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02-08-2005, 15:43
This is an army that fought and soundly defeated some Khemrian undead earlier today. Since I didn't have time to post it before I fought I thought I'd do so afterwards.
Comments are welcome! :)

Tyrant @ 311 pts
-Tenderizer, Heavy armour, Wyrdstone necklace, Jade Lion, Luck Gnobbo

Bruiser @ 184 pts
-Battle standard, Sword of Might, Heavy armour, Wallcrusher, Lookout Gnobbo

Butcher @ 180 pts
-Halfling Cookbook, Fistful of Laurels, 2 Tooth Gnobbos

Butcher @ 190 pts
-Bangstick, Dispel Scroll, 2 Tooth Gnobbos

5 Bulls @ 225 pts (+ General and Butcher #1)
-AHW, Bellower, Standard

7 Bulls @ 331 pts (+BSB)
-IF, LA, Bellower, Standard

4 Ironguts @ 267 pts
-Full command, War Banner

30 Gnobbos @ 62 pts

30 Gnobbos @ 62 pts

8 Trappers @ 52 pts

2 Leadbelchers @ 120 pts

4 Yhetees @ 280 pts

1 Gorger @ 75 pts

1 Bull Rhinox Cavalry @ 161 pts
-IF, Heavy armour

Total: 2500 pts

Cpt. Drill
03-08-2005, 13:57
Hay there.. just a few questions about your army... how much success have you had with the large units of ogers..? ones with two ranks? As I have found it to be better to have two spereate units running around...

Also I have had great success giving the butcher with the bang stick the skull mantle too because its good at getting rid of skirmishers and fast cav!

also what rules are you using for the rhinox cav? because the forgeworld ones are going to be nerfed i am guessing as they are very poowerful!

05-08-2005, 12:57
The large units work well for me. They can take a charge from most enemy units and hold (particularly with the BSB nearby). Plus they can outnumber most enemy units, letting you autobreak them with Fear if you win combat.

I use the FW rules, which nobody I have spoken to consider to be overly powerful (what is this nerfing you are talking about???).

Freak Ona Leash
05-08-2005, 16:15
Next WD they are coming out with Rhinox Cav rules. I think they are supposed to be the same as the FW ones though.

06-08-2005, 20:05
ive used the fw ones in a couple games and my opponents thought they worked pretty well. as for the list id drop the gnobbos as they are fragile, cant do much damage, and run away crying after any first round of combat

07-08-2005, 18:51
The gnobbos are not there to fight, they are there to:
1) deploy first so I don't have to commit my more expensive ogre units straight away
2) hold table quarters
3) divert charges
4) threaten the flanks of any enemy units attempting to help out their comrades

The OGRES do the fighting :D