View Full Version : LOOK! Ha, now you must observe my IW log!

floyd pinkerton
17-04-2007, 22:20
Hey guys, this is my new project log for my iron warriors. To start us off, my worktop and cupboard, home to about half my 40k.



floyd pinkerton
17-04-2007, 22:29
To actually start, here is my first aspiring champion-





18-04-2007, 00:33
That looks awesome. I am guessing those are bionic legs, they look a bit thin.

dark stalker
18-04-2007, 09:49
i think those are the ones from the iron warriors box

18-04-2007, 10:21
verry nice, i like :)

18-04-2007, 10:38
That looks awesome. I am guessing those are bionic legs, they look a bit thin.
Not his fault - all the bionic pieces look weedy like that.

Great stuff, though. Are you using non-metallics for that gray color? That's very cool.

18-04-2007, 12:26
ahh, the Iron Hands bionic legs from bits order. they look good.

floyd pinkerton
18-04-2007, 20:43
Hey guys, now a plasma gunner




floyd pinkerton
22-04-2007, 21:17
Hey guys, finished a 5 man squad.

Pics when my camera charges up

22-04-2007, 22:04
Look good so far, although I prefer a gold rether then your bronze color, they still look good.

floyd pinkerton
01-05-2007, 20:58
just submitted my entry to marko's painting comp.

there are some better pics of my asp. champ

floyd pinkerton
14-05-2007, 22:07
Sadly I'll be taking a break from these guys to paint my tau for conflict north UK, but i could be back soon.

floyd pinkerton
26-06-2007, 18:47
Well, I'm back. We came 15th or so at conflict, so not too bad for our first tournament.

I have learnt a few things though- planning is necessary, and always know where you are in comparison to the train station.

For the planning part, it got to the friday before conflict, and I went "oh buggery, I've got a tau army to paint for sunday!". So, I painted a few guys (about 9 fire warriors), and then went to GW on the saturday, as it was white dwarf XXX. When I got home, I remembered (like you do) that I had the tournament, and painted non-stop till sunday 7am, literally till we left. My partner based his models at conflict, buying some flock and PVA:). Then he dropped my FW Tau battlesuit :(

On the subject of trainstations, well, we got lost in leeds and had to wait another hour. You may be aware of the football rivalry between Hull City and Leeds United, and it wasn't particularly enjoyable:(.

26-06-2007, 20:17
ah i went to conflict, think i came 25th and the guys who came third played us last and the buggers cheated :mad: anyway sorry for being OT