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02-08-2005, 03:59
Ok, first thing I should say is I'm not looking for help on the construction of my list. I've already sent this army to the tournament organizer and am fully aware of how underpowered the list is. What I'm looking for is a little tactical advise or tactical what ifs (Like, what would you do if you fought so-and-so army). This is to get me really thinking about my army, and will hopefully let me master a rather unfamiliar force in a fraction of the normal time. And I know the best way to learn an army is just play games, but unfortunately, the guys I can/usually play are limited in both number and types of army. So, enough Intro, on to the List.


Chaos Dwarf Lord riding a Great Taurus (Just because I can) armed with the Black Hammer of Hashut, Armor Of Gazzrakh, and the Gauntlets of Bahzrak the Cruel. He's the General as no other character I am taking can be.

Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer, Biting Blade, Black Gem of Gnar, and H. Armor

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, Lv.2, W/ Chalise of Darkness

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, Lv. 2, W/ Staff of Sorcery.

So far, not to bad, but now is when it starts to get worse


3X 16 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/ H. armor, shields, full command

2X 16 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/ H. armor, Shield (as I Have no choice), and Great Weapons, Full command

5X 10 Hobgoblins with no anything at all


A single Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

And Finally, Rare

An Earthshaker

And...8 Bull Centaurs with Great Weapoons, Light armor, Musician and Champion.

Any help would be ace.

02-08-2005, 14:06
Ok, so for basics i would say deployment would be center unit should be the one containing the BSB, 2 units either side with the hobgoblins infront to act as missle shields (I assume thats what they are for) On one flank the centaurs and the Taurus on the other, war machines in the best position you can find. Basic tactics would be to either heavily load one flank with both the centaurs and the taurus, charge at full speed down the flank and roll it up hopefully hitting the enemys center in the flank just as your warriors hit the front. Just watch out for march blockers, moving 3" a turn isn't nice for any army.

03-08-2005, 04:18
That's been the basic plan so far, and it has worked about half the time, so not terribly bad. I did have a rather difficult time with a unit of 5 Harpies getting to my lines and slowing me down to a crawl. That was a quick lesson. Next game they were priority targets ;). I'm very concerned about fighting a Gun line, as my only, semi-effective, countermeasure is to keep a chunk from shooting with the earthshaker.

03-08-2005, 09:16
Firstly let me shed a tear for the fact their's no blunderbuses :( lol

I would deploy 2 units of hobs in cover/out of the way and then hide 1 in each table quarter and then not move them. These guys cost 20 points each and are likely to take a table quarter each as you have a combat army that is going forward. Table quarters are a problem for any type of dwarfs.

I know you don't want comment on the list but warriors fight best in 4 wide 5 deep units as they keep the combat rank bonus for longer which is more useful then the extra attack.

I presume you already do this but the bull centaurs should be opposite the site of your first hit with the earthshaker. preventing them from reacting and most importantly shooting at your BC as much. This is quite disjointed as will take your warriors 4 turns to arrive, whereas your BC will arrive on turn 2. I believe CD always play better on the defence but with no blunderbuses and only 2 war machines you are going to have to charge and hope. In this respect I think 4 blocks of 20 warriors as an anvil and then a flanking move with bulls before sweeping along the line forceing them into your approaching anvil of warriors

04-08-2005, 18:50
OK, since i cant comment on the actual compositon... I would deploy the goblins as a screen for your dwarves, you units are small, so their numbers need to be conserved for combat. Keep one unit of hobgobs to guard the warmachines, they arent much but still should be able to take out most scouts and MAYBE some fast cav. Depending on who you face, i would be content to form a "block" in your deployment zone, with the warmachines and sorcerers inbetween units. Whatever you do, do not isolateany of your units, you ahve enough blocks of infantry that by the second round of any combat, you should be hitting the enemies flank. Keep the centaurs in reserve.

05-08-2005, 04:46
@ Steve-VanCity That would be far more effective if I had a deal more missile troops, but I don't. Hence I can't force the enemy to come to me, but rather have to come to them...unless it is an All CC army, in which case I am more than confident. I have been using the hobgoblins as a missile screen, and it is fairly effective. However, as my general is on a big flying monster, and therefore seldom near my battle line, my screen is fairly prone to fleeing and has the added nuisance of animosity.

I think I've come up with a decent way to entice an enemy to break ranks when they normally wouldn't, but I'll have to let you know if it works.

Edit: well, a few more weeks of playtesting have shown me that this army sucks and I am truly screwewd at the tournament. Oh well, I guess not every list can be effective

12-08-2005, 01:26
Put one unit of hobgoblins in front of each warrior unit. When you close with the enemy, move the hobgoblins to between 7-8" away from the enemy troops (assuming enemies with m4). Place your warriors barely 8" away from the enemy troops.

If they charge: run. Even if you roll snake eyes, the hobgoblins will end their flee at least 9" from the enemy and the charge will fail. You'll be able to charge with your warriors the next turn.

If they don't charge: charge with your hobgoblins! They might even kill something before getting slaughtered; rank them at least six wide to increase the chances. They'll run at the end of combat, hopefully bringing the enemy within charge range of your warriors.

This is obviously a fairly risky tactic with your general flying around, but if you can keep him close enough to prevent the other hobgoblin units from panicing it should allow you to get a few charges. Try to follow these up with flank charges by your general. That's pretty much the only way I can see you winning combat against anything other than basic core infantry.

Good luck, and may you bring back many slaves!