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13-04-2007, 21:28
Model count:70

War machine count: 2

Lord percentage:18%

Hero percentage:19%

Core percentage:28%

Special percentage:8%

Rare percentage:28%

Archmage- level 4, ring of fury, jewel of the dusk, dispel scroll and seer 35pts

Commander- pure of heart and the reaver bow 110pts

Commander- heavy armour, great weapon, guardian phoenix and the amulet of fire 123pts

Commander- heavy armour, barding, elfin steed, lance, hand weapon, enchanted shield and the ring of corin 140pts

Core units
10 Arches- hand weapons and longbows 120pts

10 Arches- hand weapons and longbows 120pts

11 silver helms- full command, heavy armour, shields, lances, hand weapons and a banner of ellyrion 326pts

Special units
10 shadow warriors- longbows light armour and hand weapons 150pts

Rare units
20 white lions- full command, banner of sorcery, amulet of the purifying flames, great axes, light armour, hand weapons and lion cloaks 360pts

2 repeater bolt throwers- 2 crew members each with hand weapons 200pts

all c+c are wanted and advices needed

13-04-2007, 21:45
Before I can give suggestions, how do you see your self fielding this army? Indivually most of the units listed are huge and over the top, but they do not seam to support each other well.

14-04-2007, 14:39
I'm guessing the general idea is to set up a strong shooting base then support from either flank with the big combat units or put both on one flank and try to crush the oncoming enemy as they approach your shooting.

The list seems ok it has a nice bit of shooting, 2 strong combat units and healthy magic. I would change the hero in the white lions to have armour of the gods and additional hand weapon in case the white ions get stuck in a protracted combat, armour would be nice on the reaver bow guy also.

How you use this army will be pretty important so what are your plans?

15-04-2007, 18:33
Hmm. You've got two combat units. Just two. The SH are a good size, and should be able to accomplish something against a fair amount of units, but not all. With the Commander's lackluster equipment, against serious blocks and various elite units, you've got a pretty good chance of whiffing the charge and bogging down into a fight you can't win.

The White Lions, on the other hand, seem small for the only block in the army. Casualties on this unit will add up fast and if they fail to break the enemy on the charge, they are simply meat for the slaughter. Fragile + striking last = dead.

Granted, both units can move through terrain, and thats pretty nifty, but the lack of absolutely anything on their flanks is bad. Horde armies will swamp you and chop you up into little tiny bits. Even non-horde armies will probably be able to out-flank you and crush you with flank charges. You also just lack the CR to reliably break units on the first turn of combat.

Also, why pure heart on the archer hero? Wouldn't it be better with a main unit? It doesn't really matter if an archer unit flees, but if a main combat unit panics, you'll feel really bad.

The shooting is nice, but you're riding the edge of too many points (over a quarter of your army), for not necessarily enough effect. In some games, you'll take crucial ranks away and possibly panic units. In others, you simply... won't. If you can make it work for you, keep it in. But you might consider dropping the commander with the reaver bow or an RBT to bulk up the White Lions or adding a flank unit. Definitely trim the Shadow Warriors back. 10 Scouts are... unwieldy... at best.

Magic is also on the edge. You've got around 400 points there, and you'll probably only have enough dice for 3 spells. Maybe four if you have a lot of spells you can cast with 2 dice. Are all those points really worth the slight edge of magical power you'd have over a Mage? You could cut down at least 200 points for only a slight loss of magical power, and bulk out the actual army.

The main problem is you're trying to do shooting AND magic AND close combat simultaneously, and the army is leaning toward the mediocre because of it. Dial something back and bulk out the army, and I think the whole will benefit from it.

On the other hand, try it out a few times, let us know how it works. If you really can make the 'combined arms' approach work, thats worth some serious accolades.