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17-04-2007, 05:33
alright this is my 2000 pt wood elf army i will be using for the upcomming gt in vegas wat u think? Please comment??

high born-.....276pts(total)
alter kindred_35pts
great weapon_6pts
bow of loren_25pts
arcane bodkins_25pts

scout kindred_15pts
hail of doom arrow_30pts

spellsinger lvl 2.......175pts
2 dispel scrolls_50pts

lvl 1 wiz_50pts
a cluster of radiants_25pts

8x dryads.....96pts

5x scouts........128pts
music. stand
banner of the zenith_25pts

10x glade guard......120pts

5x glade riders.......129pts

3x warhawk riders....120pts

7x wardancers......126pts

2x treeman........285pts(each)

so how am i doin????

18-04-2007, 15:40
First thing, you may want to remove the points of individual magic items - doesnt go down to well...

As for the list, personally, I find it a little lacking in normal troops. Personally if you're attached to all your characters, I'd certainly drop the 2nd treeman, and probably the scouts too (although I'd rather have the scouts than the Noble with HoD arrow)

With the 450 or so points you free up, more glade guard, more dryads, and maybe some more Glade riders, or if you can squeeze the points, WIld Riders.

With a WE army, you really need to support your units. 1 Unit of Glade RIders will die, you need to support them with more cavalry. The Warhawks can do the job, but are much better at their hit and run attacks on smaller units / war machine crews and the like.

18-04-2007, 16:37
At 44 models (in a non-chaos army) I think you should already have a good idea that something may be amiss.

The individual kit on all of your units is actually fine, you simply have too few of them. I would put a champion in the dryad unit simply to protect the branchwraith.

I think two treemen is probably pushing it, but if you're addicted to the idea consider changing one to an ancient. This would force you to change the build on your alter noble and you should also then replace your scout-noble-general. This will actually free up quite a few points. Alternatively scrapping one completely will certainly free up points as well.

Crube's comments regarding hawks, glade riders, etc. are exactly correct.

30-04-2007, 04:31
The banner of Zenith isn't that great, especially in a tourney.

I've never played a game without a solid two units of Glade Guard.

Apart from that it looks pretty good.

30-04-2007, 04:35
Alter Kindrid can't be army general.