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13-04-2007, 05:02
So, I'm looking to safely be able to transport my fleet.

I'm getting a Sabol case for it (yay!) But I'm curious, will the 1" trays work, or do I need thicker to safely hold the cruisers?

(I know I'm going to need 2.5" to hold my blackstones and such!)

13-04-2007, 06:24
god almighty... I wouldn't dream of trasnporting a BFG fleet atm :P. I just know that I'd tip my case (I take it you're going for a briefcase style transport?). I've yet to take my fleet away from home yet so any tips on your experience would be great!

Admiral Koppenflak
13-04-2007, 16:18
Hmm... I am not exactly sure where you get them, but my father has alot of aluminium cases lying around that he uses for transporting his rather obscene amounts of photography equipment. Rather than just straight-out sponge, the foam is that 'studded' kind which lets you rest delicate things between the crevasses in the material.

I myself essentially have one by virtue of the fact that I have one of GW's really *old* cases they used to sell.

Perhaps ask in a good camera store what they can recommend? Most photographers and the likes deal with this kind of thing quite frequently from what I can tell.

13-04-2007, 16:37
Ask, and ye shall recieve: The Figures in Comfort specially made BFG tray (http://www.ekmpowershop2.com/ekmps/shops/figsincomfort/index.asp?function=DISPLAYPRODUCT&productid=37).

13-04-2007, 16:49
... that's 17$ a TRAY!?!?!?

dear lord, no! I'd be spending hundreds on cases then! FIC is nice, but that's a bit obscene in pricing. Especially after you start accounting for shipping from the UK et all.

I'm also using some tricks to avoid having to attach the ships to bases, I'lluse magnets and pop em off and ok.

13-04-2007, 16:52
looking around, the smaller one would work, but it has no protection for the ships. Also their pick and pluck foam, is double the price of Sabol's stuff in the US.