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Malen Kharn
01-08-2005, 11:42
My starting force is here. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=143999#post143999)
this is an expansion based on that.


Treeman Ancient: General, Annoyance of Netlings, Murder of Spites 375pts

Alter Highborn: 2ndWeapon, Longbow, Shield, Oaken Armour, Daith's Reaper 289pts

Alter Highborn: Longbow, The Spirit Sword, Glamourweave 265pts

Spellweaver: Magic Level 4, Longbow, Wand of Wych Elm, Amaranthine Brooch, Great Eagle 390pts


Wild Rider Noble: Longbow, Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Spear of Twilight, Great Stag 200Pts

Noble: Light Armour, Battle Standard, Royal Standard of Ariel 192pts

Spellsinger: Magic Level 2, Longbow, Calaingor's Stave 150pts

Spellsinger: Magic Level 2, Longbow, Ranu's Heartstone 145pts

Branchwraith: Magic Level 1, Pageant of Skrikes 140pts

Branchwraith: Magic Level 1, Muster of Malevolents 140pts


13 Dryads with champion 168Pts

13 Dryads with champion 168Pts

10 Glade Guard with champion 126Pts

10 Glade Guard with champion 126Pts

10 Glade Guard with champion 126Pts

9 Scouts with champion 159Pts

9 Scouts with champion 159Pts

5 Glade Riders with musician 129Pts

5 Glade Riders with musician 129Pts

6 Glade Riders with full command 270Pts


10 Eternal Guard 120Pts

3 Treekin with champion 215Pts

8 Wardancers with champion and musician 165Pts

3 Warhawk Riders with champion 140Pts

6 Wild Riders with full command 192pts


6 Waywatchers with champion 152Pts

6 Waywatchers with champion 152Pts

Casting Pool: 12
Dispel Pool: 8
Models in Army: 144
Total Army Cost: 4982

Quick summery:

The 2 alter highborns work together, without units, annailating any units or warmachines that become isolated.

I have tried to go for a verry mobile shooty force, but have put some combat in there to protect me from the inevitable charge.

The eternal guard are there because I have herd good things, but I don't really want a ranked-up fighty unit in a Wood Elf force

Any sujestions before I start buying stuff is appreciated.


01-08-2005, 11:47
Personally, i'd either increase the Eternal Guard (20), or lose them altogether. In a unit of 10, they are unlikely to last too long anyway... maybe use the points to increase the size of the Wild Riders unit...

Just a thought...

Malen Kharn
01-08-2005, 11:58
to be honest, I think I will buy a big unit of eternal guard (20-25) and of wild riders (8-12) and mix and match to see what works best. As I see it, the choice is either counter-charge, or recieve and repel the enemy charge. Counter-charge is mor elfesque, but harder to get right.
I'm sure I'll work something out after a couple of games with each.

01-08-2005, 12:06
Maybe just a little too much points spent on characters... And still you lack a decent magic defence. A VC army a 5k would most likely feature some 30 powerdice against your 8 dispel dice. Do you have ANY idea what 30 powerdice would do? Sure, sure, there will allways be the odd miscast stopping the magic phase, but even at 20 powerdice you would be completely owned. 144 models at 5000 points is nothing. I would have something close to 20 chariots, 12 herds, more than ten units of minotaurs and still have enough points less to get some movementspells to own you in the magic phase.

I think you'd need to concentrate on one thing with your charcters. Get two/three lvl 4 mages and some 5-6 lvl 1/2 mages to support them. Get something 8-10 dispelscrolls and then get lots and lots of units with the rest. IF you mean to have a list that will work that is. You don't have a SINGEL dispelscroll at the moment!?

Man :) Good luck though 5k is alot!

Malen Kharn
01-08-2005, 12:16
I have never used dispell scrolls (never needed to ;) ), and have a 7k necarch army, I know how many spells a magic heavy army can throw out.
From experiance (mainly with empire), I found thet there magic will kill a third of my force at most, so I choose to make a powerfull anti-magic character set, wich takes half my force, or havea couple of hard combat characters (1000pts max) who, if targeted by magic, take 2-3 turns to get rid of, or if left, easily kill third of there force. Plus the look on your opponants face is unbeatable when that little wood elf, who has been pestering his flank with a longbow, walks up to the blood-dragon, and hands his ass back to him.
The numbers thing, well there elves :eyebrows:

01-08-2005, 13:41
It's not about magic missiles getting cast at your guys, it's about raising a billion skeletons/zombies and dancing the blackknights and skeletons into your flank. I HONESTLY think that you are way low on magic defence for 5k even for a 2k army I would consider it only modest. Don't forget that with three lvl 4 mages and 5 lvl 2 mages that's 22+ powerdice to pester the enemy with. Master of the woods can be awfully nasty you know ;)

Crazy Harborc
02-08-2005, 01:28
IMHO, having a magic heavy roster ready to be used against the occassional VC opponent might be a good idea. In fact having an army that is not the "same" for each battle makes it difficult for opponents to tailor their units to counter what they know will be your usual roster.

03-08-2005, 01:38
dear god... 2283 pts in characters...

Ill point out tho... your Wildrider noble is NOT allowed to have an enchanted shield.

- g0ddy

Malen Kharn
03-08-2005, 10:02
I know, character heavy :D (i'm used to playing against chaos)

enchanted shield will be changed, nice catch.


06-08-2005, 06:44
over 2000 points on charcters alone is a little more than character heavy ;P

Comparitivly, in that army you could have a treeman ancient, and 385 dryads or so. Thats nearly 50 units of dryads - and one hell of a long movement phase ;). Obviously you'd never be that extreme, but you've got well under half the models you could have - and I wouldnt see that army doing too well in many 5k point games. Id cut about 1000 points worth of your characters, and spend that entire 1000 on core, minus a few points here and there to bolster the wild riders and the eternal guard.

10-08-2005, 00:07
As everybody else has said, you have invested far too heavily in characters, and have got very little in return.

The treeman ancient is hideously expensive, and not a whole lot better than your average treeman.

2 Alter Highborn's are completly unneccesary, change atleast 1, if not both of these guys to nobles (re-work items accordingly), and try to give one of them the Helm of the Hunt, this goes well with M9.

You really want a Ld 10 general. In games of 5k you'll need to take lots of leadership tests, so the Highborns +1 Ld over the other 2 lord choices is very useful.

try and get a cluster of Radiants in there somewhere as well, because you really need a lot more magical defence.

Your wild rider noble would probably be better off on a regular elven steed so he cant be picked out seperately from the rest of his unit.

Also, while taking a battle standard is a good idea, giving him the royal standard is kind of a waste because none of your units are really big enough to gain maximum benefit from the fear aspect of the banner

Finally (on characters anyway) you should probably consider dropping a couple of characters, you shouldnt be spending any more than 30% of your army on characters. Wood elves arent an army that needs to rely on their characters, so dont.

10 eternal guard is kind of a waste, either field a unit of 20 (you have plenty of points for a couple of big units in a game of 5k), or get rid of them altogether.

You should try and add atleast 1 more treekin as well, all big monsters fare far better in units of 4 instead of 3, because they can just about break a fully ranked unit with a frontal charge, which 3 simple cannot achieve.

also with any extra points you have get more core units, glade gaurd are meant to be the backbone of the armies of athel loren and this should be reflected in your list.

Finally, a couple of great eagles would be very useful, these guys are a steal at only 50 pts.

Hopefully some of this will be helpful, if not, well atleast its kept me busy for 10 minutes.