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17-04-2007, 01:42
Well, looks like my gaming group is finally getting back into Inquisitor (yay!), so I've been looking for a character that I can get behind. My first basis for this decision is the model range available, as I'm no great hand at converting. At first, seeing the Kroot Mercenary model was a painful experience. The picture


is pretty awful. Looking at the bits that come with it, however, I noticed that the model should look a great deal like the 40K Kroot, which I rather like. Does anyone have a picture of it as it comes? Without heavy conversion, I mean. Failing that, how about just description?

I also figured I should find some rules for them, so after some searching I stumbled across the spanish GW site, which details their stats and abilities. http://www.games-workshop.es/especialista/inquisitor/bestiario/kroot.html
Does anyone know if these are official? If not, any idea where I might find the official set?

17-04-2007, 02:41
AFAIK, they ARE the official set. The kroot was an expansion model, put out alongside the =I= magazine (back when it had its own mag, before fanatic's one size fits all). My copy of the mag is buried somewhere, but (the profile)would probably be very similar, if not identical to this one.
I searched the specialist games site, and didn't find a character profile for him (or unbound daemonhosts, either).

17-04-2007, 10:07
The original release of the Kroot Mercenary came with the helmet, K'Nib multilauncher and galthite lacerator. But a conversion pack was also released, allowing a more conventional Kroot to be built.

Unsurprisingly - because it looks like a big steaming pile of elephant droppings - the original release was very unpopular and damn near everyone bought the conversion pack. So when the Inq line was rationalized (i.e. reduced) they binned the original version and reverted to selling the Kroot Mercenary in its natural state.

The original is, I believe, no longer available in the UK.

EDIT - The stats listed on the GW Spain website are a direct copy of the rules released in Exterminatus Magazine and are, therefore, entirely official.


18-04-2007, 20:37
Ahh, many thanks. I geuss the model does match up with that description of the Kroot character. Also good to hear those are the right set of rules. Now I've just got to track one of them down. Thanks.

20-04-2007, 15:24
Sadly though the Exterminatus rules make him really really weak, in pretty much all ways but especially compared to his 40k stats. Add to that the fact the model is WAY taller than almost any other INQ model - havne't compared mine with my marine though - and it's pretty silly IMO. I still use him, but he misses every shot with his multi-launcher and dies in combat ... though one game my magos did shoot him in the head (twice!) with his heavy stubber, when the kroot was fighting an eversor in hand to hand :D

As such I've meant to cook him up some new stats, especially something to show their "combat prowess" (ish) in 40k.

- Salvage

21-04-2007, 03:37
The exterminatus rules as in the ones found on the spanish website? I wouldn't think they'd make the Kroot all that weak, just not particularily fantastic. I wouldn't mind the strength being a bit higher (S4 in 40K, no?), but they're still pretty physically potent by my standards.
As for the model, how much taller would you say? Within reasonable bounds? Any chance you could take a picture of it beside some of your other models?

Vladimir Deathblade
21-04-2007, 17:39
I don't know about the inquisitor ones, but even the 40K ones are taller than space marines. and 40K infantry don't tend to show height variations as well as the perhaps should.