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Your Mum Rang
11-04-2007, 17:28
Hello all! This is a guerilla style army which uses lots of speed to win. Hopefully. It represents the beginning of Autumn when the forest is cleansing itself for winter.

The Dwindling of Autumn V.1

Grimmerdhore, The Hex Tree
Annoyance of Netlings Cluster of Radiants

Elena - Mistress of Slumbering
Lvl 2 - Dispel Scroll - Calingor's Stave

Prothall - Herald of Winter
Alter - Great Weapon - Shield - Light Armour Spear of Twilight - Helm of the Hunt

Mhoram - Warden of Fallen Leaves
Alter - Great Weapon - Shield - Light Armour - Hail of Doom Arrow - Briarsheath

The Guardians of Solomnence
5 Glade Riders: Musican @ 129pts
5 Glade Riders: Musican @ 129pts
10 Glade Guard @ 120pts
10 Glade Guard @ 120pts
8 Dryads @ 96pts

The Hammer of Quiet Groves
5 Wild Riders: Musician @ 130pts
5 Wild Riders: Musician @ 130pts
5 Wild Riders: Musician @ 130pts

Call of the Wind
4 Warhawk Riders @ 160pts

61 models
4 PD + 2 Bound
4 DD + 1 Scroll + (MR on Wild Riders)

11-04-2007, 17:46
Overall I'm liking the list even though I never use wild riders myself. Having seen your previous lists I understand what you have in mind and won't waste your time with 'take other units' noise.

I can't say I really like treeman ancients in games this size but it's fundamentally a sound option. I find a plain treeman frees up points for another unit or several handy upgrades. Alternatively a wizard-lord probably offers a lot more flexibility. You could pretty evenly swap the ancient and lvl 2 wizard for a treeman and wizard lord.

I'd think about finding the points for a branchnymph since you have a small dryad unit and extra attacks in the same frontage always serves me well.

I'd be tempted to decrease the warhawks to 3 to find the points as I never managed to get all 4 in melee (if I have them all in melee I've charged the wrong target).

You have lots of small, highly mobile units but it will remain critical that you not commit to any melee too quickly. You have a very small army over all and you absolutely MUST win every combat by a crushing margin. This will mean wild riders and warhawks only charging flanks or rear, glade riders avoiding combat like the plague and the dryads hanging back near the glade guard.

11-04-2007, 18:06
Ah! Good thing you're manouverable, otherwise you're hosed! You'll have to use that to great effect to make this list worthwhile.

The thing I really don't like is your small unit sizes. Some concentrated rifle fire and you'll have a dead squad of wild riders (forcing panic tests all around).

I like your light cavalry everywhere with the musicians, but isnt the point of light cav to set up charges from other units? The only real "hammer" you have in your list is that beefy treeman.

Hard to use, but I like it alot.

11-04-2007, 18:07
if youre trying to be able to cast as many tree singing as possible then suggest you get rid of 5 wild riders and add in a branchwraith with lv1 wizard and do the thing with the treeman

Your Mum Rang
11-04-2007, 18:26
Thanks for the comments.

Raven knows how I usually base my lists. My old list has 2 Treemen and it was a bit... unpleasant for the enemy.

I absolutely agree with avoiding combat for as long as I can. That's where the Gade Guard and Riders come in. Warhakws too for that matter.

I will usually charge an Alter to the front, and 2 Wild Rider units to flanks/rears when I fight. The Glade Guard provide nice steady shooting and hopefully will be a focal point for enemy units. If I know where the enemy will head it makes me happier!

Maelx, I agree that this list will be hard to work. But with all the people moaning about WE being "cheese" can you blame me for toning things down? The point of the small unit sizes is points denial. If the enemy kills one unit then they only gain a small abount of points. I can afford to sacrifice almost any of my units. Understand that the speed of the list allows me to gang up on the enemy. 3 small units charging = one big unit really.

Also Wild Riders are decent hammers. But I do have no real hammer. It's all about combining charges.

Rider, whilst it would be nice to have more Treesinging I think that what I have is optimal. I have 2 bound and 4 single-die casts which, if they all go off can move a potential 26"! If I roll well on the castings the enemy may well be forced to use 2 DD to dispel which is good for me!

I think the army could do very well once I learn to play it. It is also a progression from earlier lists which I have learned from.

11-04-2007, 22:26
seems like a realy solid list to me, the only thing that id change is the spear of twilight on the alter, i usually find the glamoure weave to be a good option as it give a little more survivablility and makes him a near perfect war machine hunter as he can shrug off a lot of fire for an elf

13-04-2007, 13:30
Id put in some wardancer4s. I just played a game and killed the giant with them!!