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16-04-2007, 19:35
Even if my Ogres have been seeing play again and really need some painting attention, I became infatuated with the Storm of Chaos Eshin Skaven list a few weeks back and wanted to slam something new together for the Nemesis Crown campaign this summer. Combine that with my urge to use classic nurglings on their own bases, and here we are at the beginning of a new army project.

I've bought and traded for nurglings in the last couple weeks and have a few on hand now, and will have the rest arriving either this week or the next. As it is, I've got enough models to officially get started now. Here's the list that I'll be building:

H: Assassin - weeping blade, smoke bombs = 170
H: Eshin Sorceror - level 2 = 90
H: Eshin Sorceror - level 2 = 90

C: 6 Night Runners - throwing stars = 42
C: 6 Night Runners - throwing stars = 42

S: 6 Gutter Runners - throwing stars, poison = 108
S: 6 Gutter Runners - throwing stars, poison = 108
S: 6 Gutter Runners - throwing stars, poison = 108

R: Eshin Triad - smoke bombs = 240

Total: 998 points

I'll be dipping the entire army, which should be a learning experience in itself, and generally make the project go faster too :D

DAY 00



Started the project early last night and converted the assassin and the two sorcerers out of some beastmen I had on hand. Was great fun sculpting in tumorously bulging back and shoulder muscles, and replacing the heads with horns is something you'll see again when I convert three ghouls into my nurgle triad. Also, I knew I'd have extra GS, so I got a plastic bead from my girlfriend and made a tunneling marker for when I use tunneling gutter runners. The idea is it'll look like a giant blister rising out of the ground ;)

Tonight I clean and 'assemble' 18 nurglings, and take some lo-res webcam shots of the progress so far. Stay tuned!

- Salvage

17-04-2007, 04:55
DAY 01


Got more nurgs in the mail today, so I built most all of them tonight. 12 'night runner' runts and 10 'gutter runner' bigger guys. So just 8 more big nurgs and the little guys are done and ready for undercoat, basecoat and dip :evilgrin:

Pity the weather is le dung right now, but I'm expecting I'll be able to spray Thursday afternoon ... which might mean Wed's update will be less productive :rolleyes:

- Salvage

17-04-2007, 08:36
Weird and wonderful, but why Eshin? Not particularly tough, which is what Nurgle seems to be about...

17-04-2007, 08:41
Great idea, I can't wait to see some stuff painted! Any chance you will be expanding the army at a later time?


17-04-2007, 15:04
Thanks for the replies lads. Now to specifics:

@ unwanted - Eshin because I wanted to use the list, and had only read about it being used once or twice. Nurgle because of modeling purposes primarily, but I think the Big N can be married with the assassins theme well enough. I see these guys as much less the 'tough and rotten' as the 'vigor mortis' side of the coin, spasming along in the throes of death, etc. Should make for some neat Nemesis moments, as Nurgle extends a totally unexpected covert tendril out to assassinate key targets. The rusty scalpel instead of the oozing great hammer :D

@ Aventine - I've been thinking about expansion to 2000, but don't know how much I'd want to in the end. I could take a Master Assassin, another triad and a nice big tunnel team (I just bought some classic tyranid rippers to use for this) ... I guess from there I just add nurglings to fill. You know, this is a definite possibility ...

Tonight's update will likely be just the remaining nurglings that I have available, unless my ghouls arrive from eBay, in which case the triad will happen.

- Salvage

17-04-2007, 17:22

With rats...

And ninjas....

This has to be one of the best armies ever!

Can't wait to watch this army develop. Should be interseting

17-04-2007, 18:00
Great start to what promises to be a unique army. Love it. Can we get some closer shots of the conversions?

17-04-2007, 21:00
very unique idea Boss i was somewhat confused when i saw the pics. Are you planning on sculpting your own nurglings at one point?

17-04-2007, 21:19
Sorry CK, I'll leave the sculpted nurgs to Warwolt. I like the old classic guys a lot, and though they won't jive 100% with my own Nurgley creatures, I've got dozens of the guys now so I'm going ahead with them. I had thought about clipping some heads off and replacing with horns, but ... this project really is being undergone with all the speed I can muster ;)

- Salvage

18-04-2007, 04:57
DAY 02


Tiny update tonight, but at least it's everything I had said I'd get done :P. Since there were only 5 nurgs for tonight, I gave most of them minor marauder weapon swaps. With luck 10 more nurglings (I only need a few of them) and/or my ghouls will arrive in the mail tomorrow, so I can get down to more building. If not ... we'll just have to see what the daily pic turns out to be :angel:

- Salvage

18-04-2007, 06:39
You have an awesome idea and I look forward to seeing it become an army. So far it loks great but painted it will totally rock when painted.

Warwolt the skaven
18-04-2007, 08:20
So this is the nurgle army hehe ;)
Who knows I might have to take this idea from you :P

18-04-2007, 16:00
You've got your own tiny nurgling army already Warwolt :O !!!

Though your scratchbuilt nurgling DeathGuard was an inspiration, I'll admit. Just not that much time to sculpt 30 little poots myself :P

@ Speedy - Thanks, I'm looking forward to painting and dipping one up ASAP :D

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
18-04-2007, 16:55
I might snatch your idea as I got my tiny little army of nurglings in a dark coner in the WIP-box. Its simply 'ard as 'ell to sculpt all of them. And EVERYONE loves nurglings :D

Don't forgot the gloss

19-04-2007, 04:27
DAY 03


So neither my ghouls nor my nurglings came in the mail, but I was out late anyway so a good night for a tiniest of tiny updates. And I mean tiny - 1 nurgling, and this guy is actually one I wasn't going to use at all! So he's officially "Testee" the test scheme nurgling :evilgrin:

He'll see paint tomorrow night, and I'll be spraying everything white tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting. But since this update is so lame, here's a pic of the last stuff I painted, my noise marines for my undivided chaos army:


- Salvage

20-04-2007, 04:43
DAY 04


White primer on everything done so far. w00t for nice weather finally!


Tester nurgling, which looks pretty green right now, but I have high hopes that The Dip will muck that up nicely. The snot is the tester for the larger horned characters, and has lived in my bitz box for a long time now. The skin is fortress grey, and the green from the nurgling is continued in the 'clothes' of the model. His nose is bone, cause the proper characters will have bone horns :eyebrows: I'm hoping the skin dips nicely, and is dingy enough to work with the green nurgle hordes.


- Salvage

21-04-2007, 06:06
DAY 05


Tester nurgling and snotling after the dip. The dip is a tad too thick, but I don't want to buy mineral spirits and mess with that, and I like how these guys turned out. In which case ...


Basecoat done on 6 little nurglings! Took far too long, but I was painting as fast as I can. I will get the other 6 done Sunday night, then shoot to get 3 bigger nurglings done every day out of next week, with a nice rest at some point to build something. Gonna be a long week :D


Plague Water!

- Salvage

Angry Lawyer
21-04-2007, 13:04
I love the whole Nyarlathotep thing going on with those big guys :D

-Angry Lawyer

21-04-2007, 18:33
which stain for the dip are you using?

His Master's Voice
21-04-2007, 21:10
A sea of Nurglings... I've just envisioned 100+ Nurglings, all on separate bases, rushing at me screaming "GREEN PAINT!!!" Scary.

But now that I think about it a RatGlings army is an extremely entertaining concept. Consider me "subscribed" and good luck on the road to insanity.

22-04-2007, 14:04
DAY 06


Dipped the first unit of 'night runners' yesterday, and happy how they came out. All I had to do was get some of the dip off of their teeth - want them good and shiny :evilgrin: - and then let them dry for 24 hours or so (they're still at it). Here they're stabbed into the box I use to hold them up whilst they dry.


For CK195, here's a pic of the dip and the sorbet tub I spin the stuff in. Now - breakfast!

- Salvage

23-04-2007, 05:19
DAY 07


2 hours and 55 minutes later, the rest of the little nurgs are painted and ready for dip tomorrow afternoon. Keeping right on schedule so far, and the next nights will be painting 3-4 bigger nurgs, then dipping them the following afternoon. Hoping to get my ghouls and remaining nurglings soon too, will take a break to build 1 night this week I reckon.

@ Angry Lawyer - Yes! Glad someone saw the Nyarla influence, I definitely had the Crawling Chaos in mind when I thought the heroes up. On a side note, I'm keen to build a Warhammer scale Nyarla sometime, and use it as a demon prince in either fantasy or 40k ... I guess the Great Horned Rat is as close as I'd get to HUGE in this army, even if he's not technically available to the ninjas :skull:

- Salvage

23-04-2007, 19:13
Hmm, I will be watching this thread. Never made a nurgle army, but I have always like death guard and, well, my roommate is quite the devotee to nurgle and he doesn't even play any games workshop games... (if you saw the dorm room you'd understand). I simply feel obliged to follow the thread.

24-04-2007, 05:22
DAY 08


First 3 big nurglings done, and you'll notice they've learned how to use (poisoned) weapons!!1 :wtf: They're taking about as long as I figured they would (read: too long), and I'll dip these guys tomorrow afternoon and paint up 3 more tomorrow night.


But Wednesday night is going to be a building break, as I got my ghouls in the mail at last. Those are the spikes that are going to go where they're ugly-as-hell heads currently are. The beastmen axe may donate its head to the guy wielding a bone, but if not that he'll get something else ... maybe a mace head in place of the end of the femur. We'll see.

Also, I dipped the rest of the tiny nurgs, and I will have a pic up of all of the dipped models tomorrow sometime later.

- Salvage

24-04-2007, 10:37
Great couple of updates mate... your really knocking em out. Keep em coming.

24-04-2007, 15:50
@ MK - Thanks man, and the plan is to keep powering right along and finish the army that first week of May. Feeling a little tired now, but the painting level involved with dipping means I can keep the pace up, though I'm looking forward to taking a break after this project and spending my nights with a good book or movie or something :D

@ Strelok - Thanks for watching, and Nurgle is a real trip modeling-wise, mostly anything goes (including shoddy sculpting skills :P). And ... do I even want to know more about your guys dorm room?

- Salvage

24-04-2007, 17:41
My roommate is just filthy, it spreads across the room like a plague. Hes a good person and cool to hang out with, but when it comes to cleanliness, Father Nurgle himself would cringe. It's to the point that we joke about mold refusing to grow in there.

25-04-2007, 05:22
DAY 09


Another day, another three big nurglings done. When these guys are dipped tomorrow I'll have 2 night runner units and 1 gutter runner unit all done (sans basing), which is ... 19.2% of the total points :cries:, but 50% of the total models :D

The promised pic of dipped stuff will happen tomorrow, as I will be building The Triad instead of painting, just to change things up.

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
25-04-2007, 10:56
looks pretty bloody awesome with those nurglings. I do however not really like dipping. But meh, it looks glossy and its, nurglings. GLOSS THEM MWAHAH :D
I want more piccies!

26-04-2007, 04:58
DAY 10



Triad arrive, in a big way. Great fun converting these guys, which mostly involved hacking off the ***** ghoul heads, pinning the horns into place and sculpting them in, along with some tumorous bulges and nasty skin. I also swapped out the bone for the beast ninja-esque sword, and added a bracelet to one assassin and an anklet to the other. Nurgle is clearly not above accesorizing when it's called for ;)


Here's a pic of all the dipped models thus far, besides the three big nurgs I dipped this afternoon, which are still drying. Kinda ... parthetically small, but ah well, nurglings ftw!

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
26-04-2007, 10:53
argh! Damn you and your wonderfull little ninjas! Now I want some too :(
You must die :P
But finnish the army first. THEN DIE!

26-04-2007, 16:20
Bah! Foolish Swede! My tiny rotten ninjas make me invincible!

Side note: Seeing the Aqua Teen movie tonight, so perhaps less nurgs will be painted ... though I'm guessing I'll power through three more like usual, and just sleep less :P

- Salvage

27-04-2007, 04:34
DAY 11

First post with no pic, cause this is the first day with no work done. It's also the first day my girlfriend has given me cr@p for neglecting other responsibilities and spending my 2-3 hours a night painting. Well, I say dung to that, and figure I can get everything painted and dipped by May 5th. Then bases have to happen ...

What I did do tonight was take said girl to Aqua Teen : The Movie. Wow, was it bad, and paying $20 to see it was even worse.

Tomorrow - 3+ More Nurglings!

- Salvage

27-04-2007, 07:44
i'm sorry to hear that, do you like teh show regularly? if not than i still hold hope for it. if you watch the show and it dissappointed you i wont even bother to see it.

27-04-2007, 14:52
I used to love the show, and watched most of the first couple seasons or so. But even then, things got samey, dumb and repetitive ... and you'll find the movie is very samey, dumb and repetitive :X. If you can catch it at an AMC AM $4 show, do that instead, that's what my girl and I would have done but it's only playing in one theater here, and a Regal at that. It's mostly the fact that for $20 I could have bought the entire first or second season of Venture Bros on DVD from half.com, which would have been a) longer and b) much more enjoyable.

That said, the first 5 min or so of AQ was amazing :skull:

- Salvage

27-04-2007, 19:14
ah nice, yes venture brothers is amazing!! i really have to start getting more dvd's along with the entourage dvd

28-04-2007, 05:21
DAY 12


Prolific tonight - 4 nurgs! Though tomorrow may be only 2, as lots of gaming is going down. You see, the girl is away, so out with the lads ... :eek: Those screws are how I dip the models - I superglue the screws to the underside of the base, then slot the screw into a powerdrill, place into the sherbert tub and spin spin spin. Good stuff.

Anyway, dipping these guys tomorrow morning, and then playtesting the list by teaming up with a load of ogres (against a couple chaos armies :skull:)

- Salvage

29-04-2007, 16:29
DAY 13


Technically I got nothing done yesterday, but I did just dip these guys about 30 min ago, so they're chilling on their drying box right now. When my headache goes away - late night last night :rolleyes: - I'll paint a couple more nurgs this afternoon. Probably a couple more tonight too, and that's nearly all of them!

I did have that game yesterday, and the nurglings and the ogres stomped the living hell out of 4000 points of chaos. Honestly, my lads did next to nothing, and my assassin whiffed against a chariot he was teleported into contact with and then ran off the table first turn :wtf: Highlight was ninja starring and then running down a Khorne exalted champ and his 5 chosen khorne knight buddies with night runners and gutter runners :evilgrin:

- Salvage

29-04-2007, 19:42
wow you must have been extremely lucky because running down chosen + exalted is a tall order for most any unit. Anything that would change around? or learned you to play with?

30-04-2007, 04:36
DAY 14


Four more big nurgs today, which makes for 26/30 painted and 22/30 dipped :skull:. Been at it two weeks, and am nearing the light at the end. Speaking of which ...


That's all I have left in my painting frisbee :D I've decided to paint the big guys just like the nurglings, so just bigger green monsters. Should dip well, with the good beast and ghoul musculature. Tomorrow, I paint that lone nurgling and then a sorcerer! Note that I'm waiting on more nurglings still, and when they arrive (from Canada) I'll have three more to do.

@ CK - Well, less my good luck and more the Khorne player's nasty nasty luck. He's a pro at rolling 1's for armor saves, which makes me love playing him! Ha! But sadly he's selling all of his Khorne boys and buying into orcs, which should be nasty but also add some variety to our fantasy group. Right now it's mostly ogres, chaos and skaven players, with a dark elf player and demonic legion for 'spice.'

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
30-04-2007, 08:11
Well I suggest you give us a group photo before I grab your nurglings and start a rebellion :)

30-04-2007, 21:06
Alright CK, a little more time now than last night, so maybe a thought or two on the army in-game. Honestly, I'm holding back on making any real judgements until I can get some 1v1 games down, which are kinda rare when I go game on Saturdays. Still, I'm gonna try to get a couple games @ 1000 points this weekend, so I can use the cover of darkness, etc.

Here's the list I ran on Sat:

H: Assassin - weeping blade, smoke bombs
H: Sorcerer - talisman of protection, level 2
H: Sorcerer - level 2
C: 6 Night Runners - stars
C: 6 Night Runners - stars
S: 6 Gutter Runners Tunnel Team - stars, poison
S: 6 Gutter Runners - stars, poison
S: 6 Gutter Runners - stars, poison
R: Triad

That's 1001 points, which was fine with the guys I was playing with but I'm not a fan of that one point. The tunnel team was ok, was nice to have some guys in the backfield, and they were able to get a rear charge on those chosen knights ... but then again a scouted gutter unit also got a rear charge in. I think if there had been warmachines to bother with the tunnelers would have been more useful, but as it is I'd rather have some kit on the sorcerers, who did next to nothing all game. The chaos players were letting me throw my 3 dice per sorcerer and teleport around the board, cause they recognized that at the best I might ninja star 1 heavy armored chaos warrior or at worst I'd miscast and explode. At least no miscasts ...

Next time I play I'll probably drop the tunnel upgrade and switch the talisman for bands of power or possibly the foul pendant on the sorcerer I'm using as my general. That, or warp scroll looks like it could do nasty things.

@ WWtS - Keep your pants on about the group shot, and keep your grubby mits off my nurgly things!

- Salvage

His Master's Voice
30-04-2007, 21:18
Heh, Boss, once I had to paint a 2000 points Eshin force with TONS of Runners as a commission. A wrecking experience, though I enjoyed the conversion work on the Assassin and Triads. But I recon that's not exactly what I should be talking about, right:evilgrin: ?

BTW, I wonder, what's the expresion on your opponents face when is Chosen Knights get run down by nurglings? One would think a chaos lord cannot suffer a greater disgrace (unless he would be beaten by snotlings...).

30-04-2007, 21:27
He had already sold the army in his head at that point, so just tossed his armor saves, rolled up 1's and said 'Whatever.' Then he failed his break test, botched his flee distance on 3 dice and took the chosen off the table ... :evilgrin:

I'd much rather be painting and dipping nurglings than 'properly' painting dozens of rats! No matter how many chosen knights they run down!

- Salvage

01-05-2007, 19:28
DAY 15

Late and no pic! Thankfully my lame-ness doesn't extend to painting, as I did get the last nurgling and the first sorcerer done. The sorc took an incredibly long time, and I was pushing really hard to just get it done without rushing and getting sloppy. That's my excuse too - I decided to finally get some sleep instead of posting on Warseer :wtf:

Dipping today should be interesting, I have no idea what will happen with the sorcerer! Here's hoping all my hardwork pays off ...

- Salvage

02-05-2007, 18:48
DAY 16

Late and no pic x2! Another late night last night, went to a play with the girl and didn't get home 'til late. Luckily the massive thunderstorm we were having didn't blow out the power, so I got the other sorcerer painted up. I also dipped the first sorcerer and the last nurgling yesterday, and I will maybe get pics of those 2 up here before long. No dipping today, but I am going to try to get painting earlier tonight and pound out 2 of the triad ninjas.

I do apologize about the lack of daily pics the last two days, but sleep, etc.

- Salvage

03-05-2007, 05:37
DAY 17



So that's tonight's two triad members. I can dig it, though we'll have to see how all that gribbly GS stuff turns out with the dip ...


Speaking of dip! Here is sorcerer #2 and his dipped friend #1. Think it came out ok, again a bit thick in parts but as I said back when, not worrying about thinning the dip with spirits on this army. The sorcerer and two triad will be dipped tomorrow afternoon, and then I only have 1 triad and the assassin left to paint!!! Oh, there's the 3 nurglings that are creeping their way here from Canada, and the tunnel marker I left at the game store ... but my painting frisbee is almost nice and empty all the same :evilgrin:

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
03-05-2007, 12:38
Looks good sofar, but erh. Wheres 'em 'eads x3

03-05-2007, 13:45
Gotta love those nurglings!!!! Much better than the new ones!

The dip looks really nice to!

03-05-2007, 18:29
Thanks CWBD, we'll see how the dip treats the triad this afternoon :D

And Warwolt, heads are soooo overrated :evilgrin:

- Salvage

04-05-2007, 05:09
DAY 18


Last triad is painted and ready for dip. Also note that the big white guy with the enormous spike is the only model left to paint (barring the nurglings that haven't shown up). I am excited :D

I'll have pics of the dipped triad sometime soon, along with pics of everything this weekend when the assassin is done drying. Then it's just 1 night for those nurgs when I have them, and figuring out basing. Sweetness!

- Salvage

04-05-2007, 20:54
wow an army in less than 20 days. i hate you. lol but that aside did you have to explain your concept much to the people you were playing?

05-05-2007, 06:22
DAY 19


There's the assassin painted too, after a long Friday night of being hunched over. Tomorrow morning he gets the dip, and I run out of models to paint :cries: ... Oh, found out that the nurgles I had paid for were sent from Vegas about 2 weeks ago. No idea where they are now, and the guy didn't put delivery confirmation on 'em. Tsk tsk. At this point, I still need 3 big nurgs, so if the dude doesn't send me 3 more asap from Canada, I may just sculpt my own. Honestly, that'd be a lot of fun, just take a bit of sprue, stick a beastman horn to it and then GS gribbly stuff around it! Instant counts-as nurgling (who counts-as a gutter runner) :evilgrin:

Speaking of which, the guys I played last week were either confused at first or just got that they were Eshin. One guy had bought up and started an Eshin army himself, so he was giving me pointers as I bounced off his chaos armor. A couple skaven players wandered through and were definitely the most confused though, not understanding why I wouldn't just play Pestilen if I wanted the Nurgle angle. I scoffed and killed stuff with ninja stars.

- Salvage

06-05-2007, 04:24
DAY 20


Assassin = dipped. Played a game vs. chaos mortals today, learned a bunch about this goofy Eshiny army :P Anyone care to guess how it went?? I'll have a more in depth report Monday or so.

Tomorrow though I paint the last 3 nurglings, because the lads showed up from Vegas. I owe the postman 24 cents, but I can spare a quarter if it means getting the army done sooner!!

- Salvage

06-05-2007, 05:33
Very unique, and the dipping works well on them. They look good, and I'm sure they'll look twice as good once you get the basing done! Basing can make or break a model, and they'd look great with brown bases and a bit of flock.:D

07-05-2007, 05:51
DAY 21


Got the nurglings yesterday, swapped some weapons out for marauder ones again (the shield will go on the guy with his fist raised, ready to beat with it rather than get a save :P), and painted them tonight. So all the models for the army are built, painted and will all be dipped as of tomorrow :D

Ironically, disaster struck when I was adding the final green detail on the final nurgling. I opened up the snot green, stuck my brush in, hooked the end of the brush in my desk lamp and dumped the paint pot into the lap of my camo shorts!!! I snapped up the pot, saved about 1/5 of the paint (and this pot of snot green has served me so well :cries:), got my shorts off and into the sink. In the end, I washed almost all of the paint off of my camo, had enough paint to finish the army up, and didn't get a drop on the carpet ;)

@ Pekel - Thanks for the kind words, I think the dip worked well with the green, bone and metal on these guys, though I'm not as in love with the stuff as I was before. I actually like highlighting, and kinda miss adding that personal detail level ... but I have learned some respect for the white undercoat, colors come out really fantastic on it.

Bases will be happening next, gonna be some scattered flock, then scorched brown to cover, with some snakebite & bone drybrushes and then some tufts of swamp-y scenic grass. Wednesday expect a group shot of the dipped army before bases, and from then I'll throw up a pic of everything based when it gets there.

Oh, and the batrep will happen tomorrow sometime.

- Salvage, posting in the nude \mm/

08-05-2007, 19:27
Battle report time!

'Clan Eshin' Nurgle
Assassin - weeping blade, smoke
Sorceror - power bands, level 2
Sorceror - level 2
7 Night Runners - stars
6 Night Runners - stars
3x 6 Gutter Runners - stars, all poison

Hordes of Chaos
Aspiring Champ - two weapons, ?
10? Warriors of Khorne - two weapons, command
10? Chosen Warriors of Nurgle - shield, command
5 Chosen Knights of Nurgle - command

Another warriors + knights HoC army, of which are gaming group has many :P Cover of Darkness only mattered in one turn, so I'll only note it then.

He deployed khorne warriors w/ champ, nurgle warriors and knights on the flank with a wood between them and the nurgle lads. I scout gutters to the left and to the front-left of the khorne block, either in woods or a patch of boulders (treated as woods). Night runners both go down across from the khorne block, third gutters occupy a wood to the front-left of the nurgle block. My characters go behind the night runners near each other, and the triad scout with the gutters in the rocks to the khorne block's left. I win first turn and take it.

Eshin 1 - Night runners move up to bait the khorne block, gutter runners push through the rocks to the block's flank and triad zip around to the block's rear. Other gutters move around more toward the khorne flank as well, and the third gutters maneuver towards the nurgle flank, between the two blocks. Other night runners vaguely move forward. Characters wander with them.
Chaos 1 - Khorne block charges night runners, who flee and pull them 4" forward. Nurgle block advances - may have been march blocked - and the knights way on the flank begin heading toward the battle.

Eshin 2 - Night runners flee more, and gutters charge the nurgle unit in the flank (passed fear). Other gutters and triad surround the khorne unit, and after a hail of shurikens a few die. The assassin is teleported into contact with the rear of the nurgle unit, and the power band sorceror follows him with another skitterleap. He gets his bands off and kills 1 warrior, but the assassin misses and the gutters fluff. One warrior backhands the assassin for two wounds, breaking his scrawny nonexistant neck :cries: My units auto-fail due to fear but out pace the nurgle block, which chases the gutters to the left and towards the khorne block.
Chaos 2 - Khorne block reforms to face the triad at their rear, the nurgle block is too close to the khorne block to charge anything (no wheel room), so reformed to face something, and the knights plow into the woods between it and the rest of the game.

Eshin 3 - Night runners rally, gutters rally. Triad charge the khorne block in the front, gutters charge it in the flank (contacting only the AC, who was riding the unit's corner). Third gutters move to the nurgle flank, bringing it within charge of the knights just inside the woods. Both sorcerors teleport into the khorne unit, and the power bands are switched on again. Shooting does little against the nurgle unit. The triad rock the warriors' world, causing EIGHT wounds and vaporizing everything but the AC. Three gutters fluff against the AC, who stomps four of them into paste in return. He still loses, and is caught and ASSASSINATED by the remaining gutters :evilgrin:
Chaos 3 - The knights charge the gutters in front of the forest, who flee through the rest of the Eshin army, causing the lesser sorceror and some night runners to flee too! The nurgle block reforms again to face the bulk of my army once more.

Eshin 4 - Everything but the sorceror rallies, but he's feeling sluggish so I get two more chances to rally him. The gutters with the captured khorne banner run to hide in the rocks, everything else scoots around and throws some stars that do nothing.
Chaos 4 - Warriors and knights charge a gutter unit, which fails fear, flees and pulls them both forward.

Eshin 5 - Cover of Darkness is 6", limiting charges for the first time. The sorceror flees again, but not off the table yet. The triad are 5" from the nurgle flank and feeling frisky, so charge in for another round. The power banded sorceror joined in, teleporting to the units rear and doubling up his strength. The chaos player was all worried, seeing how well the three did last time around, but I was nice and whiffed with all 12 attaks :skull: One of the two chosen turned and caved in the skinny chest of one of the green monsters, sending them running for the table edge. The sorceror passed his test though, perhaps taking a wound in the process but holding the unit in place. Some night runners that had followed the knights charged them in the rear, being stomped to paste and bouncing away, eventually off the table. I should have just shot with the twerps :P
Chaos 5 - Knights can't see to charge anything, so meander about a little. The warriors don't kill the sorceror, but he loses on CR and flees, but is not pursued.

Eshin 6 - Triad rally, and with the edge 2" behind them and the nurgle block charge distance away. The gutters with the banner are firmly hidden in the rocks, but I got dumb with everything else in a mad bid to gain some points and save the 210 in the two triad. A gutter unit frontal charged the chosen knights, the other unit just flank-charged the nurgle unit, and both sorcerors (the one had rallied) skitterleap into the rear of the chosen, one with power bands turned on. My desperate grab yielded nothing, causing no wounds with 8 poison attaks and having all the units involved broken and fleeing. This includes my general, who I should never have put in there to begin with. The gutter runners also fluff, and are smashed, auto-broken and caught.
Chaos 6 - The warriors charge the triad, who fail their fear test and run off the table.

Minor Victory - Chaos

I played a surprisingly decent game, keeping out of charge arcs and having that one really successful combi-charge. Bands of power were very nice, as my sorceror had them on the only time I cracked the chosen warrior armor, but I was surprised that my opponent never saved even 1 die to counter it. He was just throwing all his dice to stop my first skitterleap every turn ... I'm very happy with only about a 160 point loss against the hardest armor out there, and could have easily taken a draw or a MV of my own by not giving away so many points in the last turn. I got greedy and overextended, and paid for it. Also, let me note how much I like causing fear rather than being autobroken by it in return!

Painting the bases on all the night runners and the triads today, then the rest in the next two days I'm guessing.

- Salvage

16-05-2007, 04:33
DAY 31


DONE. Finally finished the bases, and while I do have some grassy tufts I had thought about gluing down in spots, I think I'll pass. The bases as is are a little flaky and a bit weak, but I want to get these guys gloss coated and ready for gaming, so screw it :skull:

Gaming updates may happen in here, and I do need to build a new assassin I think, this time with warpstone stars. I'll give the weeping blade lad here a few more chances to live past turn 1 - and/or kill anything - but I've already got a conversion based on a strigoi vamp in mind ...

A fun, totally successful project, hope you all enjoyed following along, webcam pics and all :D

- Salvage

16-05-2007, 06:07
Yay, basing! I think a little bit of grass might liven them up, though - maybe after gloss coating?

They look great together, though, and congrats on finishing!

17-05-2007, 07:58
i think u need to bump to 2k and add the death masta like we talked. make him with a nurgling hanging out of his stomach holding the 3rd weeping blade

17-05-2007, 09:39
This is totaly cool! I think you should expand it to 2k aswell..

17-05-2007, 15:30
I was contemplating how little would need to happen to go 2k, with an enormous point-sync master assassin, 3 ironguts and a scattering of nurglings. DM Snitch would just make it all the faster ... but the thing is, I'd lose out on another hero choice then, and while my assassin has been a waste of points so far I kinda feel he might be worth keeping around. I'll think about it though, DMS is pretty damn insane.

Also, I caved to the incredible pressure - Pekel and myself :D - and glued a tuft of grass to each base. If the humidity is off today I'll seal 'em up ftw.

- Salvage

17-05-2007, 17:06
I found a link to this blog in your sig .... sweet horde of little blighters you've got there (altough losing from an army with two units of infantry Chaos Warriors with a shooty, all-skirmishing army is disgraceful if you ask me ;)).

A Deatmaster Snotch would complement this sticky mob nicely .... That or some Nuratling Guns. :D

Warwolt the skaven
17-05-2007, 17:24
An idea for your leadbelchers could be a single nurgling on a 40*40 base holding a GIGANTIC gun pointed at you ;)
And damn, I need to get my 1000pts army done! :O

31-05-2007, 14:45
I like this idea a lot. Do you plan to add anything besides static grass to the bases? And, have you finalized any plans to expand the army to 2k?

BTW, the characters look awesome.

31-05-2007, 19:13
Thanks No-use, Warwolt, Squigg, good to be brought back to think about these guys again. Only played them the couple times so far, because my 40k Chaos boys are storming their way back into my favor again - been painting that army since last August and have just 5 more models to go to finish 1500! Course, after those 5 are down I've already got 7 + defiler to hit 2000 :cries:

But since you're all clamoring for 2k, I gave it some thought. If I go the Snikch route, it's not too many models to add:

LH: DMS - 515
H: Sorcerer - scroll, level 2 = 115
H: Sorcerer - scroll, level 2 = 115
C: 7 NR - stars = 49
C: 7 NR - stars = 49
C: 7 NR - stars = 49
C: 2 Rat Swarms - poison = 130
S: 7 GR - stars, poison = 126
S: 7 GR - stars, poison = 126
S: 7 GR - stars, poison = 126
S: 7 GR Tunnel Team - poison = 119
R: Triad - 210
R: 3 Maneaters - cathayan long swords, heavy armor = 270

That comes to 1999, and I'd have to build Snikch (strigoi base), 3 'maneaters' (plastic rat ogre base), 2 rat bases (stock!), 7 tunnellers (old rippers), and 11 more nurglings. So not too many models, and most all of them would be fun to convert and paint. Maybe I'll kick this up above "paint 1000 points of ogres" but probably below "get Chaos to 2000 before the nerf" in Sept ;)

- Salvage

22-06-2007, 18:21

So I made an alternate assassin, this one with a warpstone star / shrapnel cannon arm :evilgrin:. Pics sometime. I'm also getting set on a 2000 point list, without DMS but with a fellblade master assassin and 4 maneaters :skull:

Battle report time! 1000 point game, played last Saturday while waiting for 40k mega-battle to get started.

Clan Eshin

Assassin - warpstone stars, smoke
Sorceror - bands of power, level 2
Sorceror - level 2
6 Night Runners - stars
6 Night Runners - stars
6 Gutter Runners - stars, poison
6 Gutter Runners - stars, poison
6 Gutter Runners - stars, poison

'Ard Boys

19 Black Orcs - cmd, shields
20 Black Orcs - cmd
15 Orcs - cmd, 2 hw
5 Big 'Un Boar Boys - cmd

Battle of the SoC lists! The Blorcs may have had an effigy too, he asked about how it would work in conjunction with the new O&G spells, but he never brought it up again during the game. Go fig.

I deployed the two NR 12" up and about mid table (1 in rocks), and he deployed 20 blorcs left, Facebeater and friends middle, boars to their right, and 15 orcs right. I scouted GR into some woods in front of the left blorcs, behind a NR unit and in terrain mid, and into some woods in front of the right blorcs. The triad scouted with the right GR, and my characters ranged behind the NR mid.

He won first turn and took it.

Black Orcs 1
Animosity: Left blorcs squabble and lose a couple to quell, and the boars surge forward 6". Combined with their march this launches them 20" forward! The other units all march, with the left blorcs wheeling towards the center.

Eshin 1
The orcs were doing my work for me! The left GR scooted out of the woods and to the blorcs flank, the triad shot out to flank the right orcs, and the rest of the units arranged themselves to blast the boars that had zipped into range. Skitterleap sends the assassin to Facebeater's flank and moves a sorceror into range of the boars. Fire on the boars kills all but the boss and standard, who flee back where they came from. Warpstone stars kill a couple blorcs from Facebeater's unit.

Black Orcs 2
Animosity: WAAAGH is called! Facebeater launches forward into charge range of the NR in front of them, the right orcs fail to do anything, and the left blorcs squabble again! Four die automatically, and then quell drops another couple! They stumble forward 4", and the right blorcs do the same. The NR flee from Facebeater, and their blorcs fail their charge. The boars rally.

Eshin 2
The NR flee off the table. Left GR stay with the blorcs trying to escape, and the right GR move to the flank of the right orcs. Mid GR move to the flank of Facebeater's boys. Both sorcerors skitterleap over in star range of the boars, and drop one with shooting. The left GR kill a blorc or so from the left blorcs; the assassin, mid GR and remaining NR unit kill some blorcs from Facebeater's unit; and the right GR and triad kill some orcs.

Black Orcs 3
Animosity: Nothing entertaining this turn, the right orcs may have squabbled because they didn't reform or move significantly. The boar boss ran and turned to get range on the sorcerors plaguing him, Facebeater's lads reformed to face the Eshin to their flank, and the left blorcs slogged forward another 4".

Eshin 3
The triad decided it was go time and charged the orcs in the flank (about 12 in the unit). The left GR followed their blorcs, and the GR and assassin moved out of Facebeater's arc, but the NR stayed in front of them as bait. The right GR moved into position for Facebeater's failed charge next turn. Wanting US5 on the orcs' flank, both sorcerors skitterleapt to join the triad in combat, and the bands of power were kicked on. The triad butchered a load of orcs, and the sorcerors may have killed one or two. The orcs broke and the triad ran them down, capturing the standard.

Black Orcs 4
Animosity: Nothing, though the left blorcs may have quelled themselves some more . They also doggedly continued forward 4", with a wheel to turn toward the assassin to Facebeater's flank. Facebeater charged the NR as predicted, and the NR fled, pulling the blorcs forward. The boar, with no sorcerors to face, moved about somewhere.

Eshin 4
Tired of just shooting, the left GR charged their blorcs (7 remaining) in the rear. And since Facebeater had moved up so nicely, the other two GR units hit that unit (10 or so remaining) in the rear (the right GR must have worked it's way around the top), and the assassin threw in against the flank too. The NR rallied, and the triad moved over toward the boar boss. Skitterleap sent both sorcerors into range of the pig, but he lived on. The left GR killed two blorcs, but the blorcs held. Five blorcs and two GR died, but the blorcs again passed their break.

Black Orcs 5
No animosity to test for. The boar boss charged the triad, and wounded one of the assassins. In return they vaporized him and his pig. The left blorcs lost some, killed none and were run down. Facebeater had all of his friends killed, then he stomped two more GR into goo but broke and was run down.

Eshin Win - Massacre

A good game, and one that was firmly in my control the whole time. My skirmishers were slippery like they need to be, but I have to thank my opponent for those awesome animosity deaths and generally setting up my traps and such for me! This was his first 1v1 game with the Ard Boys, and only my second 1v1 game with my Eshin - I gave away a marginal victory to a HoC army by mostly being dumb

- Salvage

23-06-2007, 02:52
Great play by play mate... sounds like it was a fun game.

24-06-2007, 09:43
Absolutely amazing looking army, just a Few Nitpicks with your Army List

1) You appear to be using an Illegal list there. I'm quite sure you need as many units of Night Runners as you have Gutter Runners. The Mainstay rule its called I think.

2) Also to use 3 Maneaters in the Proposed 2000 point army above and an Eshin Triad, I'm pretty sure you'd need 7 Rare Choices available to you (Ogre kingdoms Army Books, Page 67, "Maneater units are rare even in the ranks of the Mercenary World and hence take up 2 rare choices instead of the usual one"

25-06-2007, 03:17
@ MK - Glad you enjoyed the report, and I'll probably have a couple more to put up. Went to GD Baltimore this weekend, and got 2 games in, both against Tomb Kings! Did far better than I thought I would, though there were some dicey moments ...

@ Matt - THANKS! I missed the mainstay implications, very happy to have them pointed out to me. Likewise on the maneaters, 2 rare choices is just too much for me to drop the triad for. Care to check the lists below for me real quick?

Clan Eshin 1000

H: Assassin - warpstone stars
H: Sorceror - dispel scroll, level 2
H: Sorceror - level 2
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 5 NR - stars
S: 6 GR - stars, poison
S: 6 GR - stars, poison
S: 6 GR - stars, poison
R: Triad

Clan Eshin 2000

L: Master Assassin - fellblade, talisman of protection, smoke
H: Assassin - warpstone stars
H: Sorceror - dispel scroll, level 2
H: Sorceror - dispel scroll, level 2
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 5 NR - stars
C: 2 Rat Swarms - poison
S: 7 GR - stars, poison
S: 7 GR - stars, poison
S: 7 GR - stars, poison
S: 7 GR - poison, tunnel team
R: Triad - smoke
R: 4 Ironguts - command, warbanner

Those look legit now? I hate to spam min NR teams like that, but they're pretty useless for anything but bait. My 6 teams both die almost every game, so more 5 teams means more baiting and dying I guess :rolleyes: I wanted 2k to be a more fluffy list, with Nurgle numbers and all, but I honestly don't want to paint SO many more little nurglings.

I've ordered all the parts and bits for the 2000 list above, except for a blister of nurglings I'm looking for on eBay or Bartertown (or Warseer??). Got some sweet ideas, for fellblade assassin, pools of ooze 'rat swarms' and one-armed 'rat ogre' ironguts :evilgrin:

- Salvage

25-06-2007, 05:50
Both lists are fine, but the 2nd one appears to be 80 points short of 2000. Perhaps you missed something out?

I only noticed the mistakes because I was playing round with such a list in Army Builder. This Painting Log has made me REALLY keen to do a SoC Clan Eshin army . Considering you only need 2 Night Runner Boxes, 2 Sorcerers and 1 Assassin to do the above 1000 point list, its hard to not do it.

25-06-2007, 15:38
Really? I come out to 1994 everytime I run the points. Heroes (720) + Core (270) + Special (497) + Rare (507) = 1994 ...

Definitely go for it, and I'm sure it's a cheap army to build even if you don't use OOP nurglings on their own bases :D The 1000 list has been doing well for me now that I've learned some points denial / sneaky movement tactics, and I like the warpstone dakka much more than the weeping blade assassin. With the blade he would jump in, fluff and then run away, often off the board ... but now I can march block and shoot the hell out of things for most of the game :evilgrin:

I lose Cover of Darkness with the 2000 list, but I just don't want to make more triad right now. The IG will give me a block unit with some CR, and only marginally better kill potential in the end - 13 WS3 S6 attaks vs. 12 WS6 S4 poison attaks. But causing fear, having big unit strength and surviving past one round of combat - the triad's problem so far, they either win or lose big - AND having big cool models all made me buy my rat ogres yesterday.

- Salvage

25-06-2007, 20:59
Im now coming up with 1973 points. When you say poison next to the gutter runners, what do you mean?

And I assume which you've made the Rat Swarms PLague rats? If so this means you ahve too many special choices.

26-06-2007, 15:47
Ha! Poison on the tunnel team means just poison hw, and poison on the other gutters means poison everything. On the plague rats, I assumed they stayed core but could take poison. Apparently not! My armybuilder is clearly deranged, so I'm getting the Skaven book on Thur so I can stop making all these mistakes.

I'll plan to switch out the 2 plague rat swarms for 3 standard swarms. Luckily the swarms are just GS + bits on a 40mm base, so no need to order stuff.

- Salvage

26-06-2007, 15:49
I am jealous now mate... one of these days I will make it to a Games Day...

Glad to hear you got the chance and that you had such a good time. Any photos of the event?

23-08-2007, 14:25

Nurgle's Ninjas return, now swelled to 2000 points! Finished dipping the second 1000 points last week, and finished basing them Tuesday this week. Very psyched, but won't get a game in for 2-3 weeks :cries: ...

Clan Eshin 2000

L: Master Assassin - fellblade, talisman, smoke
H: Assassin - warpstone stars
H: Sorcerer - level 2, scroll
H: Sorcerer - level 2, scroll
C: 5 Night Runners - stars
C: 5 Night Runners - stars
C: 5 Night Runners - stars
C: 5 Night Runners - stars
C: 3 Rat Swarms
S: 7 Gutter Runners - stars, poison all
S: 7 Gutter Runners - stars, poison all
S: 7 Gutter Runners - stars, poison all
S: 7 Gutter Runners - tunnelers, poison hw
R: Triad - smoke
R: 4 Ironguts - full command, warbanner

I promise pics tonight, though crappy webcam ones again I'm afraid. Leaving for a wedding tomorrow, so gonna keep it light tonight even though I've been pushing on with getting my CSM re-armed for the nü codex. Pic taking will be just the thing, nice and easy :rolleyes:

Stay tuned!

- Salvage

The Jay
23-08-2007, 22:49
Looking good fella, any more progress?

24-08-2007, 03:47
Alright, the New Stuff [minus 7 small and 3 large nurglings].
But first, the obligatory pet pic:


Master Assassin:



Warpstone Assassin:


24-08-2007, 03:49
Rat Swarms:


Tunnel Team & Tunnel Marker:


24-08-2007, 03:52
DoW Ironguts [Full Command]:




BAM, there you be. 2k Eshin, though I'd like to take some army / unit shots sometime for you folks. Added grass tufts since you last saw the ninjas, and army shots are always sexy.

But time for bed, loads of driving tomorrow. Battle on, 'seers.

- Salvage