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13-04-2007, 20:40
Arhalien closed his eyes, searching his mind. He could see the brutes, stomping across the plains, bellowing gutteral chants, in his minds eye. Fear gripped his heart as he spied the gore-splattered shaman that marched with them. He saw the bronze-clad beast that lead them. He knew what had to be done.
"Elves of Ulthuan!" he called, in a voice quiet but filled with authority. "The barbarian Ogres of the east hunt us even as I speak. Nothing will stand before them...except us. We are the light that shall cast out their shadow. We will stand bravely, shoulder to shoulder, and we shall repel them!"
The Elves crowded around him cheered, confident and heroic. Here they would make their stand.

Several miles away, the Ogres of the Facemangler tribe marched ever onward, the ground itself shaking with the tread of their boots. The largest and most frightening of the beasts snorted and roared, eager to reach the site of battle.
"'Ere, boss, where'z we goin?" the nearest of the Bruisers' bodyguard grunted, his bestial face showing signs of boredom and fatigue.
"We're goin to get Elf meat, y'runt!" was his reply, turning his gaze upon the upstart but not breaking step. "'Andcleaver makes a bloomin' tasty feast wi'that stuff, and the big boss wants it, so wot 'ee says goes ahright?"
The Bruiser licked his lips at the thought: Elf meat was the tastiest he had ever eaten and the thought of it made his mighty gut rumble in anticipation

This was a 1000pt battle between the Ogres of the Facemangler Tribe (commanded by myself) versus the High Elves of Arhalien (commanded by my good friend Joshua). He wanted me to point out that the High Elf army was not painted by him (I in fact sold it to him some weeks ago!), but the Ogres ARE mine and were painted by me.

Army Lists

Facemangler Tribe:

Great Weapon
Heavy Armour

Butcher Yezakk Handcleaver
2 Tooth Gnoblars

3 Bulls
Additional Hand Weapons

3 Bulls
Additional Hand Weapons

3 Bulls
Additional Hand Weapons

3 Ironguts
Butcher joined this unit

3 Ironguts
Bruiser joins this unit

9 Gnoblar Trappers

Total: 1000pts
Cast Pool: 4
Dispel Pool: 3

Arhaliens High Elves

General (by default)
Level 2
Barded Steed

15 Spearelves
Full Command

10 Archers

5 Silver Helms
Heavy Armour and Shields

5 Silver Helms
Heavy Armour and Shields


2 RBT's

Total: 977pts (The mage may have had a magic item but it didn't come up)
Cast Pool: 4
Dispel Pool: 3

Deployment and the Hapless Players

Myself and Joshua, pre battle:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v202/MalusCalibur/Me2.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v202/MalusCalibur/Josh.png

Ogre Deployment:
From furthest to nearest: Bull unit, Bull unit and Ironguts with Butcher behind, Bull unit and Ironguts with Bruiser behind.

High Elf Deployment (blurry):
From furthest to nearest: Mage, Silver Helm unit, Archers, RBT, Spearelves, RBT, Silver Helm unit, Chariot.

The Gnoblar Trappers then got deployed in the yellow forest.

First turn in next post!


13-04-2007, 22:21
Joshua (after about a WEEK of deliberation) chose High Magic. He rolled Walk Between Worlds and Vauls Unmaking (muhahaha excellent, I thought).

I won the roll and chose to take the first turn: less time for those pansy Elves to shoot me!

Ogre Turn 1:

Seeing the Elves in the distance, the Ogres bellow a deafening war cry and rush forward, eager to get close and feast on Elf flesh. Even the weedy Gnoblars hidden in the forest hear the cry and scramble out as fast as possible.
Handcleaver munched down a troll intestine but the magical energy was dispelled. Frustrated, the Butcher shoved a large rock into his gaping mouth and chomped down, breaking several teeth but a few wild hand gestures later and the Bulls ahead of him were imbued with the resilience of the mountains themselves. Finally, the shaman lifted a twisted piece of wood (the end suspiciously bitten off) and, squinting, pointed it at the Archers. With a horrifying bang one Archer was blown apart in a shower of gore, to the shock of his companions. Yezakk chuckled to himself at the sight of girly Elves splattered with blood and screaming in fear.

High Elf Turn 1:

With caution the Elves prepared their battleline. Arhalien bravely rushed forth to the Ogre's left flank, hiding beyond the ruin. The Silver Helm units both advanced carefully, and the Tiranoc chariot galloped past the bridge and swung to face the right flank.
Arhalien pointed to the bloodied shaman, attempting to drain away his magical powers, but the Ogre counter-magic dispelled his efforts.
The Archers let fly a volley at the Bulls furthest from them but failed to harm the hulking beasts. The Repeater Bolt Thrower beside them made up for their failure though, launching a volley of its own at the Bulls and slaying one of them. The other Bolt Thrower launched a single bolt towards the Butcher but it flew wide. The Bulls passed their Panic test and the first Elf turn ended.

Ogre Turn 2

The Ogres continue their relentless advance, all units rushing forward. The Bulls on the right positioned themselves in front of the chariot ready to draw it out.
Yezakk leveled the Bangstick at the Archers again, but this time the Elves remained unharmed. Disgruntled, the Butcher shoveled a handful of tasty brains and bones into his mouth, but both failed to gather any power and all that came of the meal was a foul-smelling gastric expulsion. Again the shaman threw a rock into his great maw but it stuck in his throat. Choking and cursing obscenely, he spat the sodden stone into the dirt and swore. Trying to eat a troll intestine to ease the pain was a poor choice too, as it made him vomit rather profusely.
"Ye alright Yez?" the Ogre beside him asked, but the only answer he got was a rather rude hand gesture amid coughs and splutters.
Meanwhile, the Gnoblar Trappers on the other side of the field scuttled towards the hill and hurled a barrage of rocks and broken bottles at the Archers. One unfortunate Archer got a stone in the face and fell backwards from the hill screaming, much to the malicious amusement of the Gnoblars.

High Elf Turn 2:

The Tiranoc Chariot thundered towards the Bulls on the right, but they wisely turned and fled from its charge, easily escaping. The Silver Helms units both advance to threaten the approaching Ironguts, while the Spearelves simply turned to better face the beasts.
Arhalien focused his power and hurled both Vauls Unmaking and Drain Magic at the Butchers unit, but he could not muster much energy and neither spell was cast. Muttering irritably to himself, the mage swore to Isha that he would be the undoing of these foul brutes.
The Archers, alarmed by the vicious attack from the Gnoblars, turned their attention to them and let fly their arrows, skewering three of the vile little creatures. Amazingly, the cowardly Gnoblars held their ground in the face of such brutality, jeering the Elves for not having killed more of their number. The Bolt Thrower by the hill moved just behind the edge and out of reach of the Bulls, while the other threw a volley at the Bruiser's Ironguts, killing one, but under his stern gaze (and the promise of being eaten should they flee), they stood firm.

Turns 3 and 4 to follow!


13-04-2007, 22:40
Go Gnoblars!
Death by rock to the race By something smaller than a goblin. Who embrassing.

13-04-2007, 23:13
Ogre Turn 3:

The fleeing Bulls, remembering just how tasty Elf meat can be, turned to face the walking food that was the Spearelves. The other Ogres pressed on, positioning themselves out of range of the Elves and taunted them meticulously.
"Come n'fight ye lil pansies!' echoed the bellowing roar of the Bruiser, brandishing his gore-soaked hammer intimidatingly.
Handcleaver, still feeling a little queasy, pointed a shaking Bangstick at the Spearelves, but Arhalien was watching him carefully and quietly dissipated the magic as it spewed forth, to the rage of the shaman. Feeling woozy, Yezakk lifted a tankard filled with blood to his lips, hoping to calm his boiling gut, but as the viscous liquid slid down his throat he could feel his gut wrench as the pint gnawed at his insides and he doubled over. After some time of his accompanying Ironguts keeping him on his feet, the weakened Butcher popped a third rock into his mouth and felt his stomach calm as unnatural resilience swept over him and his bodyguard.
The vicious Gnoblars crept forward again and lobbed another hail of junk towards the Archers, and were again rewarded as a bottle shattered against an Elf's head and embedded shards of glass in his skull. Bleeding profusely he collapsed in a heap, and the Gnoblars cheered, their confidence swelled by their apparent invincibility.

High Elf Turn 3:

The Chariot hurled itself towards the Bulls again, and once again they fled, fearing the impact of the war machine. The Silver Helms on the right positioned themselves behind the chariot in order to counter the ever-present threat of the Irongut units. The Spearelves marched closer to the mountain-augmented Bulls, standing firm before the snarling barbarians. Arhalien spurred his steed to follow the Bruiser and his Ironguts, all the while keeping quiet so that the Ogres would not notice him there.
Noticing the advance of his soldiers, Arhalien tried to dispel the magical energies surrounding the Bulls ahead of them, but once again his skills failed him. He again tried to drain Yezakks sorcery but failed. The Elf supressed his frustration lest it give away his position, but the rage he felt was insurmountable.
The Archers fired at the Gnoblars again, killing another three, but again the Gnoblars stood, far too confident in themselves to flee now. The Bolt Thrower in the trees fired a volley at the Brusier's Ironguts, killing one, and the one by the hill fired at the westernmost Bulls, dropping one in it's hail of bolts. Both units however passed their Panic tests.

Ogre Turn 4:

With a mighty battle howl, Yezakks' Ironguts threw themselves towards the chariot, but it in turn fled before them, leaving them stranded before the Silver Helms. The furthest Bulls slammed into the Spearelves but the Elves held against the fearsome charge. Meanwhile, the Gnoblars unleashed a high-pitched squeal and scampered into the Bolt Thrower by the hill.
The fleeing Bulls this time could not regroup themselves, and in their confusion blundered straight into the swords of the Archers, easily slaughtered as they fled in panic through the highly trained Elf warriors.
The Butcher aimed his heavily chewed staff at the Silver Helms ahead of him, and stuffed a stout ribcage into his jaws, crunching down hard. The resultant bang detonated two of the knights, and the rest tumbled from their steeds, screaming in agony as their bones snapped. Arhalien had to look away from such horror, his stomach churning, while the Butcher simply grinned and muttered "BANG! An' tha Elvz iz gone!" He took a celebratory swig of his gory beverage, but Arhalien exacted his vengeance by dispelling the sorcery that surrounded the concoction. Yezakk then chewed a palmful of brain from his food-sack, but the crew of the Bolt Thrower upon whom his gaze had fallen ignored the images of fear that crept into their minds.
Meanwhile, the Gnoblars hacked madly at the crew of the other Bolt Thrower, killing one in a flurry of stabbing motions, but the other stood firm against the vermin, refusing to give them any further satisfaction. The Bulls swung their heavy clubs and blades and knocked three Elves dead to the ground, while the long Elf spears could not fell even one Ogre with their magical enhancement, but the Elves would not flee before the monsters and fought on.

High Elf Turn 4:

The fleeing chariot swung round to face the Ogres once again, and Arhalien snuck up behind the Bruiser, eager to exact revenge for his fallen brethren. The Archers, seeing the danger to their brethren, charged the Trappers. The remaining Silver Helms lined themselves up to charge the Bulls in the ruins, free of the fear of a return charge.
Finally successful in his talent, Arhalien unleashed the mighty Vauls Unmaking on the Bruiser and his last remaining Irongut, but cursed as his spell had no effect-the brutes possessed nothing of magical nature! Concentrating carefully, the mage focused on the Bulls fighting his brave Spearelves and was finally able to undo their magic resilience.
The Bolt Thrower in the forest volleyed at the Butcher and his Ironguts, but their magical enhancement protected them from harm.
The Archers easily dispatched the Gnoblars, calmly reforming their line. The Spearelves unleashed their fury against the Bulls, finishing off one and slaying another one. The remaining Bull swung wildly but his attacks were parried, and faced with the superior martial talent of the Elves, turned and fled, but his move came too late and the Elves ran him down.

The end is nigh! Final turns coming up.


13-04-2007, 23:38
It's looking bad for the Ogres, but ever the hopeful, I pressed on...

Turn 5:
With little left, the Facemanglers were losing heart, but Yezakk Handcleaver bellowed that any Ogre who fled would be cooked and eaten as soon as they got home. The westernmost Bulls backed into the ruins, while the Bruiser and his bodyguard continued their dogged advance towards the Bolt Thrower in the forest. Handcleaver cocked his head, hearing a soft hoofbeat, spun around to see Arhalien sneaking up behind the Ogre line, and pointed a fat finger directly at the Elf mage, bellowing. The Elf cursed as he realised he had been spotted and fear began to take hold as the blood-stained shaman stomped towards him, eyes full of bestial fury.
Handcleaver pointed the Bangstick at the mage, but the Elf dispelled it's magic before it was even leveled. Nonchalantly, the Butcher dropped another stone into his tankard of blood and took a deep swig, swallowing the rock, and energy flowed through his swollen gut, imbuing him with the power of the mountain.
Sweat dripped slowly down the face of the Elf and his steed began to instinctively back away. The Butcher grinned widely. He would kill this wizard and eat him whole to gain his powers. Drawing a slender bone from his food-bag, the Butcher bit it in half and swallowed the pieces whole. The Elf could feel his bones begin to quiver, and he knew that this would be his fate: to die here as the brave Silver Helms had, a twisted corpse in the dirt, and to be the meal of this beast. His eyes closed as he accepted his fate, knowing that he had done his duty to Asuryan. The Butcher smiled wider, showing his rotten teeth. But then, he felt a sharp pain in his gut, and with stab of fear, realised what he had done. That last bone was too much, and the wrath of the Maw was descending upon him....
The next thing Arhalien knew, there was a very wet bang and something impacted him with incredible force, knocking him from his steed. He almost dared not open his eyes, but after a moment he did, and almost immediately wished that he hadn't. He was drenched head to toe in gore and body parts...the shaman had literally exploded. The thought that he was now coated in the guts of the beast was too much and he passed out right there and then on the ground.
[At this point I had attempted to cast Bonecruncher on the mage, and after sacrificing a Tooth Gnoblar in desperation, got it off successfully. The Butcher only had one Wound left, so all I had to do was not roll a 6 for the Strength 4 hit (he had Toothcracker on him), so you can guess what happened....]

Seeing the horrifying fate of the shaman, the remaining Facemanglers realised that the day was not going to be theirs, and their Brusier hollered a deafening "LET'S GET AAT OF 'EEEERE!" before turning tail and running. The other Ogres on the field followed suit and raced as fast as their legs could carry them away from the Elves, with arrows, bolts, and jeering insults flying after them....

Massacre to the High Elves.

End of Turn 5 (and the game):
[We called it here because a)It was pretty clear it was over, and b)It was getting too dark to see!

Well, I lost. Ogres are a tough army to win with, especially at this points level, and this was my first game with them. So what did I do wrong? Two things, mainly. Charging the Spearelves (damn was that stupid!), and over using the dangerous Gut Magic spells-it was the hits from this that cost me my Butcher and my last hope of pulling the game back. I charged the Spears because I was sick of not having any combat to fight! :D

My heroes of the game were easily my Gnoblar Trappers and my Butcher. The Trappers did superbly, killing two Archers and almost taking out the Bolt Thrower-if I had just killed that other crew member I could've spared myself some ranged death. The Butcher was the only other model to actually kill anything, and wiping out an entire Silver Helm unit was pretty impressive. If only I hadn't rolled a 6 on that last spell, I might have got the Mage and the 300-odd victory points he was worth (about 100 or so, +100 for being the General, +100 for PoH), and might have got a draw. Ah well, can't win em all eh? (Or indeed any in my case!)


14-04-2007, 05:57
Go Elves! Both armies are tough to play with.

14-04-2007, 08:14
I Think your ogre list was a good one, with a few adjustments. I would have had a unit less of bulls and 2 units more of gnoblar fighters, to create juicy static combat resolutions. His elven army, in the other hand, was a little bit too suited against you: 2 bolt thrower in 1000 points are good only against ogres or chaos! Thatīs my opinion of elven player.

14-04-2007, 13:02
I would have had a unit less of bulls and 2 units more of gnoblar fighters, to create juicy static combat resolutions.

The problem with that is that the Gnoblars would likely have never seen combat that they could win, due to their slow speed. The Elves were spending a lot of the game denying me combat, and so the Gnoblars would only have gotten charged and destroyed by the faster Silver Helms and chariot.
Having said that, they would have been worth an utter pittance and I could willingly have sacrificed them to line up counter charges. My opponent tells me that he fears only two things in the entire Ogre list: Butchers and Gnoblars (and notice the only two units in my army to have achieved anything).

His elven army, in the other hand, was a little bit too suited against you: 2 bolt thrower in 1000 points are good only against ogres or chaos! Thatīs my opinion of elven player.

While it does appear that way, the game was originally to be my Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves against the Elves, and my opponent told me that he had not changed his list when I told him I would be using Ogres instead. Quite whether I believe him or not is another matter :D


17-04-2007, 10:01
Hmm, strange, i don't remember fighting this battle. :confused:


17-04-2007, 11:36
Another thing. I wouldn't flee with a unit of bulls if a elven chariot charges you. If he's lucky, he will do 3-4 wounds, thus killing 1 ogre. You should be able to do a couple of wounds. With outnumbering, you only lose by 1. Next turn you'll squash the damn thing.

17-04-2007, 13:01
Heh, I can't believe I didn't think of that Tutore. Guess I (in my head) overestimated the chariot.
There was one stage in the game where I could have presented my Irongut w/Bruiser to the chariot, in order for him to crush it with his S7 Great Weapon, but reasoned that the losses I would incur from the chariot charging, and just how far out of the fight the unit would end up, were not worth it.

Though having said that, the Bruiser saw no combat all game anyway...:S

[P.S: Arhalien, I honestly have no idea why your name came into my head whilst naming the mage :)]


17-04-2007, 20:46
Nice job. Tough Loss.

Funny I own both the Ogres and Elves. At low points levels like this ogres should only take one character IMO as their units are strong. Plus you must take lead belchers the are a major deterent at this level.

looking forward to your new report.

17-04-2007, 21:24
Heh, I can't believe I didn't think of that Tutore. Guess I (in my head) overestimated the chariot.

Though having said that, the Bruiser saw no combat all game anyway...:S


Heh you overestimated the elves as an army :) He didn't have full ranked units, which had to be your bane; you only had to run full speed against them and crush them to win, regardless of chariot and losses (bolt throwers). I guess that simple tactic would have given you at least a minor victory.

17-04-2007, 21:52
Unfortunately, that's what I was trying to do, and as you can see it didn't work. Being the competent player (and cowardly elf!) that he was, he was easily able to avoid combat because it was clear that my units could beat his (except the Spears, who were able to beat my Bulls) and thus maximise his chance to win.


20-04-2007, 01:34
nice batrep

21-04-2007, 15:57
Nice battle report, the layout and pictures were great.
Look forward to reading some more in the future!