just allocate any lost wounds as I see fit? I wouldn't lose one wound to the vampire and one to my lovely undead pegasus for every lost point would I?

Black Ambience
07-04-2005, 19:37
Max out on the Spirit Hosts. You can send them forward, comfortable in the knowledge that the Khornate Horde will have almost no way of killing them, and no chance of avoiding them thanks to their frenzied charges. Have the Black Coach ready to charge whatever gets locked down by the Spirit Host and you should be able to deal some real damage.

Also, split the Wolves into two units of 5 - they won't be killing much as it stands, but they will come into their own when you use them to bait a unit of Knights to the other side of the board.

A lot of battles against Khorne are won in the movement phase - make sure you use all of your speed to its fullest advantage.

As far as your questions go...

1) The begin being Immune to Psychology, but will lose that effect if the lose a round of combat. Furthermore, Marauders don't benefit from this effect, so use your Terror causing Winged Nightmare to deal with the non-marked units (such as said Marauders) before you try and tackle the elite units.

2) Don't have the book with me, so cannot asnswer this one. Ask in the Rules forum, they are always speedy and helpful.

07-04-2005, 19:58
You may allocate wounds as you see fit, since they are a single unit. Since your white lord BSB has nothing special on him, I'd either suggest the War Banner, or that nasty White Lord blade of easy insta-gibbing. (The 5+ Killing Blow one).

07-04-2005, 20:56
Thanks, that's some good advice and information! When I used to play Warhammer a decade ago I never really used any proper tactics, it was just charge in all my troops ASAP (Well, I was a Chaos/ Orc player myself). But yes, splitting the dire wolves will be a nice move if I can get his knights to do what I want. I'll just have make any over-runs aren't going to help him keep on killing!

I'm not sure if I really want to soup up my characters even more, I'm already spending more than 40% of the points on them, hehe.

08-04-2005, 00:05
methinks that the 2 hand weapon bonuses can only be earned if on foot but i'd check the BRB if i had one here. i'd go for a great weapon anyway.

i don't realy thing that the BSB or the necromancer are gonna help a lot vs a khorne army so i'd loose the necro and get the wight as a regular here and not a BSB. i'd perhaps add him to the black knights as he can use the banner bonus as well.

08-04-2005, 18:19
Ahh, thanks for the heads up on the two hand weapon thing. I looked through the rulebook earlier, there was quite a lot of small things I re-learned! I won't take a great weapon though, as I like to play WYSIWYG. Shame Mannfred's model doesn't come with a lance!

The BSB definitely stays. He was my star player in one of the few games I've played so far, saving at least three black knights in addition to lots of rank and file. I really need some magic ability beyond a single Count, because I don't have much core there, so I'll want to raise at least some. I presume that it's best to keep the necromancer outside my black knights though- he couldn't even survive against some clanrats I fought once, so I don't want him in combat.