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14-04-2007, 13:40
I have a friend that plays Chaos and brings in nothing but super cheesed out characters. One of the most common I've been seeing lately is a Chaos Lord on a dragon w/ Rending sword, and Chaos Runeshield. He's throw some Sorcerer's in also. Units are ussualy 4 or so Dragon Ogres, 5 Chosen Chaos Knights, 10 warriors. Then a few trash units like maraders or such to spend his extra points.

With this he marches straight forward as fast as possible and that's about his only tactic. The most frustrating thing about this guy is beyond building his list he has very little talent in playing this game. The usual outcome is everyone but his Lord and maybe a sorcerer are alive at the end of turn 6 and we ussualy draw because of the points he spent on his character that I have trouble taking down.

I have talked to him about how it is not fun, or in the spirit of the game to field such an army but he won't listen. And as I have few options for opponents I don't have the option to not play with him. So I've decided to show him how nasty a pissed off VC army can be.

My General:
Malicus Von Sinis (Blood Dragon Vampire Lord)
Zombie Dragon
Cursed Book
Master Strike
Strength of Steel
Lvl 3 Wizard
2nd handweapon

Lvl 2 Wizard
x2 dispel scrolls

x3 Spirit Hosts

x2 units of 35 zombies
both w/ standard

x10 Dire Wolves

Here's the extra cheese:

x5 Leadbelchers

DoW Cannon

Now this is so far and away from a normal army that I build, so I am a bit out of my element in this situation. But I came to the conclusion that the only way to teach this guy is to throw a similar army back at him.

My basic tactic will be to keep his general from hiding while his unit marches forward (which he generally does) with the cannon, and also hurting of killing his knights. I would like to tie the Dragon Ogres up with the Spirit Hosts. I want his knights and warriors to end up tied up with zombies. I'll keep the belchers off to the flank of the zombies and get a shot off on either the warriors of the knights. This should devastate, if not eliminate one of them. Direwolves will hang around for the flank counter. I'll put necro behind my Zombie units.

I'm not going to move, if anything I'll line myself up a few inches off the line. I will not have any trouble getting him to advance as this is about all he knows how to do. So I'll keep him coming with the cannon and use a bit of a hammer tactic when he reaches me with his small but nasty units.

Now all that's left to worry about is his General which normally wins the game for him. 2 ways I'm gonna go about this. The most likely scenario is that he's going to be cocky and come hunting Malicus with his Chaos Lord....god I hope so. If I can though I will try and tie him with a raised unit or if I have zombies free. Then charge/challenge/dead.

Really this battle is going to have little to do with the troopers on the battle field. It's pretty much a showdown between Malicus and the Chaos Lord.

I've run this scenario so many times, and almost anything he brings in is going to have serious trouble against my BD Lord.

He has to roll 6's to hit me. But if he is successful on 2 of those he stands a good chance of killing me with the Rending sword as I only have 6+ save against str 5. Then his dragon with 6 attacks. That's if he goes first.

I'll have 6 attacks rolling 3's and 4's (3's and 3's if I charge) and a 6 to wound and he's dead. Then 4 attacks from my dragon at 4's and 3's.

In doing test rolls I like my odds, but is there anything else that you think I could improve on with this tactic.

14-04-2007, 17:29
Just some meandering thoughts...

Only models on foot benefit from using an additional hand weapon so you might as well buy a shield instead for your lord.

Also, if its lord killing you're after I'm sure theres less point intensive options.

A mere Necromancer with hellish vigor and hand of dust can drop dragons, or a wight lord armed with the sword of kings and hellish vigor can 5+ killing blow chaos lords as good as any...