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Bob Hunk
15-04-2007, 23:04
Hello to my fellow Warseers, and thanks for taking an interest in my first project log. Some of you may have seen some snaps of my Blood Axes floating around on the “Who Loves Orks?” thread. I’d been meaning to do an Ork army for quite a while – I’ve been in this hobby for at least a decade – but never really got around to it, until last summer when I finally had a spare bit of time and cash.
I decided on a Blood Axe themed army without a moment’s hesitation, I just love their pseudo-military styling and mercenary nature. The initial list I devised was an all footslogging force using Codex: Orks rather than the clan list. I tried it out in a couple of games using proxies and undercoated models, but it didn’t function as well as I’d have liked. But I learned from my mistakes in true Blood Axe fashion, and now my list has evolved into the following…

Nuzzgrond’s Dead ‘Ard Shooty Boyz – 1500 points


Kaptain Nuzzgrond, Warboss (60)
‘Eavy Armour (8), Shiny Medal [counts as Big Horns] (6), Shoota w/ ‘More Dakka’ & ‘Shootier’ (8), Choppa (2)
Total – 85

Doc Zugberg, Painboss (25)
‘Eavy Armour (8), Power Klaw (25), Choppa (2), Dok’s Tools (1)
Zugberg’s “Patients”, 9 Cyborks (117)
Da Ambulance, Trukk (30)
Armour Plates (5), Grot Riggers (2)
Total – 207


Grimtuff’s ‘Ard Boyz, 15 ‘Ard Boyz (180)
3 Big Shootas (24), 9 Shootas (0), 2 Choppas & Sluggas (0)
Grimtuff, Nob upgrade (16), Big Shoota (12), Power Klaw (25).
Total – 257

Gron’s Sneaky Kommandos, 7 Kommandos (70)
Big Shoota (8), 5 Shootas (0)
Gron, Nob upgrade (11), Big Shoota (12), Power Klaw (25)
Total – 126

Gutsnik’s Choppy Kommandos, 7 Kommandos (70)
7 Choppas & Sluggas (0)
Gutsnik, Nob upgrade (11), Choppa (0), Power Klaw (25)
Total – 106


Muggrub’s Dakka Mob, 10 Shoota Boyz (80)
3 Big Shootas (24)
Muggrub, Nob upgrade (12), Big Shoota (12), Choppa (2), Bosspole (3).
Total – 133

Gobshak’s Shoota Mob, 10 Shoota Boyz (80)
3 Big Shootas (24)
Gobshak, Nob upgrade (12), Big Shoota (12), Choppa (2), Bosspole (3).
Total – 133

Badrot’s Tank Fraggerz, 10 Tank Bustas (110)
3 Rokkit Launchas (21)
Badrot, Nob upgrade (11), Rokkit Launcha (8), Bosspole (3).
Total – 153


Nuzzgrond’s Boss Wagon, Battlewagon (120)
Zzap Gun (15), Armour Plates (10), Grot Riggers (2)
Total – 147

Da Wagons, 3 Looted Rhinos (150)
Total – 150

ARMY TOTAL – 1497 points / 70 Infantry / 5 Vehicles

Is this the most effective Ork list ever devised? Erm, probably not, but I’m trying to stick with the Blood Axe character, and I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve made. I also have a FW Fighter-Bomba (piloted by the legendary “Squiggles”) and a couple of Dreads which I’ll use to expand the list up to 2k.

Alright, that’s enough chat, onto the pretty pictures of all the models that I’ve managed to finish so far.


This is Kaptin Nuzzgrond, my Warboss. He was actually my first large-scale use of green stuff, and I think he turned out pretty well.


Next we have Doc Zugburg, my Painboss. You’ll notice his weapons are different from those mentioned above as he was built for the previous version of the army list, so these will be changed eventually. I also want to redo the mirror on his head to get it a bit more circular.

Bob Hunk
15-04-2007, 23:07

Bob Hunk
15-04-2007, 23:08

Grimtuff’s ‘Ard Boyz, Nuzzgrond’s bodyguard who’ll be riding with him in the Battle Wagon.


Muggrub’s Dakka Mob. There’s only ten of them as they will take one of the three looted rhinos. Note the captured/traded Imperial kit and the GS headgear.

Bob Hunk
15-04-2007, 23:10

This is what Muggrub and his boyz will be zooming around the battlefield in.


Here is Gobshak’s Shoota Mob as it currently stands, still very much a WIP. Gobshak is made using parts from the WHFB Orc command sprue.

That’s pretty much all the painted stuff I have so far. Most of the other models are undercoated and awaiting the attention of my paintbrush. Unfortunately I paint very slowly and meticulously, so I can’t guarantee the regularity of updates to this log, but I’m kinda hoping that people yelling encouragement might make me pick up the pace a bit. :)

Until the next update then…

15-04-2007, 23:21
These rock man, best ork army I've seen in a while. I though blood axes wore camo? Either way looks mint. Keep em comin.

Tsen Out

Red Skullz
15-04-2007, 23:27
Holy f`in #¤%&!! This army kicks so much ass it`s almost painfull to watch...makes my own Red Krumpany look like sh#t...

Now I demand regular progress here :D


15-04-2007, 23:30
"Dey Looks ded 'ard!" (I took an evening course in Ork).
The Kaptain and Zugburg are brilliant and the boyz look great! :)

15-04-2007, 23:32
Kaptin Nuzzgrund is awsome!!! You sod, I was hoping to leave my orks alone until the new dex comes out, this may have just tipped me over the edge as I'm going to have to have a go at him! I hope you don't mind?

16-04-2007, 01:49
Yay! more orky goodness we need some competition for all the IG blogs, they are some fantastic painted miniatures, quick question though, why dont you have any cyborks? not only are they dead 'ard they are also fun to convert.

16-04-2007, 02:18
Nice Orky army! I really like your HQ models. Your Rhino is also brilliant - simple paint scheme and minimal conversion (well compared to other Orky players) yet it's still a totally Orky vehicle.

Keep up the good work.

16-04-2007, 08:43
great work bob fantastic painting love the doc and your boss as well

keep it up

16-04-2007, 09:05
That rhino is so cool. Its really blood axey too, not non decorated as many poor excuses for looted vehicles are and not over decorated like over excited ork players can get!

and I really love the highlights etc on the skin!

Oh and the Doc is amazing and I love the caps!

I would love to see this in person... oh wait I have already ;)

16-04-2007, 09:41
Holy *insert crude word* that is the *insert cude the word*.:D

16-04-2007, 09:55
I've said it before and I'll say it again: SWEEEEETTT!!

The ones with the berets are my favourites!

16-04-2007, 10:49
Great Army! love the Doc!

16-04-2007, 10:53
Well painted and converted, congrats.

When I first saw the huge amount of shoota boys I thought maybe you'd been hit in the head a few too many times. Then I thought just how many shoota boys you're gonna be able to field. Then I got scared.

I suppose if you don't fight meqs that much (like that'll ever happen round here) choppas aren't that much of a necessity.

dave is the best
16-04-2007, 11:33
These are so cool. I like the Doc!

16-04-2007, 12:07
Hey Bob.

A good start on the Blood Axes. :) You have a nice solid theme running through the army with the use of shootas and headgear. I'm always surprised how 'right' a beret looks on an ork. Strange but true. :)

16-04-2007, 12:39
Very nice orks there man. I'd like to see some pics of the boss's transport please:D .

16-04-2007, 13:17
As I've said before, these guys are spiffy cool; and I think the army as a whole is going to be really striking – the WIP games we've had are always great fun.

I like the 'ard boyz best of all, I think – the metalwork on them is just really fresh-looking, even with the weathering; and that just makes them look realistic (or at least as realistic as orkses ever are!)

Seven mechandendrites up, and keep 'em coming!

Bob Hunk
16-04-2007, 22:30
Hey guys, thanks for all the praise an encouragement. It inspired me to work on the next squad of Shoota Boyz, and I've now finished their skin. No point updating the photo yet though.
And now to answer some questions...

Kaptin Nuzzgrund is awsome!!! You sod, I was hoping to leave my orks alone until the new dex comes out, this may have just tipped me over the edge as I'm going to have to have a go at him! I hope you don't mind?

Sure, I look forward to seeing your version of him. :)

quick question though, why dont you have any cyborks? not only are they dead 'ard they are also fun to convert.

Cyborks are on the army list, but haven't made enough progress with them yet to make a photo worth while just yet...

When I first saw the huge amount of shoota boys I thought maybe you'd been hit in the head a few too many times. Then I thought just how many shoota boys you're gonna be able to field. Then I got scared.

I suppose if you don't fight meqs that much (like that'll ever happen round here) choppas aren't that much of a necessity.

Thankfully I play in a low-MEQ environment! Plus as a Blood Axe, I love me a bit of dakka!

Very nice orks there man. I'd like to see some pics of the boss's transport please:D .

Not built yet I'm afraid, but the plans are all up here. *taps head*

In addition to painting, I did a bit of GSing on my FW Ork pilot. Alas I didn't make it to the FW open day that this guy was available from, but some other members of my games club did, and they were kind enough to pick him up for me.


The only thing I didn't like about this model was the weirdly sunken septum of the nose, so I raised it a bit. I also had to give him a white flying scarf to match Squiggles, my Fighta-Bomber pilot. I'll probably use him in-game as an objective marker. It's a shame there are no rules for Ork pilots ejecting, but then again Squiggles has yet to be shot down anyway! ;)

That's all for now.

Bob Hunk
19-10-2007, 19:24
Hey guys, I think it's time to resurrect this thread. :skull:

I've haven't played much 40k recently, our games club has been taking a break to try AT-43 (which seems quite good actually). But with all the buzz surrounding the new Ork codex, I suddenly found myself inspired again. :D

I've revised my army list, based on the rumours we've heard so far. I know they're not solid though, so I'm prepared to adjust at a later date.

Kaptin Nuzzgrond, Warboss
- Mega Armour (w/ TL Shoota and PK), Mega Boosta, Kustom Job: Blasta, Iron Gob, Cybork Body

5 Mega Armoured Nob Retinue (might need to be Troop choice - due to Warboss - if retinues are gone)
- Transport: Battlewagon w/ Killcannon, 4 Big Shootas

Wazdakka, Big Mek
- Shokk Attack Gun (will wait for new model)


- 10 Kommandos w/ Shootas, Nob, PK, Big Shoota, 2 Big Shootas

- 10 Tankbustas, Nob, 3 Bomb squigs


Dreadnought (Troops choice due to Big Mek)

Boyz Mob (‘Ard Boys, will ride in looted wagon)
- 12 Shoota Boyz, 1 Big Shoota, ‘Ard Boy Upgrade, Nob, PK, Big Shoota,

Boyz Mob (Shootas)
- 20 Shoota Boyz, 2 Big Shootas, Nob, PK, Big Shoota

Boyz Mob (Slugga)
- 20 Slugga Boyz, Nob, PK

Grot Mob
- 26 Grots, 3 Slavers, 3 Squig Hounds


Looted Wagon
- 1 Big Shoota, Extra Armour


Lootas Mob
- Mekboy upgrade

I'd guess that'd come in at around 2k points...hopefully.

Anyway, I'm going to start working on the new, mega-armoured version of Nuzzgrond. I'll post a picture off my progress at the end of the evening.
Only one snag, I've ordered a huge wad of greenstuff, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I won't be able to finish anything until it does. :( Might have to drop by the local GW supplier tomorrow and grab one of their little packets, just to tide me over.

Anyway, will be back later with photos! :D

Bob Hunk
19-10-2007, 23:33
Okay, here's the new-and-improved Nuzzgrond so far:

http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u72/Bob_Hunk/Miniatures%20-%20Orks/WarbossWIP01.jpg http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u72/Bob_Hunk/Miniatures%20-%20Orks/WarbossWIP02.jpg

I'll add the head tomorrow, and start GSing a officer's cap, and some medals to line the shoulder armour. :D

Bob Hunk
23-10-2007, 22:17
More progress on Nuzzgrond. I really should pick-up the pace if the whole revised army is going to be ready to go in time for the new codex. :( Still, it's not like I'm starting from scratch...


Things to do:
* File/sand axes on bosspole icon into a recognisable shape.
* Add handing helmet/skull trophies to bosspole.
* Add trim and Blood Axe badge to officer's cap.
* Find one of the plastic crosshairs to go on the gun.

You can't see it here, but I filed off the detail from Ghazghul's chest and replaced it with a GS pair of crossed axes.

24-10-2007, 02:08
Amazing stuff already and you've got a great start on the new Warboss. Go orks!

24-10-2007, 10:20
Awesome! Nice dental work (your greenstuff-fu is strong), and I assume those bits hanging off his armour will become big shiny medals and braid?

I like his unholy Iron Halo, too.

And his hat.

and... is that a conversion beamer* on his gun?

In fact, there's so many cool little touches on this that my head asplode.

*they later retconned that model into being a heavy plasma gun.

Bob Hunk
25-10-2007, 16:15
Thanks for the encouragment guys. :)

Awesome! Nice dental work (your greenstuff-fu is strong), and I assume those bits hanging off his armour will become big shiny medals and braid?

Yup, shiny medals and a braid. Although I might change the GS at the top of the braid; not too happy with it.

and... is that a conversion beamer* on his gun?

*they later retconned that model into being a heavy plasma gun.

Yup, I had it identified as a heavy plasma gun. It is pretty old though. It sits nicely between the two drum magazines on Ghuzghkull's shoota, and will most like represent a shoota with the kustom job 'Blasta', or maybe just a Kustom Mega Blasta. We'll see. :)

25-10-2007, 18:03
For some reason i want to gve him a braided beard, even tough it won't fit in o.O

The boyz
25-10-2007, 18:20
Great start to your Ork army Bob Hunk. I like the conversion work on Nuzzgrond, looking forward to some more updates.

26-10-2007, 19:27
For some reason i want to gve him a braided beard, even tough it won't fit in o.O

B:Draided beard squig! You know it fits with the old ork fluff, but what style? :D

26-10-2007, 21:39
Kinda dwarf style would deffo be cooool! (one big braid in the middle)

Lord Blood the Hungry
28-10-2007, 13:08
again the leet skills are on display.
i love the way you've got such a blood axe feel to the army. it looks just like orks trying to be imperial guard which is so cool and fluffy. there is a great regimented feel to it whilst still retaining the orky character.
the mega armor is really nicely done and a great upgrade for nuzzgrond (looks very DOW).
but i have to say i still love the original model in his kustom built great coat with shiny medals and cigar.
the hats are ace and really tie the army together.

28-10-2007, 20:11
Everything looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

Bob Hunk
31-12-2007, 10:15
I've been encouraged to do some more work on Nuzzgrond's Boyz now that I've seen the new codex.



WIP Trukk (converted from looted MKI Rhino):


Lord Blood the Hungry
02-02-2008, 16:38
really like the green waagh energy earthing its self from the weirdboy.
its just such a nice model and the little additions make it cool.

trukk is ace. again very conservative conversions but so effective, so blood axe.

"dis is a nice trukk we nicked of dem beakies. it works, but it won't 'old many boyz."
"if we puts a fence raand da top den we can pile in loads more ladz wivaat 'em fallin' off."
"werez dat fence we came froo earlier?"

looking forward to nuzzgrond, his bodyguard and their battlewaggon.

keep up the good work.

02-02-2008, 17:58
nice conversions. I love bloodaxes and I think you have really captured the feel of this army with your models. keep it up...

Bob Hunk
11-05-2008, 15:00
Time for another update, and only after a mere 3 months too... ;) Not that I haven't been working on the Orks during that time, I just haven't had a chance to take any photos.
Nuzzgrond and his boyz will be attended the Damocles Gulf campaign weekend event at Warhammer World next weekend, and as you'll see I've still got quite a few things to do. :o I've been painting all morning though, and needed a break, so I decided to do a quick photo-shoot.
This event requires 1k, 1.5k & 2.5k Apoc lists, which appear in the combined army photo below, although some models are being used in more than one of the lists, as you don't use them all at the same time. :)

The whole army.

Bob Hunk
11-05-2008, 15:04

Trukk Boyz.


Stompa! Note the yellow LED eyes. Also, the gattling blaster has a small motor in it which makes it spin, plus the Stompa plays sounds lifted from Dawn of War.


Biker Mek with Burna.


Kaptain Nuzzgrond, his Meganobs and faithful Squighound. Needs more work!

Bob Hunk
11-05-2008, 15:07

Old school metal Kommandos. I love these models (thanks again to Lord Blood for the generous donation)!


More Trukk Boyz.


Big Mek Stompa! This one also has LED eyes and plays sounds from Dawn of War. Also, the giga shoota and lifta dropper have flashind LEDs in them.


Looted Boomgun Wagon; a mek's cunnin' combination of a Leman Russ and Tau railgun.

Comments and feedback welcome!

11-05-2008, 15:20
Very very nice. I really like the Warboss and the SENMM on the Kommando Nob's sunglasses. Also why have I only just found this thread to discover an imposter with my namesake is leading an 'Ard Boyz mob? :p

Time to krump him methinks! :D

11-05-2008, 21:55
sweeeeeet! I dont remember seeing a shot with the whole army together, it really gives it a sense of scale, that is really cool!

11-05-2008, 22:55
Your stuff looks great so far! I really like the nob with shades standing on the 'Nid head while his klaw is pointing forward, do you have more pics of him? ;)

12-05-2008, 08:50
Oh yeah! Man, Nuzzgrond's boyz are looking great. I don't think that the photography is really showing the ladz in their best light, but Warseer should dig that this horde of boyz have all been painstakingly painted, and all of them have been converted to some degree or other. That said, I'll echo Omricon in that it's great to see everything collected together.

Is that one of Lucifer216/Graham's tyranid horde I see under the nob's boot there? :D

The boomgun's new to me – what a cool model! Where's the head on the mek from?

Bob Hunk
12-05-2008, 19:49
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. :D

Your stuff looks great so far! I really like the nob with shades standing on the 'Nid head while his klaw is pointing forward, do you have more pics of him?

Yes. Yes I do. ;)



Bob Hunk
12-05-2008, 19:52


Is that one of Lucifer216/Graham's tyranid horde I see under the nob's boot there?

That was the plan, but I got carried away with the highlights, so it's a few shades brighter than our local 'Nid swarm. ;)

The boomgun's new to me – what a cool model! Where's the head on the mek from?

The head is a plastic mek head from the burna/loota sprue. I was particularly pleased with this vehicle. He's even got a little chart so he can work out the optimum boomgun trajectory...


13-05-2008, 10:08
Man, I love the details here, especially the little diagrams the Mek on the tank has! This army is awesome :)

13-05-2008, 17:37
this continues to amaze me, wow!

Bob Hunk
19-10-2008, 21:37
Greetings my fellow Warseers!

After a gap of several months, I've decided to revisit my Orks, especially as they'll be getting another campaign weekend outing in May. Although this is months away, I'd like to make some changes to my army before then, plus I have a slightly less time to work on miniatures these days.

So, over the coming months, I wish to assemble and paint the following models:

• A new version of Nuzzgrond, my warboss
• 6 Nobz
• A new version of Dr Zugberg, my Painboy (plus orderly)
• Trukk (for Warboss and Nobz)
• Shoota boy Nob with PK and three more shootas.
• A Runtherd
• 5 Deffkoptas
• 5 Biker Nobz
• and a Skullhamma Battlefortress!

I already own all these models, but most of them are still in there boxes, so there's a little way to go yet. Additionally, I want to do the following:

• Repaint all blue jackets to grey
• Rebase army on scenic resin bases

I'm doing the former because I originally wanted to do the army with grey uniforms, but couldn't face painting grey again so soon after my Tau. However I think enough time has passed to let me repaint the army in the way I first envisaged.
And I'm doing the latter because the drybrushed sand bases are all looking a little dated now.

Right, enough talk, time for some photos...

Shoota Boy Nob


The grey stuff is a sculpting putty called 'ProCreate', which I'm using in addition to Green Stuff. It's really good actually, I can highly recommend it.

Bob Hunk
19-10-2008, 21:41
Runtherd and Big Shoota Boy

I know a Runtherd should technically have a grabba stick, but I wanted him to look like an "officer" with his chainsaw leading the gretchin.


Shoota Boyz


Deff Kopta

I've assembled three so far, but haven't made any real alterations to the model, other than adding a 'Biggles' style scarf to each of the pilots.


That's it for now. :) More sporadic updates will appear between now and May!

19-10-2008, 21:46
Interesting to see you're using pro-create. What prompted the switch?

I especially love the runtherd with the squig beard. Reminds me of an old skool ork model :)

19-10-2008, 23:03
I love the scarves on the coptas, nice touch. As for remodelling, why the doc? The existing one is already great?

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

Bob Hunk
19-10-2008, 23:11
Thanks, was going for the old skool look with the Runtherd. :)

I bought the ProCreate a while back as I had some detailed sculpting projects in mind relating to both Eldar and Genestealer Cults (neither of these projects have made it off the drawing board yet). I originally heard about it via word of mouth, possibly from Apologist.
Anyway, it seems to hold details a little better than GS, and is easier to work with, smooth down and stick to other surfaces. More expensive that GS though, so think I'll mainly save it for detail rather than bulk.

Bob Hunk
12-01-2009, 22:15
Hurrah! I've secured my Ork ticket for the Tempus Fugatives 'Great Crusade' campaign weekend at Warhammer World in May. :D In honour of this fact, I thought I should update this log.

So here are the kannons I'm working on atm. They're made from the warbike sprue and some plastic tube. They just need a few gaps filling with green stuff. I'll be buying the new Grot box when it comes out, to act as crew.



More updates over the coming weeks (hopefully)...

Bob Hunk
15-03-2009, 23:50
Hi all - I've been doing a bit more work on the Orks lately, getting them ready for the campaign weekend in May.

Blood Axe Nobs (WIP)




Bob Hunk
15-03-2009, 23:54
Plus a new version of Kaptin Nuzzgrond. :) This version is based on a picture in the 2nd edition Ork Codex.

Blood Axe Warboss (WIP)




I'll post updated pics when they're painted, plus hopefully an updated shot of the whole 3000 points I'm taking to the campaign.

16-03-2009, 02:12
These are some really nice orks!

16-03-2009, 09:49
You got a lot of ace conversions going on here. I really like you looted boomgun wagon :D I'll keep an eye on this log in the future, maybe I'll be able to pick up an idea or two for my own Orky army;)

16-03-2009, 10:23
I can always expect a high standard when I check this log even if they are filthy blood axes!

Nuzzgrong is great - he looks very blood axey! His grot looks like he has a suicide bomber belt though :)

16-03-2009, 11:42
Looking awesome – those little peaked caps are getting better and better, and really give that Blood Axe feel to the force. I think my favourites are the two with 'uge choppas.

If I can suggest a slight tweak; it looks like one with a power klaw is tilting over a little too far on his base – bit too much squig brew! :p P'raps give him a nudge back upright?

Nuzzgrond himself is looking incredible – you've really captured that illustration. :)

Made any progress on the big gunz, by the way?

Bob Hunk
05-04-2009, 21:53
I've finally finished sculpting the new version of Nuzzgrond. I'm not sure there are many clearly visible differences from the last batch of pictures, but they're there, trust me. ;)





Hopefully I'll upload pictures of Nuzzgrond and his Nobs fully painted within the next week or so.

Bob Hunk
20-04-2009, 09:12
Hey everyone, some "work in progress" updates...





That's all for now. :)

20-04-2009, 09:43
This is coming along very nicely! Such a characterful warboss and attention to detail!

Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:28
Hey all, it's time for a major update! The Tempus Fugitive's event is now only two weeks away, so with the girlf out of town over the weekend I decided to have a major two day painting session. Thankfully this was just enough to get the army to a tabletop ready state. :D

So settle in for a picture extravaganza!

Army Overview




Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:32
Objective Markers


Gobshak's Shootas


Krusha (Deffdread)


Bogrot's Trukk Boyz


Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:35
Muggrub's Trukk Boyz


Kaptin Nuzzgrond, Big Mek Wazdakka & Nob retinue





Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:39
Meganobz & Trukk




Skorcha, Deffdread


Grimtuff's Shoota Boyz


Deffkopta Skwadron Zero-One


Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:43
Shokk Attack Gun Big Mek & Lootas


Looted Boom Gun Wagon






Bob Hunk
05-05-2009, 09:46
So that's the army. :) If I get time I'll put a bit more work in on the Kommandos and Lootas, but otherwise we're ready to go. Will probably see some of you in a fortnight! :D

05-05-2009, 10:17
Lots of lovely pictures!!!!

bob... you're doing us blood axe lovers proud!

Fantastic work...


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

05-05-2009, 10:24
That is awesome! Any battles are going to be highly impressive! Looking forward to playing you.

14-12-2011, 18:11
This is all proper beautiful work. Love your self made stompa thing.
Orks are soooooooo cool. Nice work brother.