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17-04-2007, 02:54
Hi folks,

Further to a topic I posted in 40K General about really big models, here's the promised project log of my massive battlewagon.

This is the first vehicle of any description I have made for 40K since I built the old Predator kit in 1991. That was my first kit.

Knowing full well what will happen to my precious in most games is important. I expect it to die, regularly and spectacularly. But that is kinda the point. Because some opponents are easily swayed, it will be the biggest and most dangerous looking thing in my army, by a long way. Any weapons shooting my precious are not shooting my 2 trukks, 5 bikes or 6 killer kans

I'm doing this partly so that seeing it sitting out here in cyberland without any progress for days/weeks/months will spur/embarrass me into modelling & painting harder and faster. There is a huge tank battle at my local GW in May, and I want this bad boy looking 80% finished so he can take part.

The other reason I'm doing this is simply because I play Orks, and I can!

17-04-2007, 03:05
It started life as a trukk, which I built last year out of the aforementioned Predator, built in 1991 when I was 14. The paint job was very rushed, and there is no real detail on it. I basically widened and lengthened the Rhino chassis:


I never really liked it very much, although it does hold 10 boyz, and that got me to thinking about bigger things...

17-04-2007, 04:13
The Beast is Conceived...

The battlewagon had to conform to a set of rules I decided at the start:

It had to hold a full load of boyz (20)
It had to be dead shooty
It had to be dead 'ard
It had to be dead fast

Since the first component was a Beakie Gunwagon (Predator), I decided the second would be an 'Umie Big Gunwagon (Leman Russ).

The Beast Grows...

I got a Leman Russ and got the bits out. The tracks were needed to provide length. The turret and battlecannon were looking like spares, but I was loathe to waste them. After receiving 2 Necromunda bulkheads from my friendly neighbourhood GW manager, the Kontrol Kabin was born.

I read the weapon options for the battlewagon for a while and puzzled. The choice was too difficult, and I didn't want to tie myself down early. Magnets were considered, and then dropped. So I decided to put on as many gunz as I could, and tell my opponents which I was using.

I also didn't want to use any of the original 'Umie or Beakie gunz, so they all had to come off. These I decided to swap for their Orky equivalents as closely as I could. Then I got carried away, and decided that co-axial turret weapons looked cooler & easier to model than sponsons, and that 180 deg front arc was better than 180 deg side arc.

Battlecannon - Kannon & 2x T/L Rokkit Launchas
Lascannon - Zzap Gun
Autocannon - Lobba, Scorcha & 2x T/L Big Shootas
Storm Bolter - 7x B/O Big Shootas

Not all of these are modelled yet, but this is the next step.

The current version (updated):


17-04-2007, 04:55
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's so cool (wiping up drool)!
Love the train dozer front thingie! This wasn't inspired by Mad Max at all was it?

Um, just looking at the payload, you're not putting all those weapons on are you?

17-04-2007, 14:21
That's looking uber-sweet. You need to get some sheets of that diamond-plate plasticard and cut out some plates of that stuff, and some corrugated ones, and some smooth ones, and make a sort of patch-work on the top of the tank with those bits and various doors etc. from other kits. That would make it look really cool and welded together.

You then need some sort of fence or railing around the edge - it will help keep da Boyz in and also provide spaces to mount more weapons.

17-04-2007, 23:18
Cheers guys!

Railings coming in next few days, once I get into town early enough to catch the model shop. Plastic I-Beam horizontally with plastic rod as uprights.

Re: the exterior. Yeah, I know what you mean. The original Predator and Russ hulls are too clear. It needs Orkifying. I've got some CoD razor wire I'm gonna try for trimmings.

18-04-2007, 07:40
Forge world do a glyph pack for their Battlewagon kit that you can buy separately. Might be worth a peek.

18-04-2007, 16:25
Re: guns. I was planning on having seperate mounts for all the guns, and making them detachable for ease of painting & transport and flexibility of gaming options.

This also gives me the option of using VDR to create a battlefortress! With 3 structure points, all the guns and bigger engines, it comes out around 600 points, which I don't think is too beardy to stop people playing against it for fun. It could still die to 3 lascannon shots.

Re: glyphs. Thanks for the tip. I've drooled over the FW 'fortress before but didn't notice the glyphs. If they're not too pricy I'll get some. Cheers!

Off to town to get plastic rod, I-beams, textured plasticard and brass rod. Another pic in a day or so once I've done the railings etc.

21-04-2007, 05:30
I've put some railings on and a few big shootas to see how it looked (see 2nd post for current photo).

The railings need finishing off, but I'm happy with the basic shape. I can easily fit 10 big shootas on if I want! The next thing on the list is siting the Lobba. I'm having problems deciding. Any ideas or opinions very welcome.

On the Predator turret:
On the Leman Russ turret with the Kannon for some extra big gun action:
Or inside the nose-cone:

21-04-2007, 05:33
PS. I'll swap these pictures for thumbnails if someone can give me some help? I don't want to waste the bandwidth. How do I make them thumbnails which expand, rather than a permanent thumbnail (which is all I can seem to make Photobucket do). Thanks!

Another thing. I'm having second thoughts about the massive racing wheels. Are they TOO ridiculous, even for 40K Orks?

09-05-2007, 03:39
Well, it's been a little while since I posted any progress, but after consulting with some big meks over at The-Waaagh, I've redesigned the front, finalised the gun arrangements, and added 2 mini dethrollas and some vintage car running boards!


It can now hold around 25 models.

Hideous Loon
09-05-2007, 09:09
Looks verra Orky, Ah say. Nice work, Rhamag. I don't think it's a great problem that you can see the original 'Umie buggiez, the Orks could simply have looted th wrecks, tinkered with them to make them run and then kustomized 'em.

09-05-2007, 10:37
Ooooo that's exxxcellent!

I love the organ-shoota-cannon piece!


10-05-2007, 00:23
Done some work on the armoured emplacements for the big gunz. I wanted them all to look different, plus I couldn't decide which one to use! The lobba platform is going to be surrounded by san*******, just to be different. I just need to figure out how to make sand bags...

Front turret - includes 1 grot & 1 mek gunner (other grot is MIA on my floor!)



Top turret - incudes only 1 grot (another MIA grot and the mek still to build), and the big shootas need redoing better. Bit of a rush job as they are.


Overall view, loaded with my 3-colours-and-based Orks...


Still a long way to go. I suffer from a short attention span so I flit from one location to another when I'm building. Not the actual location of myself however, as that would not be very conducive to modelling.

Warboss Grimmtoof
10-05-2007, 01:52
Preeeeety! It could be a pirate landship with a figurehead ( tied up grot) and a mast with riggings and a flag. Not really what I think you are going for but whatever :D Looks awesome, especially the multi rocket launchers.

11-05-2007, 02:30
Two updates in a few days! Monsieur, with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!

Anyway, I got out the Green Stuff for the first time ever today. I've used Milliput since 1990 (in fact, due to a 12 year B & G absence from the hobby, I have the same stuff I used in 1990!) but only really for filling holes and strengthening joints. Btw, if you ever need a joint really strengthening, then Milliput is worth the time.

So I made some sand bags. I vaguely remember seeing them in WD or somewhere at some point in the past, so I made a sausage, folded it onto itself, then flattened it. I used a wet knife to cut it up and the results were okay. They aren't all exactly the same size, but then again I can't imagine that would bother the orks much... There is another layer to go around the sides (but not the front), and now I need to build a ladder for the grots to get in and out...


11-05-2007, 07:56
The ambassador's balls truly are noted throughout society for their host's exquisite taste...

Well, since I'm changing from day shifts to night shifts, I found myself up all night tonight, so a productive time has been had.

Firstly, I got the front turret's gunner-mek some kontrol levers and a little dashboard:


Then I built a gunner-mek for the top turret, and gave him some different kontrol levers. No dashboard for him yet (he's been naughty) :


For a bonnet/hood ornament, I got a beaky's head, and made him a little GS hat. If I paint him blue and make the hat white... The warboss's squig has taken a dislike however so he may not make the final cut...


Then I finished off the back railings. There wasn't quite enough I-beam in a single piece so I got two bits and attacked them with a cigarette lighter to make a damaged rail but still with room for big shootas. There are now mounts for 6 bolt-on big shootas, 3 on each side. I also quickly knocked up some trial glyphs - a lightning bolt:


Finally, which you can't see on the pictures, I have jury rigged the rear axle. Yes, it actually rolls on those massive wheels and the mini-dethrollas turn nicely as well. I may one day make a short video of the 'wagon's wheels turning as I push it...

11-05-2007, 08:49
should've put a golden squig on the front leaping ... (jaguar? squiguar? i'm dry?)


11-05-2007, 08:50
You have so got to play ultras for the first game with this, there faces when they see a smurf on the bonnet!

11-05-2007, 08:58
@ MF3000: There's plenty of room on there, so maybe I can have a whole bunch of ornaments!

@ jasevx: I'm sure I can find one of them at my local GW... :)

11-05-2007, 10:36
One final thing before I hang up my spanner for the evening.

I've nearly completed the lobba platform, adapting it from the previous design to now encompass the drivers port. This also gives the grots a way down without me needing to build a ladder. Next on the list for tomorrow night is the driver-gunner-mek. I used the bitz of GS left from the sandbags to make knobz for the end of the kontrol levers for both gunners. You can just see the top turret's knobz in the pic...


Well, it's been one of the most productive days since the start! :) Nighty-night. :cries:

11-05-2007, 11:46
looking good, on a side note i beleive you like Rage Against the machine.....

lol love it seriously!