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11-04-2007, 18:35
I've just been working at putting together a fantasy army after years of abbortive attempts. I was aiming for a traditional dwarf army, no blackpowder or new fangled machinery like girocoptors. This is actually the second list. I had made one with a runelord and an anvil as it seemed pretty dwarvish to me, however he's managed to destroy himself in every game I've played even without attempting ancient power.

So without further ado here's what I've come up with (still aiming for traditional). C and C much appreciated.

Lord -228
shield, shieldbearers
rune axe - rune of speed, rune of cleaving
Rune armour - 2 runes of iron

Runesmith -103
rune of stone, rune of spellbreaking, rune of speed

Runesmith - 118
Rune of stone, rune of spellbreaking, rune of warding

Longbeards x20 - 310
Shields, full command
Runic standard - Rune of sanctuary, rune of courage (immune fear+terror)

Longbeards x20 - 305
Shields, full command
Runic standard - Rune of sanctuary, rune of stoicism (double US)

Warriors x20 - 205
Shields, full command

Quarrelers x 10 - 120 (two units of these) 240

Bolt throwers - 175
both have engineers
#1 -rune of penetrating
#2 rune of penetrating, rune of burning

Bolt throwers - 195
both have engineers
#1 rune of penetrating, rune of burning
#2 rune of penetrating, rune of reloading

Miners x10 - 120

1999 points

6 dispel dice, 2 automatic dispels and all 3 main units have magic resistance 1.
Just wouldn't do for a dwarf to suffer at the hands of magic users.
what do you think?

12-04-2007, 00:26
Just a few thoughts:
Unless you're trying to waste spare points the rune of speed is probably best left at home.

Overall list seems solid enough. I'd personally take the MRoBalance on one of your runesmiths. Nothing a nice as taking one of your opponents powerdice for your own use.

Runic banners are probably a bit of a waste but the ones you've selected are fine.

One housekeeping issue, you have 2 bolt-throwers with the same rune combination (RoPenetrating and RoBurning) which is a no-no.

13-04-2007, 14:04
I think it is a very 'rock solid' list (I would never say a Dwarf list was fluffy).

My concerns would be the amount of points in your Bolt Throwers and how you plan on fielding the army on the table. No problem if you have plenty of hills in your deployment area. But if your deployment area is flat, you could begin to block line-of-sight for more than a quarter of the points in your army (including the Quarrelers).