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14-04-2007, 04:41
Well, I succeeded in getting my girlfriend interested in gaming, and I asked her to choose an army I could do for her to play....
..And she chose Rohan.

I HATE painting horses. I'm rubbish at it. so this is gonna be an uphill struggle.

Anyway, my Muster of the Rohirrim box set is on it's way from Maelstrom, but my bits order from GW (Horses, Royal Guard on foot and extra spear) got here today so I resolved to make a start.
updates may be slow as I'm still chewing my way through BfSP. And apologies for poor picture quality. I'm doing the best I can.

Anywho, let's begin:

Fig 1.1: There came a man.


Me hard at work. Word.

I begin with the only models I have ready: Eomer (Foot/Mounted) and Royal Guard Banner Bearer. I had to convert the royal guard banner bearer on foot, because there's only a mounted model (It was a BGiME exclusive).

I'm going to make him Eomer's personal banner bearer, so after he's painted, I'm going to have to make two of Eomer's personal banner.

Fig 1.2: Preproduction of Karl Urban: The Movie.


Standard Eomer. Both been stripped to be repainted together. For Consistancy.


Jazzed up Eomer's base with a little rock, tuft of moss and broken spear shaft.

14-04-2007, 04:52
Here's the RRG Banner Bearer:


I like the model. Slightly jazzed up Base. Again, Stripped clean in Dettol so I can paint him and his counterpart on foot consistently.

And Here He is:



What I've done is to cut off the original spear (It's now on Eomer's base), drill out the Banner bearer's hand, trim down the spare spear , and glue that in place, using a little GS to 'Seal-a tha deal' I couldn;t drill a small enough hole to pin it, so unfortunately it's a little unstable.
I will begin painting them in the morning.

15-04-2007, 06:52
For drilling small holes, you should be able to find a .020" or so sized drill bit at most good hobby stores. They're great for pinning those tiny fiddly bits. And you can use regular old sewing pins as pinning material, so you get a good stiff joint. I've even used them to pin Warmaster (10mm scale models) spears back together.

Crazy Ivan
15-04-2007, 10:13
I'm looking forward to seeing them painted! I have about 60 Rohirrim (both mounted and on foot) lying about unpainted, so maybe I'll get inspired. Good luck!

17-04-2007, 23:39
My bloomin' Muster of Rohan box hasn't turned up yet: Imagine that, the rohirrim held up onthe way to pellenor by the Royal Mail.
I should have the RG Banner Bearer done tomorrow. The banner itself won't be done for a while: I'm getting my Girlfriend to do me a banner in Ink based on Eomer's banner design in the back of the Rulebook. I want it to be something a bit special.

24-04-2007, 14:18
Okay, The banner bearer's finally done, but I can't seem to get any decent pics...I mean take a look at these...



bad pics huh?

anyways, my muster of rohan and my foundation paints have finally arrived, so the real work can begin. and I'm going to steal my GF's camera. again. and actually use it this time.

she still hasn't done that banner....

16-05-2007, 15:10
First Batch of warriors is nearly done: I actually stripped down the first first batch to start again as I didn't like my colour scheme. anyways, pictures tomorrow.

I should be about halfway through the army by now but I've had so much coursework on it's untrue. anyway, all done now, and three years of college is nearly over.

16-05-2007, 17:17
cool, there arent many lotr logs on warseer.

Its looking good so far (from the picture quality its hard to tell :D )

looking forward to better pics of the warriors

17-05-2007, 00:21
Tried to get som better pics of the banner bearer (Still sans banner - I'll try and coerec my Girlfriend into making them tomorrow), and you can see the WIP warriors and a captian in them too:



I'll get there eventually....

17-05-2007, 06:18
The pictures are obviously blurry, but from what I can make out the minis look good. I hope you can get some better pics up.

17-05-2007, 17:49
Dammit, I'm going on holiday in the morning and I can't get the pics up tonight. be ANOTHER week I'm afraid. Oh well...
...I think the finished warriors look nice though :P

29-05-2007, 15:52
Well here we are, more poor pictures! isn't squinting fun!
I have no idea why my Girlfriend is so reluctant to let me use her little camera to take some pictures, or even do it herself. Never has a photographer been so reluctant to take pictures.

whatever, anyway here are the finished warriors and a very blurry captain.




I'll try some more pictures after work, see If I can get better ones.

Rogue 7
29-05-2007, 21:47
I think you're focusing on what's behind the actual models rather than the models themselves. I think there's supposed to be some function on digital cameras designed to remedy that.

31-05-2007, 14:49
There is indeed a focus. It just doesn't work. I will remedy this methinks.

Edit: right, I can't zoom on the resolution setting I've been using, I should get some better results now I've changed it.

Edit:, No I just can't get good results with my current camera. back to the drawing board.