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15-04-2007, 09:46
Skinks can be fielded from the minimum of 10 to the maximum of 25. So how many skinks do you usually field? I always stick on 12 skinks each to avoid the whole unit get destroyed or flee at once(basket and egg...).

But when i look at one recent battle report from wthie dwarf. That guy took 75 skinks in total and divide them to three units (so 25 skinks each). They all survived until the end of the game and inflicted signicant damage. (50 potenial shot one turn per unit...). This interests me to do the same by fielding more skinks together. Any thought on this?

15-04-2007, 10:55
As long as they're not getting charged it doesn't matter wether they're in large or small units, they still can manouver in the exact same way. Though in smaller groups they are more manouverable and you can divide them up more.

In larger groups they can take on CC better, but they're most likely to lose on combat res and flee anyway. If you then have a group of 25 skinks you won't be very happy, but if you have 10-14 skinks destroyed instead it won't hurt as much. With a little luck you can also have units of skinks nearby to start harrasing the unit that killed your small group of skinks with blowpipe fire.

I'd say that it's more viable to go with lots of smaller groups :)

15-04-2007, 12:06
I tend to run Skinks in units of ten or thirteen (generally ten for scouts, thirteen for nonscouts), but often run two units next to each other.

Fundamentally, what difference is there between one unit of twenty-five and one of thirteen, one of twelve (for example)?

The unit of twenty-five is harder to cause any panic on, but if you do it'll have a larger impact.

The unit of twenty-five is inherently larger in terms of area covered, making it harder for the unit to escape charge arcs, fully hide inside woods or ponds, and so forth.

The unit of twenty-five must all fire at the same target, whereas the two units can split their fire.

The unit of twenty-five is forced to remain in coherency, so can't split in two to get around impassable terrain more easily or split to harass different areas.

The unit of twenty-five is more likely to outnumber in CC that the other units.

Frankly, I can't see why anyone would take units of twenty-five. It's true that it gives them slightly better combat potential, but frankly it's a very small benefit with far too many downsides for my liking - and if Skinks are in combat, you don't exactly expect them to win.

15-04-2007, 12:41
Small units to keep them as cheap as possible, since their use is essentially sacrificial.

Brother Siccarius
15-04-2007, 16:58
Small units to keep them as cheap as possible, since their use is essentially sacrificial.

Skink shooting is well feared in my league for having claimed the lives of no less than seven chaos lords and dragons.

Dead Man Walking
15-04-2007, 17:12
One problem with a large unit is that the bigger the unit the harder it is to get them all in the same range from the target for a round of double shooting. Smaller units can take better advantage of terrain for cover.

In 40k I played a unit of 12 jetbikes, until the first game where I found that the unit took a quarter of the deployment zone and couldnt hide behind terrain, after that it was 3 groups of 4. Same ideal here.

I for one am not worried about panic tests, with 3d6 taking the lowest you are going to out do anyone short of dwarfs on panic tests. You practically have a leadership of 8 or 9.

I have even seen a few players using skinks as a charge stopper with insane courage, put in a battle standard and no matter what the skinks run into they have 2 chances on 3 dice to roll two ones. Its actually pretty good odds.