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16-04-2007, 23:16
Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone had any rules or knew where i could find rules for psychic blunts (also known as blanks and nulls).

Ive used searchy and looked around any other places i could think, but i couldnt find anything.

Thanks in advance for any help

17-04-2007, 01:20
I'm thinking you're on your own for that one. Never come across anything of the sort. Just work something reasonable out with your GM and post it here for some thoughts.

17-04-2007, 10:15
There are number of schools of thought on this one. However, to answer the basic question, the rules for Blunts can be found here:


In this context, "Blunts" are characters (not just Tau) who are less sensitive to the Warp than most humans. They aren't true Nulls or Pariahs, but just a little bit warp-blind. This is by contrast to the expression "blunts" referenced in BL novels, where the term is used by psykers to refer to non-psykers.

Meanwhile, you also have the true Pariah; rules for which can be found here:


But there is some debate over these things. Some would say that there is a sliding scale of "soullessness", from the Blunt (less sensitive than most), via the Null (psychically neutral) and the Untouchable (negatively psychic) to the Pariah (a great, gaping void in the Warp).

But in practice, the terms Null, Untouchable and Pariah are used more-or-less interchangeably and even the expression Blunt, as discussed above, is ambiguous.

But those are the rules. Enjoy.


17-04-2007, 22:24
Thanks for the rules their just what i was looking for.

Further on the blunt thing, how viable is it fluffwise to a blunt inquisitor?

Thanks in advance

18-04-2007, 09:02
It's viable in that there's no reason for a naturally Blunt human not to become an Inquisitor. But if we assume that the character's Bluntness was the reason he was recruited as an agent then one must wonder at the synchronicity that conferred on one individual not only the rare quality of Bluntness, but also the will, intellect and capability to also become an Inquisitor.

However, given the number of Pariah inquisitors that seem to find their ways onto my tabletops, I suppose a Blunt inquisitor is proportionately less offensive.


The Judge
22-04-2007, 21:44
damn I thought I'd had an original idea... my untouchable Inquisitor will have to join the ranks it seems...

05-06-2007, 10:20
That has just made my anti-psyker ordo hetericus inq sooo much more anti-psyker! hehehehehe....
He already as inscribed carapace armour, litanies of spite and hexagrammic wards! No-one is gonna blast him off a roof to his death with a fireball now...

05-06-2007, 14:53
these are the rules i would use for it. :angel:

5+ save on a d6 against psychic powers and effects.
3+ save on a d6 against psychic powers and effects.
immune to psychic powers and effects.
:skull: pariah :skull:
immune to psychic powers and effects in addition characters close-by get a save against psychic powers and effects.
within 3 yards: 5+ save
within 6 yards: 6+ save

i think these are a nice and simple set of rules for those anti-psychic imperials out there.

and now a lite version to keep power players down. :evilgrin:

6+ save on a d6 against psychic powers and effects.
5+ save on a d6 against psychic powers and effects.
4+ save against psychic powers and effects.
4+ save against psychic powers and effects in addition characters close-by get a save against psychic powers and effects.
within 3 yards: 6+ save

these rules would come into effect if i find people are making all of them into "untouchables" or "pariahs" so they won't overpower those who use psychics.

05-06-2007, 15:15
can't you "proxy" it with hex/pentagrammic wards?

The Anarchist
12-06-2007, 23:07
With refernce to blunt a Blunt Inquisitor according to the Eisenhorn books (probably the best source for Inquisitor knowledge and fluff) states that even being around a null/pariah/blunt can be uncomfortable or even painfull for a psyker. so with many Inquisitors being psykers this might make him ratehr unpopular, whilst not a problem for many Inqusitors it could make life realy difficult for an upcoming or apprentice Inquisitor.

thats the fluff, from the gaming point of view the rules for major jaxon are considered acceptable though when these are combined and added to the power of natural blunt are pretty effective.

15-06-2007, 00:08
Dorian Black is the Untouchable, btw.

These are rules I divised for an Untouchable character in my warband.

Untouchable (Character is immune to all psychic powers, and may never use any. No daemonic or possessed character may deliberately come within 5 yards of character; if they do all stats are halved. All psychic powers used by or on a character within 5 yards (unless limiter is activated) are taken at 1/4 willpower, and wyrd bonuses no longer apply. Any passive psychic power affecting the environment will be revealed if an Untouchable moves within 5 yards – hidden doorways, for instance.)

I wanted to try to portray Untouchables as they're shown in the Eisenhorn and Cain books - having a sort of anti-psyker aura that creates a field of psychic negativity in a small area around them, that protects them and people close to them from psychic attack.

As a way of balancing that, I would definitely say that only very ordinary human characters should be allowed to be Untouchables (Dorian Black is as good as you should get). Inquisitors, as others have said, have close attention paid to them from the very earliest stage of training, which would be difficult if they were hard to be around - it would also be incredibly unlikely that such an unliked figure would develop into a highly charismatic and forceful Inquisitor. Alizabeth Bequin is more than competant at her peak, but even she was nowhere near Inquisitor level.