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11-04-2007, 13:37
This is my first ever Ogre list, i have just started out with them. I have been playing fantasy for many years, and Lizardmen have been my main force. I just wanted a new type of challenge.


Tyrant - Gut Maw, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour. 250 pts
(joins one of the Irongut units)


Bruiser - Greedy Fist, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour. 162 pts
(joins the other Irongut unit)

Hunter - Big name Longstrider. 2 Sabretusks. 210 pts

Butcher - 2 Dispel Scrolls. 180 pts
(joins the Bulls unit) ???


Bulls - 6 Ogres; Bellower, Standard. Ironfists. 270 pts

Ironguts - 4 Ogres; Bellower, Standard. Cannibal Totem. 247 pts

Ironguts - 4 Ogres; Bellower, Standard. 222 pts


Leadbelchers - 2 Ogres. 110 pts

Yhetees - 3 Yhetees. 195 pts


Gorger 75 pts

Gorger 75 pts

Total: 1996 pts

Of course, being an Ogre list, its a very hard hitting army, but with such a low model count, i might struggle. I am not sure about the characters i have taken, since i've spent about 800 pts just on 4 Orges....

I would love some input about this list please.

11-04-2007, 14:07
The Cannibal totem is extremely limited in usefulness, I always go wih a good 'ol warbanner myself, and the runemaw is a good choice in a low magic army. I would also suggest 2 units of trappers, seeing as you have a hunter, they are probably he only undercosted thing in the entire AB. And split that unit of bulls in two and give them each bellowers, but no standard, and give the belchers a bellower (free reload on a rally).

The lack of units is a major concern, if you want to run the bruiser, consider making him a BSB, then him and a regular standard bearer in one unit gives it +2 combat res and a standard with the warbanner in the other does the same. Otherwise you may want to run him or the tyrant independant of a unit, a lone tyrant is quite resiliant and not to be taken lightly.

The only other advice I can give is to visit the ogre stronghold (link in sig) for advice from much better players than myself.

11-04-2007, 17:21
Thanks very much for the help. That site you gave the link to is amazing, cheers!