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13-04-2007, 05:53
So, in preparation for conflict 07, I have fought a variety of armies with my dwarfs, and have been able to beat all of them with relative reliability.

Bar one.


This is not a thread asking for army selection tactics, as I already have my list sorted, but more as a guide to neutrilising some of his units.

My Army list

MRo Swiftness
Ro Fury
Ro Cleaving

20 Warriors
Full Command

20 Warriors
Full Command

10 Quarrelers

10 Thunderers

Bolt Thrower

Mro forging

Now, the units he fields, which I need help getting rid of.

Warp lightening Cannon
5 ratling Guns
2 Lvl 2 Engineers w/storm demon + warp lightening
30 Slaves
30 Spear rats
General with a bound item which gives him str 8 (bands of power?)

Especially the last, with 13 attacks, charging the turn they emerge with poison, these guys are deadly.

All help appreciated.

13-04-2007, 07:29
You didn't mean 5 Rattling Guns, did you? :eek: Must be Jezzails.


Keep the Warriors back, waiting to punish the Tunnelling Team. You don't want them to destroy your artillery or ranged-dwarves.
Focus your firepower at the wizards and ranged units (mostly the Jezzails, the Warp-Lightning Warp Cannon doesn't worth the effort except for Cannon shots). When the enemy leader is close, focus the firepower on him (and his unit, if he's in one). You can wait for him to come to you, as your firepower is stronger and more reliable, and putting your precious dwarves in range of the Skaven engineers can bring a quick, warpstone-filled death. :angel:

13-04-2007, 07:35
Yeah... not sure he can field 5 ratling guns. However, Jezzails are trouble. They hit very hard, but they have pathetic leadership. Pop a couple, and they're likely to panic and run. As for the rat swarms, your dwarves are MUCH better fighters. Use this advantage, and remember you can dispel the Bands of Power, as it is a bound spell.

13-04-2007, 07:37
Oops. 5 Jezzails, 1 ratling.

The tunnelers can punish my artillery, as they charge the turn I arrive, so I am going to lose 1 piece of artillery. Maybe put the less expensive bolt thrower outside my formation as bait? Or cluster everything on a hill, and leave no space for him to tunnel. That would rarely work though...

He usely uses 2 wizards in a forest, slinging two warp lightninhs and one storm demon. Usually I can stop 1 warp lightning, but he has so many warpstone tokens...

thanks for the advice, I'll try and focus on the jezzails, wizards in soft cover need 6's to hit with thunderers and 7's :wtf: with quarrelers. Me no likey. Failing that, a cannon shot would do him good :evilgrin:

13-04-2007, 09:30
if you dont mind being hated for life you can charge thee warp-lightning cannon first turn, and it has to flee even if you cant hit it, and running 2d6+1 its likly either off the table or not going to rally (ld5)

13-04-2007, 09:42
Wow. I don't think I would ever do that, as its clearly a rules over sight. Might be one to pull out for a laugh though. ;)

Da Black Gobbo
13-04-2007, 09:44
Get some miners, a unit of 16 of them and get them in the back of his army while you advance, If you charge his cannon or Jezzails they'll be dead.

13-04-2007, 09:46
He said he is not going to change the list.
And charging the Warp-Lightning Warp Cannon from 2 feet away is forbidden, as per the FAQ.

13-04-2007, 09:54
As stated above, I don't want to change my army list because I have already decided on a decent "all comers" list. Thanks for your input though.

heretics bane
13-04-2007, 13:19
mmmhhh no organ gun or flame cannon thats what you need to do massive casualtys to skaven and beastmen the flame cannons makes the unit wounded take a panic test for good for destroying clan rats etc. a unit of miners with a thane in them will massacre them from behind. A cheap slayer like dragon etc. hidden behind your artllary will kill the tunneling team as his 360 charge will come in handy and/or a rune smith or master eingenner are also handy when entrenching and dispelling comes.

And dwarfs are a very flexible racein terms of magic items, but if you want to beat this guy you have to leave your "take on all comers" attitude and go for an armie which is tailored to your neeeds

13-04-2007, 13:39
Personally, I would try to concentrate fire and force panic tests on whatever unit the warlocks are hiding in, by concentrating fire. After that, start taking down the ratling gun & jezzails, probably in that order.

The jezzails may be "hard hitting" as someone said, but with only 5 of them firing at what I will assume will be long range, that's only something like 1.4 wounds per turn (although they are potentially easy VPs if you can get them to panic after two casualties). The ratling gun only has a range of 15", so you will have a turn or two before it actually fires.

Sorry, no advice on the tunnel teams.

13-04-2007, 19:32
Thanks everyone, hide in a forest and cast warp lightening out at my units.

Maybe I should change the bolter for a cheap dragon slayer, although this may suffer vs other armies.

13-04-2007, 20:57
Put the thane back with your warmachines. When the tunneling team pops up, have him charge them. He will beat the tunneling team on his own... probably. Looks like he has a champion as well, so issue a challenge. That will kill them good and dead.

13-04-2007, 21:25
That might not be a bad idea. It's not like there's much need for the Thane on the front line with a Skaven army like that. The risk I can think of is that he could get drilled by a lucky WLC shot if he's not in a unit. (Or possibly jezzails if they get LoS and range - though they will need a 6+ to hit a single dwarf at long range.)

14-04-2007, 01:48
Thats a good idea, and it leaves me free to keep the bolt thrower.

Besides, the slaves will take a few turns to reach me, hopefully I will be able to finish them off, and get back to the fight with one of the warrior units.

14-04-2007, 05:44
Protect ur thane. Not much takes down heroes with the same ruthless efficiency as jezzails.

You dont have to worry about the ratling gun immediately, as it can't shoot until it's quite close to you.

heretics bane
14-04-2007, 19:39
can jezzails target a character in a unit?? but when the ratling gun gets in range man that think hurts! try to take the jezzails down the first then try and take the ratling gun after

15-04-2007, 19:55
You outgun him pretty severly here. Pelt the clanrats with fire until they break. If one of his characters presents itself then go for that character. Even in the forest you only need to do two wounds to a warlock engineer. Don't waste time shooting at the ratling gun until it gets into range for it to fire, then shoot it. As for the tunnelers, they are a huge gamble for him. Sometimes they will come up big. Often they will not. One secret is to place them as near to the edge of the map as is possible and place your warriors close to the machines. If he places the marker on the warmachines he might scatter off the board, 100 points to you. Otherwise he might scatter off the board. Remember, if there's an inch gap between two units he can't charge through it. You could also have your thane join one of the warmachine crews. Sure, he can't do anything there, but you can always have him move out to join a unit when the opponent gets close, and until then he is able to charge out if the tunnelers do pop up in the right place.

The real means for a Skaven player to win against Dwarfs is to outnumber and use mobility to break ranks through multiple charges. Unfortunately for him you're at roughly the same number of models. Remember, he's not going to cause your units to panic off the board.

One problem that you have is that your list actually isn't very take all comers-ish. I would think you'd include a runesmith with a spelleater rune (which can turn his 100 point engineer into a chump) or at the very list a rune of spellbreaking.