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01-08-2005, 12:43
Ok....changed this. This is just my little short based on a motto I read in The Traitor's Hand


Hurry up and wait.
-Guardsman’s traditional summation of the process of deployment

‘GET OUTTA BED YOU BUNCH OF WORTHLESS FRAKKERS!’ comes the cheery wake up call of our dear sergeant, as he bellows like a grox in heat at us. Trying hard to get our arses out of our bunks for the start of another glorious day in The Holy Emperor’s Imperial Guard.

Most of us are very much the worse for wear after last night. It’s always the same just before departure. Party harder than you’ve ever partied in your life, because it might just be your very last night.

True there isn’t a great deal to do on a mass transport ship as it cruises along in the warp. Unless you’re lucky enough to be posted with a regiment of women in the next block of beds. Although, this time we weren’t so lucky.

So after the dulcet tones of our squad leader have roused us from our sleep, it’s one mad rush to get up and get something hot to eat. Once again, it could be the last hot meal we ever have. We stand back and watch all the green boys fight amongst themselves to get their share. If they survive the drop, they’ll learn how to get a belly full of food with a lot less effort.

‘MOVE IT! MOVE IT!’ once again our inspirational leader drives us forward into action with his moving speech and use of the spoken word.

The drop is in a few hours and people are still acting like crazy. Us vets have our routine so we sit back on our bunks and watch the madness. And laugh at the look on the green boys faces when they see us. All sitting around doing what us Guard do best in transit. We’re smoking, drinking, gambling, trying to chat up that pretty little Corporal that we spotted five weeks ago when we all came aboard.

Though there’s someone always on watch. After all, we’ve got to be ready or they’ll leave without us. Some joke that it would be a good thing, but a bolt in the back of the head is much less favourable in my book. But it’s not unsurprising to hear the odd round or two going off. The green boys are pretty hopeless and aren’t given a chance to correct their mistakes. Then all hell breaks loose.

I’ve never seen as many people move so fast in my life as I have after an execution for tardiness. But the Commissar is doing the job he was trained for. Nothing oils the rusty cogs of the Imperial Guard better than the threat of getting your head shot off by one of the guys who’s supposed to be on our side.

Once all the weapons and equipment are checked, packed and stored away with the rest, it’s time for the personal effects. This seems to take longer than everything else. People pawing over bits and pieces of worthless junk that means something to them. Stuffing them in pockets and pouches to either keep them safe or just with them for whatever reason.

Once again we’re screamed at for being too slow. We’ve only got an hour left before we need to be ready to disembark.

The green boys are always first in line when the deadline comes. They’re clustered around our regiments boarding area, thick as thieves. All nervous and edgy at what’s to come. That’s inexperience for you. The rest of us swan in just in time to not get shot, but to get the beady eye of the sergeant upon us.

We’ve been shoved and pushed from the moment we were woken up. There have been too many incidents to count in such a short time for that amount of people. And at least one green boy in our regiment has emptied his guts in the boarding area. He’s not the first and sure a hell won’t be the last.

Finally we get the word of when it’ll be our turn to get off this floating tub. As usual, when the news arrives to the ears of the regiment, the high-pitched squeaky voice of a green boy can be clearly heard above all the commotion.

‘Seventeen hours?!?! We’ve got to wait seventeen hours for our turn?’