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Da Black Gobbo
13-04-2007, 21:22
Hi there! as a new empire player i must confess that i found a little hard to use that regular troops, they are not marvelous but they are cheap and have average status. In my opinion the best state troops that the empire has are the halberdiers because they are the most versatile, they have halberds that gives them +1 to S or if they must keep a position they can choose hand weapon and shield getting a 4+ armour save, fighting with some free fighters or more halberdiers they could be deadly, but let me see what you think.

And another questions do you think engineers work? I like them so much, hochland rifle, clock horse and the mad kamikaze pidgeons, but are they worth?

13-04-2007, 21:38
This has been under discussion the past few days, here:


I've considered the flexibility of halberdiers and spearmen, since they can both use the HW+shield combo as well as their other weapons, but the improved stat line of the swordsmen is usually considered to trump the flexibility. The I won't come in to play as much, but the WS will keep all the other WS4 troops (basic dwarves & elves, and the elites of many other armies) from hitting you on a 3+, and will give you that same benefit against the remaining WS3 troops. (So it's a defensive bonus against some armies, an offensive one against others.)

15-04-2007, 09:54
it depends on how you're going to use each of the types of state troops for. usually my army has swords, spear and halberds all on the field trying to work to their strengths against the opponents relative weaknesses. if your deployment is good, you can make sure your troops pick the right fights without too much difficulty.

15-04-2007, 10:34
I don't think Halberdiers are particularly good in close combat. Weapon skill 3, toughness 3 with a 6+ save in close combat is pretty poor so you'll hardly have anybody left to attack with, which lessens the usefulness of their str 4. They'll take more casualties which will take its toll on their numbers quicker than swordsmen or spearmen with shields. Best left as a detachment.