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13-04-2007, 12:04
Tzeentch armies gain +1 power die for every unit in the army that has a mark of tzeentch. Just a few questions about this:

1. Does that include the sorcerer himself?

2. If a unit with the mark of tzeentch is removed, does the sorcerer lose that power die, or does he keep the same number as he had at the start of the game?

3. Can they be only used by the general? Or can one be divided between all tzeentch magic users on the battlefield.

Another question: Where in the rulebook does it state specifically that when they are engaged in combat, magic users cannot cast spells to target units elsewhere on the battlefield. I thought that it was there somewhere, but cannot see it in the 7th edition book

13-04-2007, 12:08

1. No, this is only the Mark for UNITS and CHARIOTS of Tzeentch. The Mark for Characters makes them Sorcerers and they will generate Power and Dispel dice according to their Level.

2. Power and Dispel Dice are always calculated fresh at the sart of any Magic Phase.

3. The Dice from UNITS and CHARIOTS go into the general pool, the Dice generated by CHaracters are only usable by themselves.

Another answer: There is no such rule apart from the usual restrictions, and there never was.


Da Boyzz
14-04-2007, 12:37
I was just wondering [ sorry to hijack another thread ]

Is it not possible to make an extremely cheesy army, by having tzeentch units with slaaneshi sorcerors?

14-04-2007, 12:52
No, it is not: You have to sink your points in an Undivided General, and you have to have marked - and thus expensive - units to allow you to use those two Marks. It might seem strong, but as Chaos are always pityfully few units, you will have even fewer then. Something any oponent worth his salt will exploit easily.


14-04-2007, 18:11
Disclairmer: I don't really have much experience with chaos, so Festus is more likely right...

You could use Greater Bray-Shaman of Slaanesh, thus giving you 4th level slaanesh caster with LD7 and costing less than 300 points (depending on the final setup)

That would allow one to use Wargor as Tzeentch character (perhaps even BSB) and then Undivided Aspiring Champion as General.

Add small unit of Slaanesh knights (not bad unit as such as far as I know) to make Bray-Shaman legal. Then we would have Chaos Chariots in core, which can have mark of Tzeentch for total price of 140 points.

Another good option would be Screamers (if I have understood right that they count as units with mark of Tzeentch). Give your General a Beast Herd or Marauder block as escort and go hunting with lore of Slaanesh.

14-04-2007, 18:13
AFAIK, Screamers are daemons of Tzeentch

They cannot be given the mark of Tzeentch as such. Only Chariots, Wariors, and Knights can be IIRC...

14-04-2007, 21:39
Well it can be done and it is nasty but wont make you any friends. List looks like this....

demon prince lvl 4 fire/ master of mortals -465
2 x chaos sorc/ slaanesh/ lvl 2 - 242

14 chaos warriors mark of slaanesh/standard/shield - 242

9 x chariots of tzeentch (140 apiece x 9)

thats 2247 points so your standard 2250 tourney list
models -- 26
power dice -- 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dispel dice -- 6

Like I said it wont win you many friends.... and the dice would look like this

demon prince -4 pd
src slannesh - 2 pd
src slannesh - 2 pd
pool - 11 !!!!!! usable by anyone!

Now you dont have a lvl 4 slaanesh wizard but you still have 4 spells from slaanesh, and 15 dice to cast those spells.

14-04-2007, 21:58
but dont you need a general with mark of tzeentch to have units with the MOT

14-04-2007, 22:47
No, you need an undivided General to mix'n'match Marks...


14-04-2007, 22:59
And Noldo, an Aspiring Champion can't be the general 'if any other character is present'. Bump him up to Exalted Champion.


15-04-2007, 14:42
Another answer: There is no such rule apart from the usual restrictions, and there never was.

I guess this is the source of such confusion:

p. 107: Casting Spells
Wizards cannot cast spells at units engaged in close combat, unless the spell only affects the caster himself or the spell description states otherwise.

p.110: Magic Missiles
Unless otherwise specified, a Wizard cannot cast these if he, or the unit he is with, is engaged in close combat.

I can see how this can be taken to mean that the wizard is more restricted in his targeting options while in clos combat than is really the case.

E.g. a lone Wizard on foot (360 degree arc of sight) is engaged in close combat. He knows all the Lore of Fire spells. He is fighting a unit (A). Another enemy unit (B) is some 5" away (in sight). A third unit (C) is some 10" away behind the first unit (out of sight).

Fireball: Cannot be cast. It is a Magic Missile.

Flaming Sword of Rhuin: Can be cast. It is cast on the Wizard himself.

The Burning Head: Can be cast towards unit B. Note that the "template" line may not be drawn over models in units in close combat.

Fiery Blast: Cannot be cast. It is a Magic Missile.

Conflagration of Doom: Can be cast on unit B. Note that line of sight is required.

Wall of Fire: Can be cast on unit B or C. No line of sight is required.