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11-04-2007, 22:23
Hey all!

Having thus far only played Wood Elf myself in 1000 point games, I'm looking to expand on my force.

The idea is for the army to be non-cavalry. The list I've worked out so far looks like this:


Scout Highborn (General):
Additional Hand Weapon
Light Armour
Bow of Loren
Arcane Bodkins
Stone of the Crystal Mere

Alter Noble:
Great Weapon
Light Armour
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt

LvL 2
Calaingor's Stave
Dispel Scroll

LvL 2
Divination Orb
Dispel Scroll


3x10 Glade Guard
@132pts each (396 pts total)

2x8 Dryads
@96pts each (192 pts total)

8 Wardancers

8 Waywatchers

1 Treeman

TOTAL: 1998pts

Comments and criticism welcome.

11-04-2007, 23:05
Hmm, I think the points spent on one unit of Glade Guard could be better used. If you drop one unit, the champions from the other two units, and 2 Waywatchers, you should have about 200 points. You could either get 2 more units of Dryads or maybe throw in a unit of Treekin, well really a lot of units would be a good choice, just depends on preference.

12-04-2007, 02:38
Fundamentally a servicable list.

I'm a bit put off by the name 'Winter's Embrace' when you have 2 dryad units and a treeman but that has nothing to do with their utility.

The only specific tweaks I'd consider would be:
1) Divination orb-is it worth it when you only benefit when your opponent throws 4 dice or more at a spell? Basically unless you're facing a lord-level caster or a powerstone you won't be using it much. It's not a terrible item, but in a 2k game it may not really be worth it.
2) Champions in glade guard are really only useful to accept challenges if you have a wizard in the unit. As you only have 2 wizards, I'd suggest dropping the champion out of the 3rd unit and using his points elsewhere.
3) Dryads last longer with branchnymphs
4) Waywatchers can be smaller (6) and still be very effective.

12-04-2007, 09:14
I'm a bit put off by the name 'Winter's Embrace' when you have 2 dryad units and a treeman but that has nothing to do with their utility.

The name implies the theme of the army - they'll painted in winter-camouflage, dryads and the treeman will have layers of snow on their branches and so forth...

Thanks for the replies so far :D

13-04-2007, 00:12
I got the point about the painting. It's just that the WE lore implies that the forest spirits generally are dormant in winter. As such many winter themed lists are all elf. That said, the background in the book does indicate that the forest spirits led by the treeman Coeddil assaulted the King's glade in winter. So I guess a few forest spirits isn't really all that out of the ordinary.

13-04-2007, 00:16
Yeah, I know what you're saying... Just can't wait to snow-flock the hell out of some dryad minis...